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2000th HellFire screensaver 2.5

The HellFire Screensaver puts on an impressive show of smoothly animated, photorealistic fire effects overlaid on a dimmed-out version of your desktop. You`ll see burning flames, heat distortion, fireworks, and sparkles + high-quality stereo sound.

Mars 3D Space Tour 1.1

Mars is a single planet, possible to colonize in nearest future... World of greatest hurricanes, endless red deserts, highest mountains and frozen water resources. Screensaver features true photo-realistic 3D-animated space scenes from Martian orbit.

Moon 3D Space Tour 1.1

Pretend you`re an astronaut and circle the moon from the comfort of your own desk with this screensaver. Watch as the moon appears before you, complete with real craters and mountains. OpenGL 3D rendering engine provides true photo-realistic quality.

Saturn 3D Space Tour 1.0

Saturn`s ring system makes the planet one of the most beautiful objects in the solar system. It was difficult to reflect it`s beauty by computer simulation, but using modern 3D technologies we tried to gain maximum possible realism in this animation.

Jupiter 3D Space Tour 1.0

Jupiter - enormous planet. A storming gas giant surrounded by many moons. A fascinating show! It`s difficult to reflect its beauty by computer simulation, but using modern 3D technologies we tried to gain maximum realism in this animation.

2004 FireMagic! Screensaver 2.5

Flaming text hovering in heat of fire.. Highly realistic animated flames licks your screen and burns your desktop.. When your screen overheats enough, it`s surface (with your work screen!) burns away like a paper sheet put on fire!

Galaxy 3D Space Tour 1.1

The Galaxy...a great cosmic island containing about two hundred billion stars and nebulas. This screensaver simulates such a fantastic space scene with maximum realism using modern 3D technologies and the latest astronomical knowledge.

Earth 3D Space Tour 1.1

This screensaver will impress you by photo-realism of 3D animated space scenes. Fly around our planet, amaze yourself by beauty of cosmic sunrises and sunsets. Each frame of this endless arbitrary animation looks almost like best NASA photos!

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