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7art Nature ScreenSaver 1.0

Feel delight in amazing landscapes and natural views of the lakes, mountains, rocks, arctic ices, sunsets, coasts and waterfalls. 23 colourful images in outstanding slide show will rise your spirits and fill your heart with the soft visual pleasure.

7art Flowers Pro ScreenSaver 1.0

Do you like flowers? Then you are sure to like this brand new 7art Flowers Pro Screensaver. It is a mix of Nature`s pure beauty and Human superior graphic design. Put the World`s most beautiful flowers onto your desktop!

7art Flowers Free ScreenSaver 1.1

7art Flowers Free ScreenSaver was made to take you in a Beautyful Summer journey with charming flowers at your desktop. Just look at this great gift of the mother Earth and be in a cheerful mood for the whole year.

7art Mountains ScreenSaver 1.0

7art Mountains screensaver brings you 26 images of majestic mountain summits. Enjoy views of snow-covered Alps and Great Canyon rocks, seashore cliffs and ice mountains of the Antarctic. Mountains images take turns with 27 special transition effects.

7art Winter Forest ScreenSaver 1.0

Always thought Siberia is a nasty, cold place? Broaden your horizons and experience the supernatural beauty of the Taiga. The scenery is peaceful and relaxing. Want to know what the real winter is like? Check this one out!

7art Flowers ScreenSaver 1.1

7art Flowers screensaver brings you 24 pictures of the most enchanting Earth flowers to rise your spirits during the long work hours. The 7art Flowers screensaver will help your daydreams about the beautiful become true.

7art Coasts ScreenSaver 1.1

36 heavenly places are waiting for you to enchant in this beautiful slideshow that brings you amazing views of the Coasts. Go on a tour straight from your desktop at any moment of your choice with this sunny screen saver with 29 transitional effects.

7art Wild Forest ScreenSaver 1.0

Are you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Then take a minute and let your eyes rest on the peaceful images of the forest. Get away from all of your trouble and take a walk through these quiet groves.

7art Stripy Zebras ScreenSaver 1.2

Can you tell that the Zebra is not a Horse? No? But it`s a very special magical Horse ! It can foresee the future! Black and White stripes remind us that everething in this beautiful Universe is constantly changing.

7art Verdure ScreenSaver 1.0

7art Verdure screensaver brings you 21 gorgeous pictures of plants, grass and flowers. It will turn your desktop into evergreen paradise.

7art USSR ABC Book ScreenSaver 1.2

That`s Incredible - 7art proudly presents USSR ABC Book ! You have unprecedented chance to see by your own eyes what 7-years old Russian children learned by in ancient 1986. 37 shots from original USSR ABC Book come right at your desktop !

7art Cars ScreenSaver 1.1

7art Cars screensaver brings you 21 images of the most tempting autos. The Cars shots (true color, 800x600 resolution) take turns with various predefined or random transitional effects that make your desktop incredible look.

7art Space ScreenSaver 1.2

7art Space screensaver brings you 22 pictures with incredible cosmic views. The 7art Space screensaver will teleport you into a deep space to vanish away in grandiose star scenery.

7art Galaxy ScreenSaver 1.0

This screensaver contains 32 photos of different objects in the Universe made mainly by Hubble telescope. You can see the formation of new stars and relict light of ancient stars, "blackholes" and "supernova" stars located far far away

7art Planets ScreenSaver 1.2

7art Planets screensaver brings you 24 amazing images of the Solar system planets. The 7art Planets screensaver will help you to feel like astronauts in a star ship looking out an illuminator.

7art Shishkin`s Painting ScreenSaver 1.0

Enjoy Shishkin`s rendering of the Russian Woodland slideshow. Ivan Shishkin is considered to be one of Russia`s most powerful and original landscape painters. Shishkin`s Painting ScreenSaver will carry you to the the depths of the Russian Forest.

7art Zodiac ScreenSaver 1.0

7art Zodiac screensaver brings you 12 amazing signs of the zodiac pictured in original way. The 7art Zodiac screensaver will broadcast the magic of Astrology from the Central Processing Unit of your PC.

7art Liquid Clock ScreenSaver 1.1

Every second of our life is precious. The sixty seconds form a very precious minute. The sixty minutes form even more preciuos hour. The 24 hours form the invaluable day. Let`s try to remember that preciousness and let our days be unique and happy!

7art Monkeys ScreenSaver 1.2

Monkeys are our next of kin on this Planet, possibly even ancestors. Smart, talented and very funny they make us laughing and gave us a lot of joy. Let`s enjoy them in Monkeys screensaver featuring 28-picturies impressing slideshow.

7art Sea Creatures ScreenSaver 1.1

Strange creatures live their mistique lifes concealed from human eyes Under the Sea. Look at them straight from your desktop with 7art Sea Creatures ScreenSaver. Amazing 27 photos slideshow with 29 unique transition effects will enchant you.

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