Atlas Subtitler distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

International License Agreement for software of Atlas Informatik (IPLA)

Attention: This is a license, not a sale. This software is provided under the following license which defines what you may do with the software and contains limitations on warranties and/or remedies.


IMPORTANT: Please read the full license agreement before using this product. By installing, copying or otherwise using the software you agree implicitly to the conditions mentioned herein. If you don't agree to these conditions then stop immediately and cancel the installation as well as any usage of the software. If you already bought a license for this product you will not have the right to get the money back.

A. License

Atlas Informatik provides you with a copy of a software consisting of multiple files, in the following named "Product", and grants you a license to use this product according to the license terms. A time limited license is only valid during the specified time period. A time limited license can be extended to a time unlimited license if a license was bought. Some licenses are represented by a key which can be entered in the software, other licenses will add your computer's id to a database which will finally unlock a web service call. The latter will require no further interaction by the user. For this to work you agree that the product has the allowance to send some pieces of personal data to the web service. Such information is only stored for the purpose of identifying the client and will not be used for any purpose not in conjunction with the product's purpose.

Atlas Informatik is the holder of ALL creator and other rights (copyrights) on the software except those explicitly mentioned in the product. If the product is copied, all right citations including Atlas Informatik as the copyright holder must be carried over to the copy.

B. Allowed actions

1. Installation and usage of one copy of the product on a single computer. This copy can only be used by one single user at the same time. But multiple users are allowed to use the product in consecution. If you like to use this product on any other computer you will have to buy an additional license for each one.

2. You have the right to make an unlimited number of copies of the product for the use of a personal archive respective backup.

3. Handing over the license to another person but only if you cede all of your rights, stop using the product, destroy all of your copies of the product and confirm that the other person agrees with the terms of this license agreement.

4. If the product is declared as "Shareware" a free duplication and handing over the product to any other persons is allowed. This explicitly excludes the handing over of license keys.

C. Actions that are NOT allowed

1. Installation and use of the product in an other way as granted in this license.

2. Translating, reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling the product.

3. Renting, leasing or handing over of the products in any other way as mentioned in section B.

4. Altering or modifying the product or merging or tightly integrating it into another product.

5. Creation of displeasing, obscene, amoral or unlawful products by using any of the resources (graphics, symbols, videos aso.) contained in the product.

6. Use of any resources contained in the product for selling or publishing without a permission by Atlas Informatik

7. The use of any pictures or videos of the product is only granted in the context of websites that talk about the product (eg. forums, blogs) and not for a product that acts as a competition for the product on the market.

D. Time period

This license is valid as long as you use the product and the test period has not ended. But it can be revoked by Atlas Informatik at any time if you don't stick to the license's rules. If a license is revoked you agree to stop using the product immediately and uninstall it. In case of an uninstallation some information can be left back on your computer to store the some information.

E. Restriction of Warranty

The product is "as is". There is no warranty in any way that the product works as promised or expected. You will carry the entire risk of using it at your own. Atlas Informatik can not be hold responsible for damages that result in directly or indirectly using the product nor in any loss that could result by using the product. Atlas Informatik tries the best that the product is free of bugs but this can not be guaranteed. Also, Atlas Informatik scans the product for malware like viruses, trojan horses aso. before publishing but it can also not be guaranteed that it is clean in 100% of the cases.

F. Restricted Rights

In some countries rights can be even more restricting than the clauses in this agreement.

G. Restricted Support

As a user of this software you have no right for support by Atlas Informatik. However, Atlas Informatik tries to answer support questions as good as possible. If support is given it will mainly be in a written form, which means usually by chat or mail but not by telephone or video conferences. Before trying to contact the support the user agrees to search by himself in appropriate locations like search engines, product websites (eg. FAQs), the product's documentation, video streaming portals (eg. YouTube) or forums. Support queries without specifying the product's version number and/or system type and version may be a reason for not getting an answer.

H. General

This license is the whole agreement between you and Atlas Informatik. It replaces any previously made agreement in writing or verbally and can only be changed by a signed written contract. If one of the paragraphs is declared as invalid or not usable by a proper court it will be replaced by one that is valid and nearest to its economical value, and all the other paragraphs stay fully valid. All the cited copyrights are hold by their respective owners. The place of jurisdiction will be 5430 Wettingen, Switzerland.

I. Producer

The producer of the product is:

Atlas Informatik
Bahnhofstrasse 46
5430 Wettingen

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