Active WMA Studio distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Active WMA Studio (R) version 1.1
Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Shelltoys, Inc.
All rights reserved.

This file provides information for anyone who wishes to distribute the
evaluation version of Advanced WMA Workshop, including an extract from
the license agreement and suggested program descriptions and keywords.

1. Distribution
The complete license agreement is contained in the file LICENSE.TXT.
The following paragraph is an extract from the license agreement
regarding the distribution of the evaluation version of Active WMA Studio:

| Distribution
| Provided that you verify that you are distributing the evaluation
| version (select About from the Active WMA Studio menu to check) you are
| hereby licensed to make as many copies of the evaluation version of
| this software and documentation as you wish; give exact copies of
| the original evaluation version to anyone; and distribute the
| evaluation version of the software and documentation in its
| unmodified form via electronic means. There is no charge for any
| of the above.
| You are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting
| donations, for any such copies, however made; and from
| distributing the software and/or documentation with other products
| (commercial or otherwise) without prior written permission.

2. Obtaining the Latest Version
Before distributing Active WMA Studio please verify that you have the
latest version. The latest version of Active WMA Studio is always
available on the official program site at

3. Suggested One Line Program Description
Easy-to-use encode/decode tool of WMA format with Explorer-like interface

4. Suggested Keywords
wma encoder, wma decoder, wma converter, mp3 to wma, wav to wma, mp3 to wav

5. Suggested Description
Active WMA Studio is the audio conversion utility with Explorer-like interface,
It allows you to encode WAV, MP3 and OGG files to WMA (Windows Media Audio)
format with a lot of format options(from 8000 to 48000Hz, up to 192kbps),
convert WMA and MP3 files to WAV PCM format, convert WMA files to MP3
format with LAME 3.92 encoder library, convert WMA to OGG Vorbis format,
resample WMA files, grab audio CDs into WMA.

Audio formats conversion process in real time, without any temporary WAV files,
this means the high conversion speed and does not takes hard disk resources.

Active WMA Studio internally supports WMA 8 format. WMA 8 encoder improve
quality of encoded audio of 30 to 50 percents over WMA 7.

You can convert and encode audio files one by one, also you can use built-in
batch queue to increase perfomance in case of mass encoding/decoding.
Active WMA Studio allows you to edit ID3v2 Tags, copy it from MP3 to WMA
and from WMA to MP3 file while recoding.

Built-In CD ripper allows you to grab tracks from the audio CD into WMA files.
CDDB and LocalDB options provides you with convient access to songs titles
and artists information.

6. Requirements
This 32-bit version requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP

7. Registration
US$24.95 to receive the latest registered version.

8. Author
Shelltoys, Inc.

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