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PNG to PDF converter

PNG to PDF converter software transform image

PNG to PDF converter software change multipage bmp tif jpg gif pictures into PDF files. Multiples image to PDF program tools combine add merge join insert image into Adobe files and can change Meta properties like title, author and subject. Images to PDF conversion utility to set page size, page margin and image size. Multipage tiff to PDF function transform all drawing, graphic, screenshots, snapshots, photographs and pictures to PDF documents.

PNG to PDF converter 64bit

Calc & Conversion Shareware, On January 12, 2011 updated, downloaded 114 times.

MemoMaster 19.75MB
MemoMaster 4.1.5

MemoMaster - The free outliner software

MemoMaster 4.1.5 is a powerful MS-Word and MS-Excel compatible free outliner software. It administers information of all kinds in the familiar tree structure. Documents, tables, form fields, pictures and links to other Memos, e-mails, websites and files may be inserted in so called Memos. The Memo Search tool is able to search and filter for all content, dates and several search terms.

MemoMaster 64bit

Business Databases Shareware, On June 15, 2016 updated, downloaded 110 times.

Stock It Easy 7.06.02

Inventory software management easy to use

Inventory software management. Unlimited number of warehouses. Automatic reassortant (generation command based on criteria you set). Seizure of articles with many parameters and 1 storage address by registered warehouse. Publishing sending notes, invoices, credit notes, stock status, ... Many potential exports to Word, Excel, XML. Sending email. Management of compounds items and serial numbers,batch numbers,expiry date and many more ...

Stock It Easy 64bit

Stocks & Trading Shareware, On July 4, 2014 updated, downloaded 149 times.

Work Time Studio 2.0.16

Project, Task and Time Management Software

Work Time Studio 2.0.16 is a windows based desktop application which allows you to organize, manage, track and prioritize your time, projects, tasks and notes. It also monitors, records and reports your progress through all stages of your work and activities. Its user friendly interface allows you to track your time spent on your work with very little interaction, and without breaking your concentration. Guaranteed to increase your productivity.

Work Time Studio 64bit

Planners & PPT Presentation Shareware, On November 19, 2012 updated, downloaded 114 times.

ORM Designer

Visual database, ERD and ORM designing tool.

ORM Designer is a visual ERD database tool with full support of ORM frameworks with its definitions stored in XML or YAML file. ORM Designer replaces manually written definitions with easy-to-use graphical interface. ORM Designer was created by developers for developers to save time every day. Currently supported ORM frameworks are PHP Propel and PHP Doctrine. Symfony web framework in combination with Propel and Doctrine is also supported.

ORM Designer MAC - ORM Designer 64bit

Business Databases Shareware, On July 28, 2014 updated, downloaded 246 times.

Extra-Organizer 3.32

Multifunctional organizer.

Modern, intuitive understandable interface, automatic start, built into generator of reports, consideration of region standards of date & time, backup & restore wizard, weather forecast for 5 days, support of independent work of a few users at one computer - all those in one convenient program.

Extra-Organizer 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Shareware, On October 4, 2012 updated, downloaded 109 times.

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 3.28

Hold records accesible|on USB media ciphered

Thanks to this tiny application, you can store all your personal notes encrypted with you on USB. Perfect for storing passwords, access codes, personal diaries, starategic plans, and any other sort of sensible/valuable personal data, which is not meant to be seen by others. This is the security software you can rely on when it comes to storing any sort of private data.

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Shareware, On January 11, 2019 updated, downloaded 314 times.

Multiformat File Searcher 1.03

Fast and reliable way to search within files

Multiformat File Searcher 1.03 is an utility that allows you to find text quickly in any document on your computer.

Multiformat File Searcher 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On March 18, 2010 updated, downloaded 82 times.

XL-Addin 22.24MB
XL-Addin 1.1

Business Professional Add-ins

XL-Addin 1.1 exporter: transform your Excel workbooks into professional web pages or presentations that could be shared or published. XL-Addin 1.1 analyzer: allow auditors and managers to evaluate the performance and complexity of any workbook regardless workbook size, number of worksheets or code complexity. Quickly compare worksheets/ranges from thesame or from different workbooks or even from the same worksheet using XL-Addin 1.1 compare tool.

XL-Addin 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On May 5, 2010 updated, downloaded 72 times.

Lisa 0.5MB

Free Professional Lease Finance Calculator

Free lease finance calculator for the Leasing Professional. Simple to use, but comprehensive, Lisa is an excellent tool for quoting rapid and accurate lease finance repayments. Speeds up the routine and simplifies the more complex. Includes features for including sales commission, residual value and/or advanced payments plus much more. Export, print or save customer quotes via a 100% customisable form and report.

