Albion StopNow! distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Albion StopNow!


This is a legal agreement between "you", the end user,
and Albion Research Ltd. ("we" or "us"). You must agree
to this license before installing our software and using
any related services it provides.

1. We own the software. If you have registered the software
you have purchased the right for one individual person to
use it. That person may use the software on any computer
he or she wishes, but more than one person must not use the
same copy of the software.

2. If you have purchased a site license, then you have
purchased the right for a number of people at the
same physical location to use the same copy of the

3. If you have not registered the software, you may only
use the software for a reasonable period of time for
evaluation purposes. That reasonable period shall be less
than 30 days.

4. You will not modify the software, sell it, or claim it
as yours. You may, however, distribute copies providing
such copies do not include a license key or serial number.

5. You will keep any license key or serial number confidential
and will not disclose it to third parties.

6. The software and services are provided "as is". We
don't guarantee anything, and we and our suppliers aren't
liable if anything doesn't work, or causes you any direct,
indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages
whatsoever. We do not guarantee that any services associated
with or used by the software will continue to work.

7. You must not reverse engineer the software unless your
local laws explicitly give you that right.

8. In the event that any claim by you arising out of this
agreement, you agree that it will be settled by a mutually
acceptable arbitrator. You also agree that this agreement
is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

1 June 2010
Albion Research Ltd.

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