Update list for AstroGrav for Mac

AstroGrav for Mac 3.3.3 changelog from August 1, 2016

Added filtering by year to asteroid and comet tables. Improved the display of minimum orbit intersection distances (MOIDs). Added jupiter masses and jupiter radii units. Improved the accuracy of ephemeris table calculations. Improved the sample simulations. Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

AstroGrav for Mac 3.3.2 changelog from April 25, 2016

Made significant improvements to several different commands. Corrected faults that could cause the miscalculation of distances and minimum orbit intersection distances (MOIDs). Made luminosities editable for all particle types. Improved trajectory drawing. Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

AstroGrav for Mac 3.3.1 changelog from April 4, 2016

Added 'Export' and 'Help' buttons to all tables. Increased the number of lines in table headers from 2 to 3. Added the phase of the target object to the ephemeris generator. Added keyboard shortcuts to 25 commands. Improved the 'New Horizons' simulation. Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

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