Lisa 64bit

Calc & Conversion Freeware, On February 9, 2011 updated, downloaded 83 times.

Forex Strategy Trader

Visial forex auto trading platform.

Forex Strategy Trader is a free trading platform working via Meta Trader. It can automatically send and execute trading orders based on a predefined strategy. The visual interface allows users to create their own strategies in a few clicks without worrying about programming and coding the logic. All the components of a strategy can be easily found in the user-friendly menus and can save hours for anyone who has previously tried to create an EA.

Forex Strategy Trader 64bit

Stocks & Trading Freeware, On June 24, 2014 updated, downloaded 198 times.

PDF to Word Converter Pro

PDF to Word Converter Pro

GIRDAC PDF to Word Converter Pro is a software application for converting PDF documents to Microsoft Word .DOC, DOCX and .RTF file formats, and plain text file. It can also extract images from PDF documents.

PDF to Word Converter Pro 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On February 24, 2018 updated, downloaded 230 times.

MS Project Viewer 3.1.5

Microsoft Project viewer, mpp viewer

MOOS Project Viewer is a MS Project Viewer 3.1.5 that can open any MS Project file type (.mpp, .mpt, .mpx, .xml) for any Microsoft Project version (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013). Available views: Gantt Chart, Task Usage, Resource Sheet, Resource Usage, Tracking Gantt, Team Planner. It is running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and it is the perfect solution for project stakeholders to view the project details in a dynamic way.

MS Project Viewer 64bit

Planners & PPT Presentation Shareware, On December 10, 2015 updated, downloaded 238 times.

AllMyNotes Organizer FREE Edition 3.21

Good doc keeper app to storeevery-day notes

All-My-Notes Organizer - your daily adaptable notes manager software, a perfect tool to store all kind of documents, info, ideas, passwords. It's difficult to underestimate value of this tiny and yet powerful software, as variety of uses is very broad, everyone will be able to find a perfect use for it. You have to to check it out it yourself now!

AllMyNotes Organizer FREE Edition 64bit

Planners & PPT Presentation Freeware, On November 27, 2017 updated, downloaded 280 times.

StampIt for Word 7.0

Automated Document Marking & Printing

StampIt automates document marking, labeling and printing for Word with paper, PDF or simply marking only. Users can easily create their own stamps in in hollow, solid or watermark, graphic images or Bates format. StampIt can stamp MULTIPLE COPIES of the same document with different stamps on each copy, ALL in ONE PRINT SESSION or just stamp selected pages. Stamps can be scaled, rotated or positioned to print anywhere on a page.

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Comercial, On October 10, 2009 updated, downloaded 85 times.

PowerVue Circuit Analyzer 6.25

Electrical power design and analysis software

Highly versatile and easy to use, PowerVue was designed for use on most electrical design and analysis applications. Use it for commercial building services, industrial plants, distribution systems, power factor correction. Any project where you need to know voltage, current, kw, kva or kvar on any and all parts of the circuit. Save time on load flow calculations and line to neutral , line to line and 3-phase faults.

PowerVue Circuit Analyzer 64bit

Math & Scientific Tools Shareware, On October 19, 2010 updated, downloaded 119 times.

CRM Stream 2.93MB
CRM Stream 2.1

CRM Stream on platfrom Lotus Notes Domino

CRM Stream 2.1 — budget, flexible «Customer relationship management» for small and medium business on platfrom Lotus Notes / Domino, with the ability to adapt for your requirements. CRM Stream 2.1 gives you ability to: * manage client information and their employees and relations; * assign responsible managers; * track managers activity; * store information about business offers and real deals; * keep entire clients information.

CRM Stream MAC - CRM Stream 64bit

Business Databases Demo, On October 7, 2009 updated, downloaded 84 times.

PowerStar 7.7MB
PowerStar 3.2

Electrical power design and analysis software

Highly versatile and easy to use, PowerStar 3.2 was designed for use on most electrical design and analysis applications. Use it for commercial building services, industrial plants, distribution systems, power factor correction. Any project where you need to know voltage, current, kw, kva or kvar on any and all parts of the circuit. Save time on circuit calculation of combinations of line to neutral, line to line and unbalanced 3-phase.

Math & Scientific Tools Shareware, On November 6, 2011 updated, downloaded 123 times.

doPublicity Digital Signage Software 4.8

Digital Signage Software with Templates

doPublicity Digital Signage Software 4.8 is a comprehensive and easy to use that works on any Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8) PC connected to a TV or Monitor. The built-in Templates allow users to create Content using images and descriptive text. doPublicity Digital Signage is a solution that lets users Remotely Manage all Screen, Content, Banner and Playlist setting for all their installations from a single location.

doPublicity Digital Signage Software 64bit

Planners & PPT Presentation Shareware, On March 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 138 times.

