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Astroclone: ZX Spectrum 1.0 You Can Pick Objects Up B...

The ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the UK in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd, which sold in excess of 5 million units worldwide. More than 10, games were released for the ZX Spectrum.

Astroclone for the ZX Spectrum (one of fewer than 200 ZX Spectrum games being re-released as a Windows 8 app) is one of THE defining games of the 1980s.

The Astroclone: ZX Spectrum by Elite Systems Ltd app is the near-100% original ZX Spectrum game, as developed by Steve Turner and Andrew Braybrook and published by Hewson Consultants in 1985 and is brought to you - as an officially licenced product - utilizing our ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD technology.

- ‘auto save’, on exiting the game
- authentic ' ZX Spectrum' sound

About Astroclone: A team of crack pilots, soldiers and technicians were assembled to form a group known as the Clone Warriors. For months they trained for an unknown mission. At the end the Space Commander himself arrived for their final briefing. The Clone Warriors were led to a large chamber resembling a hospital ward with rows of couches fronted by monitor screens. The cloning device lowered and the room lights dimmed. The advanced Sei computers combined the data from each of the Clone Warriors to produce the master image of the Astro-Clone. The monitors flickered to life to show the static image of the 24 Star-sectors. The combined mind of the Clone Warriors recognised Sol in the top left corner where 15 Clone Ships were ready to battle the Seiddab. Simultaneously the combined minds operated the control panels. A ship left the Sol sector and moved into Seiddab territory. The Astro-Clone invasion was underway.

Astroclone - play control: Astroclone is controlled with UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT/FIRE from either joystick or keyboard. You select the control method at the beginning of the game. Control Panel On the lower part of the screen a control panel is displayed. On the left is an icon display panel used to show you what effect the joystick has at any time in the game. At the start of the game LEFT/RIGHT and UP/DOWN arrows are shown. Next to this is a large message display screen. Various prompts and messages are displayed during the game with your readouts of energy, oxygen, etc. depending on which phase of the game you are in. Your score is displayed at the bottom of this area. To the right of the message screen are two square alert lights. The top flashes red if there is an urgent message on the display screen. The bottom glows yellow if the Seiddabs are in the next room, red if they are in the same room (Ground Combat Phase only).

Astroclone - phases of the Game: The game is divided into three phases - Strategic Phase, Space Combat Phase and Ground Combat Phase. To be successful you must master all three.

Astroclone - getting started: The game opens with your Astroclone in his two room spacecraft. On the floor is a square energy point. On the right hand wall is an oxygen cylinder and a triangular computer console. You must take off using the computer console (passing into the Space Combat Phase) and enter a Stargate to reach the Strategic Phase. Move the Astroclone to the console and you will take off. The Stargate is shown as a diamond at the top of the main display but it may lie off the screen to the left or to the right. Fly your spacecraft towards and upwards until the Stargate appears and then pass over it. You will now be in the Strategic Phase.

Astroclone - strategic phase: The strategic map is the key to the overall progress of the game. It shows the location and strength of your forces and the Seiddab forces around each Star-sector. Sectors with your ships are coloured yellow. The current sector is white. Seiddab controlled sectors are green. In each box there may be one or more numbers. The top number next to a spaceship symbol shows the number of your ships in that sector. The bottom number next to a skull symbol shows the number of Seiddab cruisers in the sector. Moving a Ship - You can move any number of ships during the Strategic Phase, except those in a sector with the Seiddab. The message area gives prompts to help you. To move a ship, lock onto it by placing the white highlight over the sector and press fire. The ship can be moved any number of sectors joined by Stargates. Once moved into a sector with Seiddab it can no longer move. To end the ship' s movement unlock the highlight from the ship by pressing fire. Before the Strategic Phase begins the Seiddabs move and may launch more ships. You can block their movements by ensuring that you maintain a majority of ships in each contested sector. This prevents them from spreading into other territory. Reinforcements Each time you score 1000 points a new ship appears at Sol up to a maximum of 25 new ships. Ending the Phase You can end the phase on a sector with both Seiddab and your ships present by placing the white highlight over it and pressing fire. Alternatively you may wish to move into a sector with your forces only in it enabling you to locate and enter a Seiddab Starbase that may be there. To do this select the sector by highlighting and pressing fire but do not move any ships. Press fire a second time. In either case you move in to the Space Combat Phase.

