Update list for Alvas.Audio

Alvas.Audio 2015.0 changelog from June 12, 2015

PcmReader is wrapper around IAudioReader for reads and uncompress to PCM (Pulse-code modulation) audio data from the stream.
CompressionManager.GenerateTone method generates tone with specified ToneType (Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle)

Alvas.Audio 2014.0 changelog from April 16, 2014

DsConvert.ToWma method converts input audio file to WMA (Windows Media Audio) file.
CdDrive class for control CD / DVD devices.
CdReader class reads audio data from specified CD Audio track.
CdInfo class describes CD-DA (Compact Disc Digital Audio).
TrackInfo class describes CD track.

Alvas.Audio 9.8 changelog from February 3, 2014

Added Sox class that allow converts the audio data from the specified audio file type to the new audio file type. Now supports aifc, aiff, au, snd, hcom (Mac FSSD files with Huffman compression), voc (CT Sound Blaster format), wav, gsm, lpc10 (Low bandwidth), ogg, vorbis, wv (WavPack)

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