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Dental Association Fill & Print EDI 1.2

Fill out Dental (J400) forms on your PC.

Dental Association (J400) form filler software, fill out J400 forms on your PC...Adds up charges automatically...Saves and loads claims to your hard drive...Prints to pre-purchased Dental forms or plain paper...EDI to a clearinghouse...Create templates for speed of completion...A simple interface with Help boxes for ease of use...Affordable...Batch Printing to for one-click multiple printing...AutoFill for repetitive Rows 1-10...

Dental Association Fill & Print EDI 64bit

Invoice & Billing Demo, On August 10, 2009 updated, downloaded 135 times.

Forexbody Currency Converter 1.01

Advanced Currency Toolbar with real time

This is a must have software in this world, do not allow anyone to beat you in world currency exchange rates, this handy tiny program can instantly convert money at this second price among all world currencies including the major world currencies. Money conversion and calculations are at Swiss interbank price of the moment for the major world currencies like, EURO, US dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, British pound, meanwhile you will be sati

Forexbody Currency Converter 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Freeware, On April 5, 2010 updated, downloaded 228 times.

DownloadRoute good awardSimply Orders, Open Source Edition 1.6.01

MS Access Order and Invoice Database

Simply Orders: Open Source Edition - Advanced Order & Invoice Management Database for Microsoft Access. Comes with all the benefits of having your own Access database, without having to spend months starting from a blank screen. Can be fully customised and shared on a network with no additional cost per user. Links with Word, Excel and Outlook, as well as built-in facility to email invoices and reports as pdf attachments.

Business Databases Shareware, On May 18, 2012 updated, downloaded 285 times.

MindDecider 25.43MB
MindDecider 18.12.24

Decision making software

MindDecider 18.12.24 is about easy and comfortable mind mapping, decision making and project management. The program is based on multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). This allows users to generate creative ideas and easily find the best solutions. Scope of application is wide – from everyday scheduling to developing complex management strategies on a corporate level.

MindDecider 64bit

Math & Scientific Tools Shareware, On December 24, 2018 updated, downloaded 148 times.

Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay 1.1.4

Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay

Tool to track and manage your eBay auctions to place automatic bids in the last seconds on auction you choose. It supports main eBay US sites and many International sites and currencies too. It will bid anytime anywhere. You can specify your bid time.

Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On June 1, 2013 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Forexbody 31.06MB
Forexbody 2.00

Successful Strategies to double Forex account

Successful Strategies to double Forex accounts monthly or even sooner, The system in this package are based on world daily patterns in combination with a study of the Dow Jones correlation with the Forex market to provide quick BUY or Sell signals to scalp the market. The package includes MT4 trading software and installation and setup videos of the trading software, It includes hundreds of chart studies and multimedia figures that shows the aver

Forexbody 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Demo, On March 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 179 times.

TrendProphecy FX Pro 7.0

TrendProphecy FX Professional Trend Trading

It does not matter to TrendProphecy FX if it's a Bull or Bear market. No matter how the market is behaving, TrendProphecy FX gives you Long and Short signals. TrendProphecy FX makes it easy for you to trade with the short-term trend and earn an advantage throughout the trading day trading one or more Pair's. Subscribers are never in doubt, Entry Points and Alerts updates dynamically with positions color coded - Blue/Buy, Red/Sell and Warning.

TrendProphecy FX Pro 64bit

Stocks & Trading Shareware, On August 18, 2012 updated, downloaded 159 times.

Saleswin Express 1.0.5

An On-Field Sales Force Solution

Saleswin is an On-Field Sales Force Solution for presenting catalog, writing orders and sending them electronically. No more hand-written, error-filled order copies. Saleswin is simple to use and a great companion for independent Sales Representatives. Saleswin is highly configurable to any industry with up to four (4) product identifiers. Saleswin sends the orders in batch and in multiple file formats, Rich Text, XML or both.

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On June 26, 2009 updated, downloaded 99 times.

Convert Image to PDF

Image to PDF conversion converter software

Image to PDF conversion software converts photos to pdf, pictures to pdf, snapshot to pdf, etc. Image 2 PDF converter tool convert JPG to pdf, TIFF to pdf, PNG to pdf, EPS to pdf files. Tif to pdf convertor utility create GIF to pdf, WMF to pdf, BMP to pdf document. Image2PDF creator converting application program supports to PCX to pdf, PIC to PDF, PSD to pdf , JPEG to pdf, EMF to pdf, PCD to pdf, TGA to pdf, DCX to pdf, ICO to pdf creation.

Convert Image to PDF 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On March 23, 2010 updated, downloaded 94 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardDigital-Clay Solution Builder Kit 8.7.6

Digital-Clay - Custom Software without Coding

Digital-Clay is a smart application engine for rapidly building first-class enterprise solutions. Digital-Clay provides hundreds of features and tools for building any conceivable system, all using fast and user-friendly visual interfaces, and requiring no code, scripting languages or SQL. The Digital-Clay Application Engine has been used successfully to develop highly configurable systems for a wide range of industries.