Astroclone - space combat phase: The message screen displays the number of your ships and Seiddab Cruisers in the sector. You have UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT control of your spacefighter. FIRE controls your laser. If the sector contains a Seiddab Starbase you will see a small satellite that fires at you. Docking with this will enable you to attack the base with the Astro- Clone. You cannot dock until all Seiddab Cruisers have been destroyed and the satellites defences put out of action. The Stargate is a pulsing diamond shape at the top of the screen. It can only be entered once any Seiddab Cruisers present have been destroyed. Entering a Stargate returns you to the Strategic Phase. You also return to the Strategic Phase if all your ships in the sector are destroyed. Each Seiddab cruiser will be preceded by an attack wave. The strength of the wave depends on how many adjacent sectors are also occupied by Seiddabs and therefore able to give support. Isolated sectors are easier to win. When you have destroyed all the Seiddab in a sector and located a Starbase satellite (if any) you may dock with it and enter the Ground Combat Phase.

Astroclone – ground combat phase: Your Clone is displayed in his two room spaceship. In the right hand room is the console allowing him to take off again. In the other is a beam down point which places you
in the Seiddab base. There are various modes of control as shown on the Icon display at the lower left of the screen. Selection Mode When FIRE is depressed (except in Laser Mode) you can select UP = Movement Mode, RIGHT/LEFT = Arm Mode, DOWN = Laser Mode. The select ed ICON will light up until FIRE is released. Movement Mode LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN move your Clone. You can pick objects up by walking over them. Arm Mode This mode allows you to manipulate objects in your pocket. To put an object in your pocket or take another out bring the arm fully DOWN. To drop an object lift the arm until it is fully raised. To throw an object move LEFT or RIGHT and move the arm fully UP. Laser Mode UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT control a cursor. You can fire towards the cursor until the weapon runs out. The message display shows what charge is left. To return to movement mode quickly place the cursor over the Clone. Note that to get back into fire mode you need only press fire again with the joystick centred. Doors and Objects Most doors open automatically although sometimes you may be required to do something or to hold a pass card. The Clone may carry up to three objects in his pocket plus one in his hand. Objects may affect other objects or doors, or they may have an effect on you or the Seiddab forces. Clones - Each ship can create five Clones. If one dies it loses the objects which it was carrying and another clone is generated in the ship. If a ship runs out of Clones and there is another ship in the same sector then the second ship comes into use. If not then you return to the Strategic Phase. To return to a ship you must find a beam up point. Objects returned to a ship are available to every ship in the fleet by the cloning process. They are never lost if a ship is destroyed.

Astroclone - overall strategy: The location of seven of the Starbases changes every time the game is played. Occupation of the bases is vital because Seiddab forces may be launched from each base that they control. To gain the upper hand you must destroy the Seiddab defences in the Space Combat Phase, land and destroy each base in turn.

Other Instructions P = Pause game. Not available during the Strategic Phase.
O = Continue game after pause.
Q = Quit game during the Strategic Phase. The following options can then be selected;
O = Continue game.
S (SAVE key) = Save your current position.
J (LOAD key) = Load a saved position.
It is a good idea to save a position before you start playing because if you then run out of ships you can start again quickly by re-loading your previous position. If all your ships are destroyed, you may practise the Space Combat Phase only with 15 new ships. The ground bases will be inaccessible.

About Elite® :: Elite Systems Ltd was incorporated in England in 1984.

  • - 100% original ZX Spectrum game, as developed by Costa Panayi in 1983

  • ‘auto save’, on exiting the game

  • - authentic ' Spectrum' sound

  • - officially licenced product

What is new in official Astroclone: ZX Spectrum 1.0 software version? - Unable to resolve 1.0 news. What is expected in the future? Newly-made Astroclone: ZX Spectrum 1.1 be downloaded from current page, we also looking forward to unconfirmed 1.2 release build. You may download directly, estimated download time by Dialup or GPRS [~56 kbit/s] is 0:00:00. Just write the reviews of the Astroclone: ZX Spectrum. System requirements are x86, x64, ARM. No guide or Astroclone: ZX Spectrum tutorial available. The following languages are supported by Astroclone: ZX Spectrum: English.

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