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DownloadRoute excellent awardBe a Ringtone DJ and Mix Multiple MP3s 1.01

Make cool free ringtones by mixing your MP3`s

Be a Ringtone DJ. Make cool free ringtones by mixing your MP3`s, like a DJ. Make your phone unique. Mix your favorite MP3s and create the wildest, coolest ringtones. Select exactly the part of the song you want to mix, and then add the track. This is a powerful, free software that lets you have complete control. You will be creating cool ringtones in minutes. And they are free!

Sound Players Freeware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 511 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardFantasize Soundfont Player VSTi 2.51

Sampler generator which can load SoundFonts

Fantasize is a sampler generator which can load SoundFont (SF2 format) instruments/drumkits collections, designed for creating music on your VST Host. High quality sample-playback engine, make FANTASIZE the perfect choice for sample enthusiasts and composers.

Music Makers Shareware, On January 24, 2010 updated, downloaded 572 times.

LoopBe1 0.97MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardLoopBe1 1.6

A virtual MIDI LoopBack device driver.

LoopBe1 1.6 is a virtual MIDI device for transferring MIDI data between computer programs. Basically LoopBe1 1.6 is an "invisible cable" to connect a MIDI outport of an application to any other application´s MIDI inport. All MIDI data sent to the program's output is channeled to the receiving applications in realtime. You may connect up to 8 applications to LoopBe's inport and up to 8 applications to the outport.

LoopBe1 64bit

Music Makers Comercial, On May 22, 2011 updated, downloaded 511 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardUsefulUtils Discs Studio

Best program for burning discs

Compact full-functional application for burning data, DVD-Video (miniDVD) and AudioCD on optical discs in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/20 08/Seven. Contain ripper and grabber.

Audio CD Writers Shareware, On June 18, 2009 updated, downloaded 595 times.

Pocket Jam 1.39MB
DownloadRoute cool awardPocket Jam 3.02

Techno studio for Pocket PC - Rebirth Clone

Pocket Jam 3.02 squeezes a powerfull techno studio into your PocketPC. The following equipment is faithfully modelled in robust and fast C++ software with assembler optimisations: 1 x Step Sequencer with loop points and easy note editing matrixes. 2 x Analogue Synthesizers with squidgy true analogue filters (ALA 303). 1 x Programmable Drum Machine. Also doubles as a generic sampler. 3 x Programmable Digital Delay Lines. (Tripped out!).

Music Makers Demo, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 523 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardOzone for Windows Media Player 9 1.03

Analog Audio Enhancement for Music

As a plug-in for Windows Media Player 9, Winamp 2, and Winamp 3, Ozone adds warmth, bass, sparkle and an overall desirable sound to your MP3s. Unlike other `enhancers`, it does so by modeling the analog characteristics of vintage audio equipment such as tube amplifiers and valve equalizers. So instead of sounding harsh and hollow, your music sounds deep and full.

Gadgets & PlugIns Demo, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 513 times.

DownloadRoute good awardAudiobook Cutter 1.9.4

Audiobook Cutter is a MP3 Splitter

Audiobook Cutter 1.9.4 is an easy-to-use tool which splits large MP3 audiobook and podcast files into smaller ones without re-encoding. In the Pro edition the split points are determined automatically based on silence detection. Because of this feature, long audiobook recordings can be cut into manageable albums with just a few clicks. The main purpose of this MP3 splitter is to make audiobooks more manageable in a user-friendly way. A feature complete demo and a limited version is available for free.

Splitter & Joiner Editors Freeware, On February 8, 2016 updated, downloaded 639 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardIphotoDVD Wizard 5.0

photo to dvd, photo to mpg, jpg to mpg,photo

A tool to archive digital photos into DVD compatible MPEG files with hundreds of transition effects and audio. The transformation includes photo to dvd, photo to mpeg, jpg to mpg and jpg to mpeg.You can creat photo video, photo show on DVD easily. These files can also be viewed on computer.

Audio CD Writers Shareware, On March 27, 2017 updated, downloaded 609 times.

Virtual Music Jukebox 7.8.6

All-in-one Jukebox!

Virtual Music Jukebox 7.8.6 is known as the industry standard when it comes to a true Jukebox experience. VMJ is designed to give the true look and feel of a modern, bar style jukebox right on your desktop. VMJ even offers many of the same options you`ll find in the popular digital jukeboxes at your local bar or pub.

Sound Players Demo, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 568 times.

Songs-DB 2.64MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardSongs-DB 1.3

Free MP3 player, jukebox and music organizer.

Songs-DB 1.3 is a free MP3 player, jukebox and music organizer which takes care of large collections of MP3, WAV, WMA, audio CDs and virtually any other format. It can scan, play, convert, grab, tag, rename, make playlists, search, cache, normalize, query CDDB/Freedb and much more. An internal player with WinAmp compatible skins and plug-ins is present, but Songs-DB 1.3 can cooperate with WinAmp itself too.

