255 Magic Animating Buttons distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


This is a legal agreement between Image Intelligence Software Ltd. and
you, the user. It applies to the software product "255 Magic Animating
Buttons". This is owned and copyrighted by Image Intelligence
Software Ltd. You may not acquire a licence or use this software
if you do not agree to this agreement.


1.1 By downloading, purchasing, installing or obtaining in any other
manner the software covered by this licence agreement, the licencee
agrees to this licence agreement. Under this licence agreement Image
Intelligence Software Ltd grants the licencee a licence to use the software
in the manner described in the online documentation available at
http://www.imint.com and subject to the further conditions set out
below. The software is licenced, not sold.

1.2 Licence to use the menumaker application ("menumaker.cab"): the
part of this software which assists configuration of the applets (menumaker)
may be used indefinitely and free of charge ("freeware") only on a local
file system and only for the purposes of configuring the applets.

1.3 Licence to use the "free" versions of the applets: class files
containing the word "free" in the filename may be used free of charge
on any website viewable by the general public.

1.4 Licence to use the "trial" versions of the applets: class files
containing the word "trial" in the filename may be used for evaluation
purposes only for a period of 30 days, where evaluation purposes exclude
any use, for example, on publically accessible web pages or in any areas
of a networked environment accessible to anyone other than the design team.

1.5 Licence to use images: the copyright to some images in this package
belongs, where marked, to named third parties. All images in this package
are licenced for redistribution subject to the condition that they are
used only in conjunction with the applets contained in this package.


Copyright and ownership of the software subsists with Image Intelligence
Software Ltd., Herefordshire, England. Some images may be the intellectual
property of named third parties where so stated and are redistributed under
agreements with the copyright-holders. The licencee may not rent, lease,
redistribute or resell the software or any copy of it. The licencee may not
modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software, the programme
code or any part of it, or allow any such activity on the part of any third


3.1 All software is provided by us "as-is" and without any kind of
guarantee. Purchasers are expressly reminded that no java applet works
100% of the time. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law,
Image Intelligence Software Ltd. disclaims all representations, warranties,
conditions and other terms, either express or implied, including but
not limited to implied warranties and/or conditions of merchantability
and fitness for a particular purpose, with regard to the software and
the accompanying written material.

3.2 LIABILITY EXCLUSION. The author and copyright holders of
this software shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever
(including, without limitation, damages for loss of business
profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or
other pecuniary, intellectual or personal loss) suffered by anyone
as a result of using (where "use" includes, but is not limited to, both
designing a web site and visiting a web site where the software is in
use), modifying or distributing this software. No guarantee or
representation, either express of implied, is made about the
software`s suitability for any purpose. Java is a developing
language - you use this software entirely at your own risk. If
applicable law does not permit such liability exclusion, the liability
of the licence-issuer shall be limited to the purchase price of the
software. The licence does not extend to use of the software in
jurisdictions where liability may exceed the purchase price of the

3.3 JAVA. Parts of this software are written in java and rely for their
operation on java interpreters programmed by third party companies over
which Image Intelligence Software Ltd has no control. Java technology is
not fault tolerant and is not designed, manufactured or intended for
use or resale as online control equipment in hazardous environments in
which the failure of java technology could lead directly to death, personal
injury, or severe physical or environmental damage.

3.4 Support. Support is not included under the licence or purchase agreements but
may be provided without charge by Image Intelligence Software Ltd at its own


If any part of this agreement is broken by the licencee, the licence is
revoked and the software and any copies possessed by the licencee must be
destroyed. This does not exclude further criminal or civil proceedings
against the licencee.


The conditions of the granting of location licences under this agreement are
covered by the laws of the United Kingdom and in particular by the Copyright,
Designs and Patent Act 1988 and Schedule 5 paragraph 1 of the (United Kingdom)
Value Added Tax Act, Image Intelligence Software Ltd being a company established,
registered and trading from the United Kingdom. The place of supply of the sale
of such licences, and the place of their sale, is as defined by the latter

You may redistribute provided that you don`t add to or modify the package contents.

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