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eMarker 4.0

When - while surfing the web - you found something that you want to remember then you can select the part you want to keep and copy it to eMarker. In eMarker this part will be saved and open to further editing like highlighting or deleting.

Smartcopy 3.1

Small DOS and Windows tool to copy any big file from one PC to another via splitting to (floppy) disk drive or any directory.

FakeTwin 2.0

It is a program, with which you can create a fake copy of a directory. Fake means that the files in the copy will either be empty or the contents will be filled with spaces.

OnlyDirCopy 2.0

Directory copy program to copy folder trees, without the files contained in that folders. You have option to copy several trees at once, combining them in projects. Projects are saved and can also optionally be re-run to make a synchronizing update.

Txt2fil 3.0

It is a program, with which you can create a lot of files automatically, rather than manually, one by one.

SmartDirCopy 5.0

Copies only some (pre-selected) items (folders and/or files) to a backup destination. It synchronizes with last backup by copying only files that changed and by removing old files. Directory structure remains. Built-in timer support.

Dbx2mail 2.1

Program to extract or find email addresses from an Outlook Express folder or dbx file, using filter settings. Eg a good help to identify returning, invalid email addresses. This program can also be a good tool to help recover email addresses.

Pst2mail 1.4

Program to retrieve or find email addresses from an unprotected Microsoft Outlook archive or pst file, using filter settings.

Hangtris 5.1.1

Old style DOS Tetris game which appears to work in XP without installing special software like dosbox. More than 40 different shapes of blocks. Use a mirror and turbo move function to fit the blocks in an original and fast way. Use bombs to explode.

BpmChecker 4.0

Determine the tempo or BPM of a song or other piece of music by manually tapping along with the music, using your pc keyboard. Includes automatic missed beat detection, playing of a music file through your player and adding the bpm to the file.

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