AK MP3 Converter distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


Important hint---please read carefully

Please read carefully and understand all the rights and restricts in the protocol.
When you install the software, you need to read the protocol carefull and decide whether to accept the items. Unless you accept the protocol, or the software won`t be installed on your computer.

As for the reference, you can print the protocol or read the copy in "HELP" test

The protocol is the law agreement between us, this software include added software and probobaly include relevant document print materials. Once you install our software, that means you agree to accept the obligation by all the items. If you don't agree with the items, you have the right not to install or use the software.

The software is protected by the Copyright Law and other intellectual property rights. The right of the software can only be used not sold.

AK grant the non-proprietary for you ,you can:

1 Install, use , display, circulate the software on one computer ,workstation, terminal, notebook PC or other figure electron apparatus.

2 This software own to the "share-software" , you can communicate the non-registered edition through Internet,LAN,CD or other forms freely. When you communicate ,you should keep the copyright information. The registered edition only own to yourself, if your authorization admission be used by many people, we have the right to take back the admission and reserve the right to run for the illegal responsibility according to international write-work rights and other intellectual property rights

Make sure:
1 Do not use, copy, revise, lease or convey any part of the software within the items which the protocol stated.
2 Use the software only on one computer: the "software" cannot be shared with more computers or used at the same time.
3 Do not allowed to reverse the project, reverse translate and edit or reverse collection.
4 Do not allowed to make or support the login machine or destroy program.
5 Do not allowed to lease or lend the "software" product
6 The copyright remarks all include in the copies of the software.

Finity responsibility:
1.All the assures above, no matter notify or metaphor, that are all the content for assure, including the assure for particularly use and commerce. During the maximal area that the law permitted, the developers and the agents won`t take any responsibilities for particularly, accidentally, directly or indirectly damages when you using or cannot using the non-copied edition under any circumstance.(including but not limited the damage because of human injured or property destruction; the profit loss, business interrupt, the loss of business information; the compensation for carelessness or any losses upon money issues; all the things mentioned above should take the compensation responsibility) .Though the author or any agent have known the probability of damage.Although the remediation methods cannot be reach the engaged destination, this damage compensate exclude item still works.

2.You should take risks by yourself if you use the non-registered edition. During the largest legal allowable area, the developers and the agents won't take any responsibilities for particularly, accidentally, directly or indirectly damages when you using or cannot using the non-copied edition under any circumstance.

3.If you use the piratical software, all the results should be charged by the users. The developers and the agents won't take any responsibilities for the damages on operating system.

Terminate the admission:
1.If you don't observance any one of the protocol, The developer of the software have right to terminate the protocol and you must stop using the software and destroy all the copies at once!

Now, you should must read carefully and understand about the protocol and agree to obey all items and qualification rigorous.
If you have any questions about the protocol, please connect us.

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Support Email: Support@ak-video-converter.com

Copyright (c) 2005-2009 AK Corporation

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