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DownloadRoute excellent awardMP3 Audio Recorder Joiner 2.00.07

MP3 Audio Recorder and MP3 Audio Joiner

MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner 2.00.07 builds mp3 Recorder, MP3 Joiner(MP3 merger) and ID3-Editor in one, you can makes high-quality recordings directly from your sound card and save the recording directly into MP3, WMA, OGG and RAW files. no tempory wav file involved, saving your hard disk life, and faster. Sound quality of the recordings remains excellent.You can Join/merger multiple files into one big files, join with high precision and no quality is lost.

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On April 19, 2011 updated, downloaded 619 times.

Tunatic 0.52MB
Tunatic 1.0.1b

Tunatic Identifies a song playing on radio.

Love that song but don`t know what it is? Tunatic 1.0.1b can tag it for you! Tunatic 1.0.1b is the first search engine of its kind, identifying a song it "hears" through a Microphone. Tunatic 1.0.1b displays the song`s title within seconds, along with the name of the artist and many useful links to download the song, read the lyrics, buy the CD, etc. Tunatic 1.0.1b will change the way we listen to radio!

Music Library Managers Freeware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 544 times.

Express Rip Plus CD Ripper 2.00

Express Rip Plus is a CD ripper for Windows

Download Express Rip Plus CD Ripper 2.00 program to convert CD audio to mp3 or wav file formats. Express Rip Plus lets you rip, convert, encode, and decode music and other audio tracks directly to files on your hardrive. By using direct digital extraction, pure audio quality is maintained. Express Rip Plus has a small download file and very fast.

Express Rip Plus CD Ripper 64bit

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On July 10, 2018 updated, downloaded 587 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAfinador de Guitar-Online

Afinador para instrumentos de cuerda

Este afinador para instrumentos de cuerda permite afinar su guitarra, mandolina, ukulele, violin, banjo o bajo en afinacion estandar y en varios open-tunings (acordes abiertos).

Other Misc Shareware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 540 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardKaraFun Karaoke Player 1.18

Free KAR CDG KFN karaoke player with editor

KaraFun offers a complete free solution for home karaoke. Record your voice and control pitch and tempo over MP3 and MIDI files! This karaoke software contains an easy to use editor which can import many existing karaoke songs. Even if KaraFun is supporting midi KAR and CDG files, it is also designed to work with MP3 files or other digital format. KaraFun also introduces the new KFN file format. The editor allows to build unique and funny karaoke files.

Singing Apps Freeware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 772 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardJaikoz Tagger 4.5.1

Jaikoz Audio Tag Editor

The Jaikoz Audio Tag Editor combines power and simplicity allowing you to organize,edit and correct thousands of songs with ease. It utilizes MusicBrainz, an online database of over 5 million songs and MusicIP to identify your songs automatically.

Media Taggers Shareware, On November 9, 2011 updated, downloaded 590 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMulti-Instrument Lite 3.8

Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Gener

Multi-Instrument is a powerful sound card based multi-function virtual instrument software. It contains Oscilloscope, Digital Filter, Spectrum Analyzer, Correlation Analyzer, Dynamic Signal Analyzer, Octave Analyzer, Distortion Analyzer, Frequency Counter, Signal Generator (Function/Arbitrary/Noise/Sweep/Burst).

Multi-Instrument Lite 64bit

Music Makers Shareware, On September 16, 2018 updated, downloaded 629 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSoftick Audio Gateway 1.25

A2DP/AVRCP Profile support for Palm OS

Softick Audio Gateway 1.25 is the first audio streaming solution for Palm OS handhelds which allows to connect Palm OS handheld to the Bluetooth stereo headphones and listen to digital audio played by any Palm OS applications including multimedia players, audio book readers and games. Softick Audio Gateway 1.25 can operate with any Bluetooth audio device which supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).

Sound Players Shareware, On June 1, 2009 updated, downloaded 609 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardJoy RingTone Converter 2.99.1220

Convert MP3 to MMF,AMR,MIDI RingTone

Joy RingTone Converter 2.99.1220 enables you to create your own ringtones by converting your MP3, WAVE files and CD tracks to the most common Ringtone format, including MMF, AMR, MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC and MP4. Features include saving of ID3 tag information, MIDI conversion, batch conversion and more.

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On December 20, 2013 updated, downloaded 586 times.

DJ Jukebox 10.88MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardDJ Jukebox 22.0

A playlist generator and media file manager.

DJ Jukebox 22.0 is an essential tool for managing a song library and generating playlists. Each song can be assigned a rating so that favorites are played more often, and that unwanted songs are never chosen. File management features include global search and replace on filenames, copy or delete files, and rename/move directories. DJ Jukebox 22.0 can also remote control a media player on a network computer.

