ArtRage distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

License Agreement for ArtRage 2, Free Version.

ArtRage © 2003-2006, Ambient Design Ltd.
All rights reserved.
ArtRage is a registered trademark of Ambient Design Ltd.


`The Program` below refers to ArtRage 2 Free Version, and any support materials that come with it.
`The Authors` below refers to Ambient Design Ltd, a registered company of Auckland, New Zealand. Contact details are available at the bottom of this document.


This license covers the Free Version of ArtRage 2 and outlines the terms by which the application is provided to the license holder. No licenses for any version of `ArtRage 1.0` or for any other version of ArtRage 2 shall apply to the Program, nor shall this license cover any other version of ArtRage 2 such as the Full Version. Note that future updates to the Program may be covered by their own licenses, which will supersede this agreement. This license does not confer ownership of the Program, and any rights not specifically granted in this document are reserved by the Authors and any agents they have authorised.


The Program is provided as free software. You are permitted to install and use the Program on as many machines as you wish.

You may distribute the Program or its Installer freely on condition that you do not:

1. Charge money for providing the application in any way, including but not limited to in the form of sale or lease.

2. Include it as part of any group of applications that are distributed unless said group is free of charge, including but not limiting to including it as part of a suite of applications.

3. Rename or rebadge any aspect of the Program, including its Installer and support materials.

4. Remove or alter any branding held with the Program or its support materials..

5. Make any alteration to the Program or its support materials.

In any circumstances not covered by the above conditions in which money is charged in return for any form of distribution in which the Program is included, you agree to ensure that the party paying is aware that the Program is free and available online from

If you wish to distribute the Program as part of a magazine cover disk, or other publication in which free applications are provided to users, you must obtain written permission from the Authors, see the contact details below. Similarly, if you wish to make any alterations to the Program or its Installer, you must obtain written permission from the Authors.


All title, ownership rights and other rights to the Program are retained by the Authors except where granted to its authorised distributors or licensed from any external source. The Program is protected by international copyright law.

Disclaimers, and Liability Limitation.

The Authors provide the Program `as is` and shall in no event be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the application, to the extent permitted by law. The Authors` liability shall not exceed the price paid to purchase the Program from the Authors or their authorised distributors. By agreeing to this license you agree to indemnify the Authors, their licensors, employees and officers from any damages, losses, or expenses that may arise through the use of the Program.


This license may be terminated immediately if you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions herein. Upon termination, all rights granted to the licensee by this license are revoked, without prejudice to the rights of the Author, and you agree to destroy all copies of the Program forthwith.

Online Communication.

The Program makes use of an online update system that can be activated by the user to check for new versions over the internet. This functionality operates only when activated by the user and does not send any personal information.

Contacting The Authors.

The Authors may be contacted by post at the following address:

Ambient Design Ltd.
87 Bethells Road
Henderson 0782
New Zealand

Other details are as follows:

Fax: +64 (9) 810-8459

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