Digital-Clay Solution Builder Kit 64bit

Business Databases Freeware, On June 10, 2009 updated, downloaded 115 times.

SSuite CleverNote PIM Portable 2.6.1

Portable personal information manager.

SSuite CleverNote PIM is a comprehensive application that includes an intuitive working environment for managing notes, ideas, lists and events into one place. It comes in handy for personal and business purposes alike. The tool has a portable counterpart for carrying all your notes around on a USB drive. The interface is clean and attractive, with a well-organized layout divided into multiple panels.

SSuite CleverNote PIM Portable 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Freeware, On October 19, 2017 updated, downloaded 190 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardStockMarketEye 4.3.5

Portfolio and Stock Market Tracker

StockMarketEye 4.3.5 is an easy to use portfolio tracker and stock watcher that helps you keep an eye on your investments and the markets. Track the performance of your investments with portfolios. Keep your eye on the market with watchlists. Gain perspective on market movement with dynamic stock charts including technical indicators. Get free quotes, updated automatically or on-demand from most major world exchanges.

StockMarketEye 64bit

Stocks & Trading Shareware, On November 20, 2018 updated, downloaded 0 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardKijiji Bot Pro 2.3

Auto Poster for Kijiji Ads

Kijiji Bot Pro 2.3 allows you to automate your personal and business online advertising. With a few simple clicks you can post multiple ads quickly and then manage day after day.

Kijiji Bot Pro 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On May 26, 2009 updated, downloaded 113 times.

DBConvert for SQLite and MSSQL 1.0.0

SQLite to MS SQL Database Converter

DBConvert for SQLite and MS SQL is a dependable bi-directional database converter which enables you to migrate data from SQLite to MS SQL server and from MS SQL to SQLite. DBConvert features: Unicode Support, Primary keys and Indexes conversion, Interactive multilingual (GUI) mode/command line mode, preverification of possible conversion errors, the ability to use MS SQL Dump if you don`t have a direct access to MS SQL server, etc.

DBConvert for SQLite and MSSQL 64bit

Business Databases Shareware, On May 26, 2009 updated, downloaded 98 times.

dotConnect Express for Oracle 8.5

Free ADO.NET data provider for Oracle.

dotConnect Express for Oracle 8.5 is a free of charge enhanced ORM enabled data provider for Oracle that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing Oracle-based database applications. It introduces new approaches for designing application architecture, boosts productivity, and leverages database applications.

dotConnect Express for Oracle 64bit

Business Databases Freeware, On September 3, 2015 updated, downloaded 119 times.

PowerDIFF for Oracle 1.1

Powerful schema comparison tool for Oracle

PowerDIFF for Oracle 1.1 is a powerful schema comparison tool for Oracle databases. I allows both visual comparisons and diff-and-merge operations. Output is done visually or as SQL difference script. The difference script can be applied to one of the databases to sync it to the other one. Both a structure and a data compare wizard is supplied. Prices range from 290 to 490 EUR.

PowerDIFF for Oracle 64bit

Business Databases Shareware, On May 13, 2009 updated, downloaded 111 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardTag To-Do List 1.7.1

Tag clouds to organize your To Do lists

Use a computer to manage your tasks! Plan your tasks, sort and organize them with innovative tag clouds. Tag To-Do List 1.7.1 gives you simplicity instead of clutter, making all your tasks automatically organized and conveniently displayed. The more important a task is, the larger it appears in the list. Your tasks are always just a click away. It`s that simple!

Tag To-Do List 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Shareware, On May 12, 2009 updated, downloaded 137 times.

BlueLite 5.53MB
BlueLite 1.0

Easy to use proximity marketing software

Easy to use proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongel range, all you need is BlueLive and Bluetooth dongel and a PC will help you to Attract new clients - Grab the attention of consumers who pass your premises. Perfect for: Retail outlets Restaurants Hypermarkets Trade Shows Vehicle Showrooms Train Stations Airport Lounges

BlueLite 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On May 31, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

Finance Planner is for planning your finances

Finance Planner allows you to track all your expenses and incomes. Help you control your personal or family finances. With Finance Planner you can analyze your today`s financial situation, your historical information and plan your future transactions (expenses/incomes).

Finance Planner 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On July 14, 2009 updated, downloaded 119 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAuction Accountant 3.0.0

eBay auction accounting software for sellers.

Simplify your eBay accounting! In just a few simple steps, you can download your completed eBay auction information, listing fees, Paypal fees, and Paypal payments received. Create custom sales reports, sales snapshots, print records, and customize databases. Supports multiple eBay seller accounts! Unlike many eBay accounting programs, Auction Accountant 3.0.0 does NOT require Microsoft Excel.

Auction Accountant 64bit

Money Management Shareware, On July 9, 2009 updated, downloaded 203 times.

Primus DCF 15.36MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardPrimus DCF Revolution(i)

free Bills of quantities & estimates

Primus-DCF is a free and complete software that allows Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and building contractors to easily create bills of quantities and estimates for the building industry through a very user-friendly interface. Your monitor becomes your desktop where you will be able to open Price Books, Price Lists, Estimates and Bills of Quantities

Primus DCF 64bit

Invoice & Billing Freeware, On April 17, 2009 updated, downloaded 151 times.

