3D PokerBandit distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

The program and the documentation are copyright protected.

Warranty and non-liability:

The software was carefully created and tested by the author.
Nevertheless it can quite be that still errors are contained.
The author does not guarantee the suitability of the software
for a certain application or a certain configuration.
The author does not transfer any adhesion or guarantee for errors
in the software and errors and damage, which result from the use
or inability for the use of the software. This includes the loss
of trading profits, the interruption of the business operational
sequence, the loss of data as well as all remaining material and
idealistic losses and their damages and applies even if the author
expressly to the possibility of such damage one referred before.
The author is likewise not liable for by viruses, itself, the
developed damage more widespread over the software equal to which type.
The user uses the software on own risk.

The user explains with the use of the software his agreement with o.g.
Use conditions as well as the warranty and non-liability.

It is not permitted to change or process the software in its function
or its appearance to decompile or disassemble.

All for third protected customs names, trade name, registered trade mark,
entered registered trade marks etc. are recognized. The absence of an
appropriate indication in the software and the documentation does not
mean that it concerns a free name in the sense trade mark legislation.

Multiplies, copies or a spreading of this Program(SHAREWAREVERSION), all
the same by which media, is expressly desired!

All rights reserved by the program author Bernd Karle, Müllheim.

Bernd Karle
Blauenweg 6
D-79379 Müllheim


License agreement:

The 3D PokerBandit (software) and everything that comes with it is
Copyright (C) by

Bernd Karle
Hard- und Softwareentwicklung
Blauenweg 6
D-79379 Müllheim (Germany)
phone: +49 7631 172375
web: http://www.bksoft.de
e-mail: info@bksoft.de

All rights reserved.

Operating license:
Unregistered version. You may distribute the unregistered version of
software freely, provided that all files are included and remain unmodified
and that no extra files have been added to the package. You may not ask any
money for the distribution, unless a small fee for eg. special burning service.
You may use the unregistered version of Tri-Towers free of charge for testing
purposes, but if you want to use it for other purposes than testing - you
have to register it with the author.

Hiermit genehmige ich es bis auf Widerruf, alle meine
Shareware-Programme auf CD-ROM und in den Online-Medien
zu verbreiten.
Ich garantiere hiermit, daß alle Rechte an meinen Programmen
bei mir liegen. Sollte ich meine Genehmigung zurückziehen,
so dürfen alle derzeit in Arbeit befindlichen Projekte,
die meine Shareware enthalten, wie geplant abgeschlossen
und anschließend vollständig abverkauft werden.

Bernd Karle
Hard- und Softwareentwicklung
Blauenweg 6
D-79379 Müllheim (Germany)
phone: +49 7631 172375
web: http://www.bksoft.de
e-mail: info@bksoft.de

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