AprCalc distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Users of AprCalc must accept this disclaimer of warranty:

AprCalc is supplied "as is". The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without
limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability
for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of AprCalc.

AprCalc is a "Shareware program" and is provided at no charge to the user for evaluation. Feel free to
share it with your friends, but please do not give it away altered or as part of another system. The
essence of "user-supported" software is to provide personal computer users with quality software
without high prices, and yet to provide incentive for programmers to continue to develop new products.
If you find this program useful and find that you are using AprCalc, and continue to use AprCalc after a
reasonable trial period, you must make a registration fee to Definitive Solutions, Inc. The registration fee
will license one copy for use on any one computer at any one time. You must treat this software just like
a book. An example is that this software may be used by any number of people, and may be freely moved
from one computer location to another, so long as there is no possibility of it being used at one location
while it is being used at another, just as a book cannot be used by two different persons at the same time.

Commercial users of AprCalc must register and pay for their copies of AprCalc within 30 days of first
use, or their license is withdrawn. Site-license arrangements not currently available, but may be
considered upon request.

You are encouraged to pass a copy of AprCalc along to your friends for evaluation. Please encourage
them to register their copy if they find that they continue to use it. All registered users will receive a copy
of the latest version of AprCalc.

Anyone distributing AprCalc for any kind of remuneration must first contact Definitive Solutions, Inc. for
authorization. This authorization will be automatically granted to distributors recognized by the ASP as
adhering to its guidelines for Shareware distributors, and such distributors may begin offering AprCalc
immediately. (However, Definitive Solutions, Inc. must still be advised, so that the distributor can be kept
up-to-date with the latest version of AprCalc.)

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