AnumJong distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Individual users may freely share Monty`s Games with friends and family. Be
sure you distribute the file ANUMJONG.ZIP or ALL the files that are created
when you unzip ANUMJONG.ZIP.

Nonprofit groups (including user groups and BBS`s) may distribute copies of
ANUMJONG.ZIP (or all files zipped inside of ANUMJONG.ZIP). A fee of no more
than $8 ($12 for CD`s) may be charged to cover disk copying and distribution
costs. If the file ANUMJONG.ZIP has a date more than 6 months old, we request
that you download the latest version from

Disk distributors recognized by the ASP as adhering to its guidelines for
shareware distributors may begin offering this program immediately. Disk
distributors and dealers are encouraged to download the latest
version from
If you are not recognized by the ASP and you charge
more than $8 for disks or $12 for CD`s you must obtain permission(written or
e-mail to before selling copies of any of Monty`s Games.
If, as a distributor, you supply copies to other resellers, the end price
to the users may not exceed $8 ($12 for CD`s) without first obtaining permission.
If this is a problem, please contact me at

Anyone distributing copies of this software, whether for profit or as a
nonprofit organization, must conform to the following:

None of the files may be modified or adapted in any way. All of the files
provided must be distributed together. Individual files or groups of files
may not be sold seperately. Additional files may be added and this software
may be combined on a disk or CDROM with other programs.

This software may not be represented as anything other than shareware and
the shareware concept must be explained in any ad or catalog that includes
this software and on any packaging used to display the disk or CDROM.

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