Full DR.Web's 1-2-3 Spyware Free Mobile report

Report dated: 2010-10-09, 01:01:16
Engine version:
Engine API version: 2.02
spywarefree.zip - archive ZIP
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/animation.avi - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/asc4.dll packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/asc4.dll - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/advware.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/backd01.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/backd02.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/backd03.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/ca.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/daily.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/kernel4.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/malware01.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/malware02.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb001.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb002.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb003.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb004.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb005.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb006.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb007.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb008.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb009.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb010.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb011.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb012.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Base/rvdb013.avb - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/kernel40.dll packed by UPX
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/kernel40.dll - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Language/English.ini - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Language/French.ini - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Language/German.ini - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Language/Italian.ini - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Language/Spanish.ini - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/License/license_de.txt - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/License/license_en.txt - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/License/license_fr.txt - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/License/license_it.txt - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/License/license_sp.txt - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/OE.api packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/OE.api - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/OE4.api packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/OE4.api - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/pl.dll packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/pl.dll - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/Quarantine/Quarantine.ini - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/readme.txt - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/SpywareFree.exe packed by UPX
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/SpywareFree.exe - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/stop.set - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/stopapi4.dll packed by UPX
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/stopapi4.dll - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/TheBAT.api packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/TheBAT.api - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/UnACE.api packed by PESTUB
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/UnACE.api - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/UnARJ.api packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/UnARJ.api - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/UnMSCAB.api - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/unrar.api packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/unrar.api - OK
>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/unzip.api packed by ASPACK
>>spywarefree.zip\1-2-3 Spyware Free/unzip.api - OK
spywarefree.zip - OK
Scan report for "spywarefree.zip":
Scanned: 213/212 Cured: 0
Infected found: 0/0 Deleted: 0
Modifications: 0/0 Renamed: 0
Suspicious: 0/0 Moved: 0
Adware: 0/0 Ignored: 0
Dialers: 0/0
Jokes: 0/0 Scan time: 0:00:11
Riskware: 0/0 Scan speed: 5028 Kb/s
Hacktools: 0/0 Scan ended: 1:01:40

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