AniSprite distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

License Agreement:

This manual and the software programs consisting of all the files included on
the accompanying magnetic disk labelled "AniSprite" and hereafter collectively
referred to as "the product", are licensed to you under the following

* Make copies of the original product diskette for back-up purposes.
* Use the development files (header files, import libraries) from the
product on your development computer. This is a single user license:
only one person may use the development tools at any time.
* Distribute the files AS16.DLL and AS32.DLL as part of a published
computer program, provided that this published computer program
does not directly compete with the product.
* Modify the product provided that you have obtained a source code license.

* Distribute (modified or unmodified) copies of any part of the product other
than the files AS16.DLL and AS32.DLL, except when you have a separate
and specific license to do so.
* Distribute (modified or unmodified) copies of the files AS16.DLL or
AS32.DLL independently of a published computer program.
* Distribute copies of this manual or any part thereof.
* Remove or conceal the copyright of the product. The product is and remains the
property of ITB CompuPhase.

ITB CompuPhase cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of profits that
results from the use of the product (or part thereof), or from the inability
to use it.

ITB CompuPhase cannot provide support for modified versions of the product.

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