Update list for Acquasys RetroActive

Acquasys RetroActive 2.1 changelog from July 28, 2010

New: Entries can now be sent by e-mail (WM 5.0 only)
New: Auto-journaling for incoming and outgoing calls (WM 5.0 Phones only)
New: Journal Reminder (WM 5.0 only)
New: Bar/Line Charts: "Number of Entries", "Importance x Impact", "Duration" and "Cost" according to the active filter, by month or year
New: Desktop Entry Form (accessible from RetroActiveSync)
New: Auto-reduction for picture attachments (optional)
New: Voice notes can be played automatically when an entry is open
New: Incomplete entries can be marked as "drafts" for further editing, and are synchronized as drafts in Blogger.com
Improved: Voice recording is now a separated menu function, and voice notes are handled as .WAV attachments (multiple recordings are allowed)
Improved: Notification led now blinks when entry timer is in use or when a voice recording is in progress
Improved: Report and Export functionalities were merged into a single operation, based on fully customizable templates (HTML, CSV and XML templates are provided)
Improved: Localization of "Time" field
Improved: Journal password is now required for synchronization
Improved: RetroActiveSync now checks if RetroActive is running, to avoid data conflicts
Improved: Minor layout changes
Removed: Notes tab was removed for simplicity and memory optimization (notes can still be used as .PWI attachments)
Fixed: "Favorite" attribute now properly synchronized with Outlook
Fixed: Bug saving attachments
Fixed: Bug creating entry from voice note
Fixed: Program crashes when exiting from password screen
Fixed: Inconsistent behavior editing entries added from Quick Entry form
Fixed: Other minor bugs

Older Acquasys RetroActive versions:

2.1 (Jul 28, 2010)

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