Music Library Managers Freeware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 497 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardEmbedded Speech Synthesis Kit 1.1

Embedded Speech Synthesis Developers Kit

Embedded Windows CE SAPI 5.0 TTS Developers Kit is your complete Embedded Speech Synthesis or Text To Speech Circuit Solution for development of Speech Synthesis System at Electronics level. The design is based on Festival TTS and is Ported to Windows CE/Pocket PC/Smart Phone/ Symbian OS for Nokia Series 80 and above. With a memory overhead of 1 MB - for one sentence narration, the engine very well fits the needs of developers looking for portin

Embedded Speech Synthesis Kit 64bit

Voice Tools Shareware, On May 16, 2009 updated, downloaded 511 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEasy Ringtone Editor for Free Ringtones 1.01

Make free ringtones from your MP3`s or CD`s.

RingtoneEditor lets you edit your existing MP3 ringtones to your exact liking. You can import your newly created MP3 ringtones or select a CD track and select the exact location and length of the final ringtone before uploading to your phone. You can select and play as you edit so that you get the exact ringtone you want to have. You can even change the bit rate of the selection to have better file size control.

Music Makers Freeware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 545 times.

WavePad 0.42MB
DownloadRoute cool awardWavePad 3.02

Very good audio editor

WavePad 3.02 is sound editing software for Windows. This program lets you make and edit voice and other audio recordings. You can cut, copy and paste parts of recording and, if required, add effects like echo, amplification and noise...

Splitter & Joiner Editors Freeware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 600 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPlato Video Converter 12.10.01

Powerful video conversion program

Plato Video Converter 12.10.01 is a video converter program for anyone. It enables you convert almost all kinds of video files such as rm, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, qt, flv, 3gp, swf, nsv to Apple iPod /Sony PSP /Cellphone 3GP/Microsoft Zune /FLV/ MOV video and Extract Audio to MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV from those videos

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On January 20, 2013 updated, downloaded 470 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardHiFi MP3 WMA Converter 3.00.05

digitally batch convert between MP3 and wma

HiFi MP3 WMA Converter 3.00.05 supports convert between MP3 and WMA files. it directly converts audio format MP3, WMA from one format to another with high quality, without no temp file included. it digitally converts the audio files - not through the soundcard - which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. Supports batch conversion. the ID3-Editor and audio player built in.

Gadgets & PlugIns Shareware, On April 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 468 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardConvert to Ringtone Wizard 1.19

Convert music files to mobile phone ringtones

Create ringtones directly from your music files and upload them to your cell phone. Convert to Ringtone Wizard 1.19 can turn various music files to polyphonic ringtones. It can convert entire audio file or selected part to WAV, MP3, MMF, AMR or QCP ringtones and also help you to choose ringtone format that best fits your phone. You can place created ringtones to the selected folder or send them to your phone via the Internet without cables.

Convert to Ringtone Wizard 64bit

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On June 25, 2009 updated, downloaded 493 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSuperDVD Video Editor 1.8.5

All-in-one solution for home video editing

SuperDVD Video Editor 1.8.5 is a all-in-one solution for home video editing and authing. Runs on Microsoft Windows 98,NT,2000,XP,Vista. * Capture Film form WebCam ,DV Camera ,TV Card Into Divx or Avi file format on fly. * Edit AVI or Divx or other format file with the frames control. * Copy Any Part of the film and save it . * Divide/Merge Audio or Vedio Stream into new file * Change the play speed and add video effect.

SuperDVD Video Editor 64bit

Other Misc Freeware, On July 5, 2008 updated, downloaded 537 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPower CDG to AVI Converter 1.0.23

Converts CDG tracks into AVI movies.

Power CDG to AVI Converter 1.0.23 is a tool that allows saving CD+G or MP3+G track as AVI movie. That movie can later be used to play on any computer or you may further convert it to VideoCD-compatible MPG movie and record on on a VideoCD disc that can be played on any DVD player.

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 491 times.

VoiceTweaker 4.0.2

Get the perfect pitch and sing like a star.

A high quality natural sounding pitch shifter and auto tuner with the ability to transpose the pitch of a voice or an instrument up to 2 octaves, up or down. Add to this a full fledged pitch correction section with MIDI control, modul matrix.The new generation of Voice Tweaker has a new analysis and synthesis engine with lower CPU utilization.

VoiceTweaker MAC

Music Makers Shareware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 608 times.

DownloadRoute good awardAudio Control

User-friendly audio volume control utility.

Audio Control is an audio mixer software utility for visualization and control of the computer audio volume. Audio Control is an improved substitution for the standard Windows Volume control. It is designed to assist the user to operate the sound devices on the system in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Audio Control can be used for FREE with an ad-driven or qualifying software license, or with a paid license.

Audio Control 64bit

Other Misc Freeware, On January 27, 2017 updated, downloaded 549 times.