DJ Jukebox 64bit

Music Library Managers Shareware, On May 16, 2018 updated, downloaded 565 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardCreate Ringtone 5.1

Make your own MP3 ringtones from audio files!

There are millions of MP3, WMA and WAV files available for download from the Internet today. Unfortunately, using them in your cellular phone as ringtones is problematic. Audio files have to be cropped and encoded with a lower sample rate in order to fit the small memory of the phone. With "Create Ringtone 5.1", you can crop and convert audio files and send them to your phone with a few mouse clicks! Formats: WAV, MP3, M4R (iPhone), QCP (Sprint).

Music Makers Shareware, On December 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 578 times.

DownloadRoute cool award

Rosoft Audio Tools all in one music tool.

Rosoft Audio Tools 4.1.6 is a set of programs including Rosoft Audio Recorder, Rosoft Audio Converter, Rosoft CD Extractor and Rosoft Media Player. Turn your audio CDs into an mp3 library or a wma library. Record all you old LPs and tapes. Play all files with the included media player.

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On June 29, 2007 updated, downloaded 567 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAtmosphere Lite (Nature Sound Generator) 6.2

Bring sounds of nature to your desktop. Free

Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop. Choose presets such as tropical, thundestorm, nighttime, summer and many others or alternatively customize your own soundscape from the background and random sounds provided. You can save your soundscape for later listening and we`ve even included an alarm clock just incase you drift off at your desk.

Atmosphere Lite (Nature Sound Generator) 64bit

Other Misc Freeware, On February 6, 2009 updated, downloaded 563 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAimOne Audio/Video to MP3/WAV Converter 1.01

audio conversion and extractor

With AimOne Audio/Video to MP3/WAV Conveter, you can easily extract and convert audio from almost any kind of Audio and Video file types to MP3/WAV output in batch mode. It offers a built-in-player to view or listen to the file before extracting the sound, which allows you to set the start/end points of the portion you want to extract and convert. Supports AVI, VCD, DVD, MPEG, WMV, WMA, DAT, AC3, RM and other formats.

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 490 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardIntelliscore Ensemble MP3 to MIDI Converter 8.1.2

Multitrack WAV to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI converter

IntelliScore helps you figure out the notes, chord names and key present in multiple-instrument MP3, WAV, and other audio files and CDs. View and edit scores and individual tracks once your WAV, MP3, CD, or other audio files are converted into MIDI. Unlike "pitch detectors", intelliScore Ensemble can convert music that contains more than one note at a time (such as chords) and more than one instrument at a time, including drums.

Intelliscore Ensemble MP3 to MIDI Converter 64bit

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On June 29, 2013 updated, downloaded 567 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSAM Broadcaster PRO 2018.10

Start your online radio with SAM Broadcaster

Start your online radio station with SAM Broadcaster PRO 2018.10 - Advanced audio features (cross-fade detection, gap killer, volume normalization), makes you sound like a PRO while you can run 24/7 with automation. Organize large music libraries and stream in multiple formats. Have fun while sharing your passion for music and spread your message live! Watch your popularity grow in real time! The #1 Radio Broadcasting Solution since 2003, Download now!

SAM Broadcaster PRO 64bit

Sound Players Shareware, On December 18, 2018 updated, downloaded 650 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMake Your Own Ringtones 3.2

Make ringtones from your music files

Make Your Own Ringtones 3.2 software is just that: an unlimited, unrestricted editor to create a 5-30 sec customized ringtone from MP3, WMA, WAV, Audio CD and OGG files. You select the music file, edit it, and then download it to your phone. There is a graph of the song to help you choose the right segment you want. Make Your Own Ringtones 3.2 works in the US plus more than 65 countries

Splitter & Joiner Editors Demo, On July 11, 2008 updated, downloaded 586 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSyntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 1.6

Virtual instrument plug-in for VST hosts

Magnus Choir is a virtual instrument plug-in which can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs, using a combination of synthesis and sampling. Available for Windows and Linux based VST/FST hosts. For a realistic choral sound, Magnus includes a variety of vocal textures and sustained vowels in multiple dynamics: espressivo, staccato, marcato, crescendo, decrescendo, tenuto, maestoso, legato, and more...

Music Makers Shareware, On August 18, 2010 updated, downloaded 614 times.

Ape2CD 4.42MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardApe2CD 5.5.6

Burn APE + CUE music file to CD

Ape2CD 5.5.6 is an APE + CUE music CD image burner which can recover a music CD from an APE + CUE music CD image. Features:1. Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003. 2. Works easily with IDE and SCSI drives. 3. Supports use of high write speeds. 4. ASPI not required forWindows NT/2000 /XP. 5. Supports use of re-writable CD formats. 6. Supports 11 themes.