Bulk Mailing Software 1.2

BEST Bulk Mailing Software Free Download

Bulk Mailing Software 1.2 is designed for e-mail marketing campaigns. this Bulk Mailing Software 1.2 offers a complete solution for HTML-based email advertising. It is an easy-to-use, powerful and cost-effective email marketing tool for Internet business professionals. Being a bulk mailer, this Bulk Mailing Software 1.2 helps marketers increase revenues and offers better customer service options.

Bulk Mailing Software 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On June 13, 2009 updated, downloaded 103 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardXMind Pro 3 for Windows 3.1.0

The Best Mind Mapping/Brainstorming Software.

XMind, with a clean and kind interface, is a social Mind Mapping/Brainstorming/Presenta tion software. It enables users to work efficiently, carry out various ideas and manager information easily, and share with friends, colleague, family... convenient. Depending powerful features, XMind will enable your meeting live and breathing,help you capture the bursts of inspiration that emerge during grouping meeting,and convey complex ideas simply. Brainstorm your mind now!

Planners & PPT Presentation Shareware, On December 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 169 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardChartNexus for Stock Markets 3.1.1

Charting software with free 3-year EOD data

Behind every successful trader or investor is a stock market charting software. We are lowering your operating cost as a trader and investor by offering you ChartNexus Charting (Stock Market Analysis) Software for FREE! Comes with list of indicators, and 3-years EOD market data (updated daily). e.g AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, BSE, NSE, HKSE, HOSE, JSX, KLSE, SGX, SET, SSE, SZSE, TWSE, TWOTC, World Indices, etc

ChartNexus for Stock Markets MAC - ChartNexus for Stock Markets 64bit

Business Databases Freeware, On July 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 117 times.

WordTempl 2.25MB
WordTempl 2.0.2

WordTempl - work with your documents easy

WordTempl 2.0.2 is a user-friendly software that increases the productivity of work with day-to-day documents, such as essential business contracts, legal forms, letters, proposals, press releases etc. WordTempl 2.0.2 makes it easy to create new forms, modify existing ones, and fill forms with the appropriate information. By automating your business forms processing, productivity increases and errors become less and less frequent.

WordTempl 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On February 11, 2012 updated, downloaded 84 times.

HCFA-1500 EDI Clearinghouse 1.4

Fill out HCFA1500 forms and send paperlessly.

HCFA-1500 (CMS 1500) EDI Clearinghouse Software, allows you to fiill out claims to print or submit electronically...Simple interface with built-in tutorial...Create templates...Print onto pre-purchased forms or on plain, blank paper...Enhanced Importation/Exportation allows importation from MS Excel and MS Access, as well as exportation to MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, XML, and MS Word...Ideal for Professional Health Care Claims and Medicare Claims

HCFA-1500 EDI Clearinghouse 64bit

Invoice & Billing Shareware, On December 8, 2009 updated, downloaded 105 times.

Query Manager for Excel 1.2

Manage your database queries

Query Manager is a powerful reporting solution for corporate and small business users of Microsoft Excel. The task of extracting subsets of data, summarizing data, comparing lists, or analyzing data is simplified with the Query Manager software. This Microsoft Excel add-in saves you time with its easy to use wizard and powerful filtering and summary tools. Query manager provides support for Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, and Access databases.

Query Manager for Excel 64bit

Business Databases Shareware, On June 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 106 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEnhilex Address Book Software 3.23

A great address book software and cardfile

A great address book software, cardfile, PIM, Rolodex and contact manager. The award winning Enhilex Address Book Software 3.23 provides a very efficient way to store your personal information, contacts, or any other type of info in a lightweight, fast and easy to search database. Fast and Lightweight - unlike other "bloated" applications. Become more organized and more effective in the way you work and stay in touch.

Enhilex Address Book Software 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Shareware, On March 20, 2009 updated, downloaded 135 times.

Moyea Free PPT to PDF Converter

Free PowerPoint/Word/Excel to PDF Converter

Moyea Free PPT to PDF Converter is a free, smart and integrated PDF creation program that converts Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel & PowerPoint to PDF files in one mouse click. With an intuitive interface and powerful settings, the PPT to PDF converter offers an easy access for both novice users and professionals to produce PDF files from Windows documents, and thus makes it flexible to save, print and email their contents.

Moyea Free PPT to PDF Converter 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Freeware, On July 7, 2015 updated, downloaded 445 times.

TrendProphecy 2.0

TrendProphecy Ultimate Trend Trading

TrendProphecy 2.0 Ultimate- trading method developed especially for the professional Day trader differs from other systems, in that it computes a confirmed entry signal using our proprietary algorithms - and then eventually during the Trend a warning (Alert) is shown if/when the Trend becomes unstable, which is not the same as a change of the Trend.

TrendProphecy 64bit

Stocks & Trading Shareware, On February 14, 2011 updated, downloaded 123 times.

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