Acidizer distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


1. This agreement applies to the Acidizer version 2.3 as contained within the original distribution file. The agreement does not apply to any other versions of this product.

2. By installing, copying and/or using this software in any way, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree or cannot satisfy the terms of this agreement, immediately stop using the software and remove the software from your computer.

3. WARRANTY. This software is provided to you AS IS and without warranty of any kind. You agree to use the software entirely at your own risk and responsibility. The author of the software disclaims any liability for any possible damage, harm, or any other negative consequences arising out of this agreement or the use or the inability to use this software, even if the author has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

4. EVALUATION LICENSE. You may use the evaluation version of the software three times before it expires. If you are more than just evaluating the software you are strongly encouraged to purchase the full license.

5. FULL LICENSE. The full license grants you the right to use the full version of this software. The rights granted to you by the full license cannot be further transferred. You may not resell, lease, copy and/or give away the full version (technically that means giving away registration code or providing some other means to run the full version). However you can make backup copies of the software.

6. OBTAINING THE FULL LICENSE. You obtain the full license by registering at the software`s home page and receiving a personal registration code from the software author or its designated affiliates. Upon the reception of the registration code from the author you become a legal owner of the full version license. The registration code is for your personal use only and cannot be given to any other person. Likewise, the registration code that you receive is bound to ONE computer at a time but is transferable between computers (see License Transfer section in Help - help.htm).

7. FULL LICENSE UPGRADES. The obtained full license can be upgraded free of charge to a full license for each new minor version upgrade. E.g. if you obtained full license for version, you have free upgrades to 2.yyy, but not When version is released you must register again to obtain a new license.

8. REDISTRIBUTION. You may further distribute the evaluation version of the software, provided you distribute it in the original unmodified form. You may take money for the distribution of the evaluation version to cover the media costs and other expenses arising in the process of the distribution.

9. REVERSE ENGINEERING. You may not modify or reverse engineer in any way the binary code of the software. This applies to any kind of licensing this software.

10. LICENSE TERMINATION. If you violate the terms of the license the license can be terminated without any prior notice to you and the author is free of any obligations to you regarding this license.

11. The license does not grant you any other rights except expressly stated above. The author continues to own and retains all rights to the software. You are not allowed to sell, lease or otherwise make money of this software unless the right to do so is expressly granted to you by this license or by the written permission from the author.


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