Search VoiceXML, SALT, IVR & Grammar Tools

Search VoiceXML, SALT, IVR, Grammar Tools for Speech Technology Products. Find VoiceXML SALT Grammar Developer Tools for the IVR VRU Voice Browsers Response Web Speech Technology News Industry. Desktop Search Engine for Speech technology tools for developing SALT VoiceXML Grammars for the Voice Web

Voice Tools Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 500 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

Create Complete Karaoke Song Books

Karaoke Song List Creator provides a fast and easy way to catalogue all your Karaoke discs, Karaoke Files, MP3, Video and ZIP files. The software holds a complete list of all Karaoke discs. Karaoke Song List Creator can sort your list by artist, title, track number or manufacturer. Anyone who owns any Karaoke discs will really appreciate Airwer Karaoke Song List Creator.

Karaoke Song List Creator Free Edition 64bit

Music Library Managers Freeware, On March 17, 2016 updated, downloaded 595 times.

Freecorder 0.72MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardFreecorder 8.0

100% Free Web Video/Audio Recorder Converter!

Freecorder 8.0 8 is a FREE, revolutionary browser-based video/audio recording and conversion program that allows you to save and convert ANY streaming video - it includes a video downloader, a screen recorder, even a torrent downloader. Create MP3s from ANYTHING you hear on your PC and convert your saved files to the most popular formats. All these powerful tools are easily accessible right in your browser where you need them. Give it a try today!

Freecorder 64bit

File Recording Freeware, On November 9, 2013 updated, downloaded 646 times.

ArtSong 13.21MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardArtSong 7.2.0

MIDI Algorithmic Music Composition

ArtSong 7.2.0™ is a versatile MIDI-based algorithmic music composition system for Windows® computers. ArtSong 7.2.0™ provides a variety of algorithms to Compose and harmonize melodies, Compose countermelodies and ‘counterpoint’, Generate chord progressions, Generate bass parts, Compose chord pads and accompaniment patterns, Control musical form and thematic sequence, Compose a variety of harmonic and rhythmic support.

Music Makers Shareware, On May 9, 2011 updated, downloaded 537 times.

EasyBoot 3.23MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardEasyBoot

Easily Make You Own Bootable CDs and DVDs

EasyBoot enables you to to create custom multi-boot, menu driven CDs and DVDs. It can automatically create boot image files, and generate the bootable ISO file as well, that you can use to burn on a CD/DVD (using third party burning software like Nero or Roxio). The program lets you completely customize the boot screen in color and appearance and provides a real-time preview window of the boot screen.

EasyBoot 64bit

Audio CD Writers Shareware, On May 11, 2017 updated, downloaded 613 times.

NA 2.68MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardNA 1.0


NA 1.0

File Recording Freeware, On March 1, 2012 updated, downloaded 480 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award#1 Smart MP3 to WAV Converter 12.7

MP3 to WAV Converter

MP3 to WAV Converter is one of the quickest and easiest to use audio tools of its kind. The program completes conversions in seconds, decoding MP3 files to burnable and editable WAV files.It is ideal for converting batches of MP3 files thus saving your precious time. The program works on all Windows systems.

#1 Smart MP3 to WAV Converter 64bit

Converters & CD Rippers Shareware, On July 13, 2015 updated, downloaded 746 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMedieval CUE Splitter 1.2

A CUE file splitter for Windows. FREEWARE!

CUE Splitter is a freeware tool that split a single big audio track, mostly an album or a compilation, into the relative individual audio tracks, using informations contained in the associated "CUE" file. Sometimes you can find a big compressed audio file (for example MP3, APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, etc...) equipped with a small "CUE" text file that contain informations about tracks title, artist and length.

Medieval CUE Splitter 64bit

Converters & CD Rippers Freeware, On March 12, 2010 updated, downloaded 801 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardAudio Video IFilter 1.0

MP3/WMA/WMV IFilter for MS Indexing Service.

Audio Video IFilter 1.0 is a content indexing filter for WMA, WMV and MP3 files. The IFilter is compatible with all indexing services based on the Microsoft Search technology: Microsoft Indexing Service, Windows Desktop Search, Microsoft SharePoint Portal etc. Audio Video IFilter 1.0 extends the services capabilities to index the WMA, WMV, MP3 files. It extracts the standard ASF files (WMA, WMV) metadata and ID3 tags from MP3 files.

Gadgets & PlugIns Freeware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 610 times.

Multimedia Player 1.2

Multimedia is an Audio Player.

Multimedia is an Audio Player dedicated to all musicians and people with weak computers. His main features Are: 1.Skin Support. 2.Recorder 3.Excellent Playback. 4.Equalizer. 5.Playlist Editor. 6.converter/ripper. 7.Radio. 8.Visualization plugins. 9.DSP Support. 10.Plugins Support. 11.Tags Support. 12.Free

Sound Players Freeware, On August 10, 2009 updated, downloaded 633 times.

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