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Aldo`s Text-to-WAVE is 100% Verified download have checked Aldo`s Text-to-WAVE on May 21, 2008 for the viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, malware and backdoors containing. We guarantees that Aldo`s Text-to-WAVE is Verified, which means that does not contain any malicious components.

Please be advised that our system constantly scans the programs present within our website and if this software is to be found infected in the future, this certification award will be canceled.

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This software was tested by Dr.Web antivirus.

Report dated: 2008-05-22, 00:56:20
Engine version:
Engine API version: 2.02
text-wav.exe packed by BINARYRES
>text-wav.exe - archive NSIS
>>text-wav.exe\data001 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data002 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data003 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data004 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data005 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data006 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data007 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data008 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data009 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data010 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data011 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data012 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data013 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data014 - Ok
>>text-wav.exe\data015 - Ok
>text-wav.exe - Ok
Scan report for "text-wav.exe":
Scanned: 16/15 Cured: 0
Infected found: 0/0 Deleted: 0
Modifications: 0/0 Renamed: 0

Complete Dr.Web report view here.

This software was tested by Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

can_Objects$50261 starting 1%
Try delete: No
Try delete container: No
Exclude by mask: No
Include by mask: No
Objects to scan:
"text-wav.exe" Enable=Yes Recursive=No
Scan_Objects$50261 running 50%
text-wav.exe archive NSIS
text-wav.exe//data0001 - OK
text-wav.exe//data0002 - OK
text-wav.exe//data0003 - OK
text-wav.exe//data0004 - OK
text-wav.exe//data0005 - OK
text-wav.exe//data0006 packed PE_Patch.PECompact
text-wav.exe//data0006//PE_Patch.PECompact packed PecBundle
text-wav.exe//data0006//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle packed PECompact
text-wav.exe//data0006//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle//PECompact - OK
text-wav.exe//data0006//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle - OK
text-wav.exe//data0006//PE_Patch.PECompact - OK
text-wav.exe//data0006 - OK
text-wav.exe//data0007 packed PE_Patch.PECompact
text-wav.exe//data0007//PE_Patch.PECompact packed PecBundle
text-wav.exe//data0007//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle packed PECompact
text-wav.exe//data0007//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle//PECompact - OK
text-wav.exe//data0007//PE_Patch.PECompact//PecBundle - OK
text-wav.exe//data0007//PE_Patch.PECompact - OK
text-wav.exe//data0007 - OK
text-wav.exe//data0008 - OK

Complete Kaspersky Anti-Virus report view here.

This software was tested by NOD32 antivirus.

Scanning Log
Date: 22.5.2008 Time: 00:56:19
Anti-Stealth technology is enabled.
Scanned disks, folders and files: text-wav.exe
Number of scanned files: 0
Number of threats found: 0
Time of completion: 00:56:19 Total scanning time: 0 sec (00:00:00)

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