Accio French-Italian Dictionary (Win) distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

This is a legal contract between you and Ultralingua. Using Ultralingua means you accept these terms and conditions.
This software is the property of Ultralingua (“licensor"), and the term "software" herein covers the program and its documentation.

Limited user`s license
You are hereby granted a nonexclusive license to use this software in accordance with the conditions prescribed within this contract for an indefinite period.
The program may only be used by a single user unless a site license has been secured.
You may not sublicense, share, sell, rent, or distribute copies of the program or its registration information, or to allow it to become available to others.
You will be held legally responsible for any violation of copyright or royalties which you occasion or encourage.
You may not alter or adapt the software, or mix it in part or in whole with another program; nor may you translate it, decompile it, disassemble it; nor may you recreate this program or functions derived from the program without the express written consent of licensor.
This contract will become null and void should any of these conditions be violated.

Limitations to the warranty and liability
The licensor cannot guarantee that the program will suit your needs, nor that it will function correctly in every hardware or software environment, nor that its operation will be uninterrupted or infallible; and grants no express or tacit guarantee regarding the software, its quality, or its retail value.
In no case will the licensor assume any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, losses, or for any loss of data concerning the use of the software.
No distributor, dealer, agent, or intermediary is authorized to modify or otherwise amend this declaration of guarantee and of limited liability.

General terms
This contract is governed by the laws of the state of Minnesota (USA). You acknowledge having read this license and having understood all its terms, and you agree to respect them in whole.

This Agreement (Agreement) between Ultra Lingua, Inc. (“Publisher,”), and Distributor (“Distributor,”) grants the promotion of unregistered "shareware" versions of one or more of Publisher`s products (collectively, the Work).

This contract is the sole document governing the rights and responsibilities of Publisher and Distributor with respect to the Work, as defined herein or within any and all previous contracts.
Distributor is not an employee of Publisher; Distributor promotes the work as an independent entity. Payment and declarations of any taxes are the responsibility of the Distributor.
Publisher grants Distributor a limited, non-exclusive license to promote the Work, according to the conditions stated herein, globally via the Internet.
Publisher retains the right to sell and license the Work.
Publisher holds sole ownership of the Work, and Distributor must take whatever steps (including, but not limited to, encrypted transmission of the Work and protection of registration methods of the Work from third parties) required by Publisher to ensure the confidentiality of the Work. This clause will survive the life of the agreement and will apply indefinitely. Should Distributor fail to safeguard the confidentiality of the Data, Distributor will be liable for losses, and will lose his right to promotion under this Contract.
Distributor will include Publisher’s credits, in the form required by the Publisher, in all mentions of the Work.
Duration. This contract will be valid for one year from the date of acceptance; thereafter, it will renew annually. This Agreement may be terminated by Publisher at any time, for any reason. Distributor will remain bound indefinitely by the terms of this agreement regarding confidentiality.
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Minnesota (USA). Distributor acknowledges having read this license and having understood all its terms, and agrees to respect them in whole.

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