Graham Process Mapping Starter Edition 7.10.0517

Detail process maps for documenting, ...

Detail process maps for documenting, developing, improving and managing business processes. Graham process maps clearly show the interrelated flows and relationships of multiple forms, emails, reports, databases, systems and other items in a process. Used to support business process improvement methodologies, training, audits, certification requirements, preparing procedures and other tasks that demand transparency in business processes.

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On August 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Calculator++ for Mac OS X 1.1.2

Java scientific and conversion calculator.

Java arbitrary-precision, scientific and unit conversion calculator for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris.

Calculator++ for Mac OS X 64bit

Calc & Conversion Freeware, On September 17, 2009 updated, downloaded 79 times.

DBConvert for Excel & MS SQL 1.0.0

Excel to MS SQL Database Converter

DBConvert for Excel & MS SQL 1.0.0 allows you to convert Excel file to MS SQL db with an opportunity to choose particular number of records and sheets for conversion and organize unattended application work using command line or built-in scheduler. Data filtering for MS SQL tables specified as a source can be applied for conversion as well.

DBConvert for Excel & MS SQL 64bit

Business Databases Shareware, On August 22, 2009 updated, downloaded 87 times.

Fuzzy Match 1.5

evaluate cell contents; probability of match

Microsoft Excel tool that evaluates the contents of two cells and gives a probability of a match; a value between 0 and 1 is returned. Easy to use custom function works just like any other Excel formula. Works with Excel 2000 2002 2003 2007.

Fuzzy Match 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On August 15, 2011 updated, downloaded 96 times.

Jet Service Desk 1.61

High-speed HelpDesk/Service Desk system

Jet Service Desk 1.61 is a high-speed HelpDesk/Service Desk system which includes following workflows: Request Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Service-Level Management, Knowledge Management. Jet Service Desk 1.61 main module corresponds to classic Windows application which takes 4-9 MB of memory and doesn't need to install additional platforms and libraries.

Jet Service Desk 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On August 24, 2012 updated, downloaded 79 times.

Translation Office 3000 10

Translation Management System for Freelancers

Translation Office 3000 10 is the first and leading translation management system designed specifically for freelance translators and small translation agencies. TO3000 easily and seamlessly integrates into the business life of professional freelance translators. TO3000 transforms the complex and diverse world of the translation business into a manageable concept implemented in software. Used by thousands of translators in 80 countries!

Translation Office 3000 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On February 25, 2012 updated, downloaded 106 times.

AccUserList Lite 1.1

AccUserList allows you to determine who is lo

AccUserList allows you to determine who is logged in the MS Access database.

AccUserList Lite 64bit

Business Databases Freeware, On July 31, 2009 updated, downloaded 82 times.

OxySync 14.94MB
OxySync 1.1.0

OxySync - Just sync and nothing excessive

OxySync 1.1.0 is a handy solution to keep your mobile phone, smartphone and PC personal information synchronized. Application offers mobile contacts synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server. OxySync 1.1.0 is designed as a convenient and easy-to-use wizard that will guide you through the whole process of synchronization. Application has one-click synchronization feature that starts the process with previously used settings.

OxySync 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Comercial, On August 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 108 times.

real CRM for Windows 2013

Easy-to-use customer relationship management

real CRM is a user-friendly, easy-to-understand customer relationship management (CRM) software for getting your company's data centralized and organized.

real CRM for Windows 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Shareware, On November 1, 2012 updated, downloaded 107 times.

ShippingExplorer 5.0.1

ShippingExplorer - Live Vessel Tracking

ShippingExplorer 5.0.1 is a cost-effective software to track vessels with live data. It displays all vessels in range at their exact position on your favorite map. Our systems collect data from AIS receivers placed around seas, canals, and ports. The data is immediately sent to our servers which then distribute that data in real-time to our customers via the Internet.

ShippingExplorer 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Comercial, On August 13, 2009 updated, downloaded 99 times.

DoliWamp 24.84MB
DoliWamp 3.5

DoliWamp, Dolibarr ERP/CRM for Windows

DoliWamp 3.5 is the Dolibarr ERP/CRM autoinstaller for Windows users with no technical knowledge to install Dolibarr and all its prerequisites (Apache, Mysql, PHP) with just one auto-exe file. Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a software built by modules addition (you enable only features you need), to manage small or mid-sized businesses, freelancers or foundations.

DoliWamp 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Freeware, On January 26, 2014 updated, downloaded 125 times.

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