ADSS Charts Control distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


1. This license agreement ("License") is a legal agreement
between you (either an individual or a single entity) and ADSS
Software, Inc. and describes your rights and obligations
regarding the use of the ADSS Charts Demo software

2. If you do not agree to all of the terms of this agreement,
you shall remove all the files related to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT
from your storage media and cease any further use of the
SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Any violation of these terms will subject you
to legal liability.

3. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is the intellectual property of and is
owned by ADSS Software, Inc.

4. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright laws and
international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual
property laws and treaties. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed,
not sold.

5. Subject to the terms set forth in this License, ADSS
Software, Inc. grants you a nontransferable, non-exclusive right

6. Redistributable Part. Portions of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT are
designated as "Redistributable Part". The Software documentation
describes the files and Redistributable rights associated with
each file of the "Redistributable Part".

7. This License grants you a right to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT
on a SINGLE computer at any ONE time for software development.

You have a royalty-free right to distribute and
use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT only if:

a. You distribute only the portions of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT designated
as "Redistributable Part".
b. You use and distribute the "Redistributable Part" only in
conjunction with the binary files that make use of them as
a part of your software product.
c. Your product(s) and application(s) must add significant and
primary functionality to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may be installed and used only on as
many computers as defined by the licensing terms above in
accordance with the number of licenses purchased.

8. You may

a. make copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT for the internal use
(i.e. on the computers owned or under the control of the
purchaser). All the terms of this License remains valid for
every such a copy

9. You may not:

a. make more copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT than those
originally paid for, except for backup or archival purposes

b. sell, rent, lease, or sublicense the SOFTWARE PRODUCT

c. transfer the rights on the SOFTWARE PRODUCT

d. remove any proprietary notices or labels on the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

10. The License to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT has no termination
date. The ADSS Software, Inc. may terminate this license
agreement if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of
this License. In such an event, you shall remove all the files
related to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT from your storage media and
cease any further use of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

11. This SOFTWARE PRODUCT is provided "AS IS" without warranty
of any kind including, but not limited to, warranties of
merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-
infringement. In no event will the ADSS Software, Inc. be liable
for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or
consequential damages, including damages for loss of profits,
loss or inaccuracy of data, incurred by any person from such
person`s usage of this SOFTWARE PRODUCT even if advised of the
possibility of such damages.

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