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Janti 1.01

A strategy game wherein 2 players (you vs. the computer) take turns placing coloured tokens on the board. The last player to place a token on the board wins. Although the rules are simple, winning can prove challenging!

Robot Puzzle 1.11

Captain Corbett has a problem. He can`t recall the correct assembly sequence for the XTR-4 activation disks. Without it, the robot will fail to activate, and the POLARIS mission will be a failure! Can you help activate the XTR-4 robot?

A Puzzling Collection 1.08

Challenge yourself with this entertaining collection of five brain-teasers. These puzzles span a range of clever conundrums: from calculating the number of cars on a race track to playing a variant of chess involving 8 bishops!

Horse Race Card Game 1.14

Exciting horse racing game played with cards. Bets are placed on the 4 aces that are moved like horses toward the finish line! Accumulate the most money after five races to win the game.

Shamrock Solitaire 1.06

A moderately difficult solitaire that requires a satisfying balance of skill and luck to win. The deck is dealt in seventeen groups of three overlapping cards, plus one card by itself. The aim is to release the aces and build each one up to king.


A delightful solitaire requiring more skill than may at first appear. Good judgment, a keen memory and just the right amount of luck are required to win this one (which doesn`t happen all too often!)

Aces UP Solitaire 1.02

Easy but addictive little solitaire. The goal is to finish with only the four aces on the board after eliminating the other 48 cards in the deck.

PIGS Dice Game 2.01

An entertaining game of chance. Score big by rolling doubles or lose all if you roll a PIG! Highest score after 14 innings of play wins. For one player (versus a crafty computer opponent).

Luzon Domino Solitaire 1.01

Enjoyable solitaire using dominoes. A nice break from the usual card solitaires.

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