Ape2CD 64bit

Audio CD Writers Shareware, On April 10, 2017 updated, downloaded 591 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardBIPmedia Toolbar 1.0

thousands of CD`s, hundreds of movies FREE

What is BIPmedia Toolbar 1.0 BIPmedia is network based media streaming service. This means that all your media files are stored at a central location for you to access from anywhere at any time! Through BIPmedia`s technology, you can listen to, or view your archive with any device that can access the Internet. Never wait for files to download again! With peer-to-peer services (like Kazza, Bearshare, Morpheus, Win MX, etc...) you have to

File Recording Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 574 times.

Easy Transcriber 1.0

Makes your transcriptions easier and faster.

Easy Transcriber 1.0 is a software tool for your transcription or dictation purposes. By using Easy Transcriber 1.0, you can transcribe the sound recordings of your interviews, surveys, medical reports etc. easier and faster than ever. Easy Transcriber 1.0 shortens your transcription time more than 3 times.

Voice Tools Shareware, On January 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 559 times.

RecordForAll 10.27MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardRecordForAll

Record and edit audio files for podcasts.

Easily record and edit audio files to create professional sounding podcasts. Supports MP3, WMA and WAV files. Files can be imported or recorded. Easily remove sound distortions and imperfections with drag and drop editing. Create sound effects, record music or interviews, edit and layer clips to provide commercial quality recordings. Music files can be mixed and transitions can be added. Includes integration with popular podcast feed creation.

File Recording Shareware, On September 22, 2009 updated, downloaded 493 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPlato 3GP Video Converter 12.10.01


Plato 3GP Video Converter 12.10.01 automatically converts almost all formats of video files that are already on your computer such as divx , xvid , avi , wmv , mpg, mpeg , asf , mov , svcd , vcd ,rm stream formats into 3GP format

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On January 20, 2013 updated, downloaded 529 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSVArTracker 1.27

Advanced music creation tool.

Advanced music creation tool. Next generation of trackers. Modular virtual studio. Can load VST,DX plugins - virtual studio instruments.

Music Makers Shareware, On May 27, 2016 updated, downloaded 458 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardBeatcraft drum machine 1.02_b19

Make your own sweet beat

Acoustica Beatcraft is an extremely powerful, easy to use drum machine software program for beginners and professionals alike! Its friendly, streamlined interface makes beat generation fast, while allowing your unlimited creativity to pour through. Beatcraft features an extensive library of top-quality, professional drum sounds, powerful sequencing and loop generation tools, and killer audio effects.

Music Makers Shareware, On February 1, 2008 updated, downloaded 526 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardHome Group Overhead 2.0

Sing along with God! Displays Lyrics as sung.

Sing along with God! Overhead Slide Program Displays Worship Music Lyrics in real time as they`re being sung. Words are shown a line at a time so huge you can read them on the monitor screen from across the room. That way you don`t need a projector and you certainly don`t need expensive software to show words and lead songs of worship. It comes packed with with over 300 hymns and real time programmed for Vineyard worship CDs.

Singing Apps Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 561 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardLettore MP3

Lettore MP3 is a multimedia player

Lettore MP3 is a multimedia player, complete of equalizzer and the full support to files of MP3, WMA, CDA and OGG. Moreover it reproduces WAV and it manages plugins audio and graphic skins. The player is complete of ripper for cd-audio, it can record be in WAV format ,Windows Media Audio (it require WMF9) and OGG/Vorbis files.

File Recording Freeware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 568 times.

ARPTON Synthesizer-Arpeggiator-Player 1.1a

All-in-one MIDI musical instrument.

All-in-one MIDI musical instrument with Arpeggiator and MIDI / MIDI Karaoke Player. Allows to play piano on PC keyboard, play with any MIDI file and sing at the same time. Works with any hardware or software synthesizer installed in your computer. Includes "basic" Java Soundbank, which can be easily upgraded to "deluxe" Soundbank. Easy to learn and use for inexperienced users and rich in features for advanced.

Music Makers Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 508 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardTinynice MP3Cutter 2.81

Best MP3 Splitter & MP3 Joiner Software.

Tinynice MP3Cutter 2.81 is a handy tool that can easily break MP3 file into small segments of your choosing, it splits the MP3 album into individual tracks, you can remove parts from original MP3, or split files and copy regions to new MP3 file. A build-in wave form and MP3 player let you listen, playback and split the MP3 visually by time or discretional section as needed.

Music Makers Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 501 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAshampoo Media Player+ 2.03

Ashampoo Media Player+

Ashampoo Media Player+ 2.03 is the multimedia player of the future. In addition to its countless other cool features it includes a unique burning feature to burn your audio and video playlists to data CDs, MP3 CDs or audio CDs with a couple of mouseclicks! A free plugin (ImageView) that turns the Ashampoo Media Player+ 2.03 into a viewer and slideshow application for the most common graphics and photo file formats is also available.

Sound Players Freeware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 743 times.

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