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DownloadRoute excellent awardBarcode Generator 1.2

Offline barcode generator.

With this tool you can generate barcode offline without connecting to the internet. This is good for you where the internet connection is limited. So download this tool now for your business. You can attach barcode into your product. You can download this product for free. You can generate online via internet at our site.

Barcode Programs Freeware, On March 7, 2009 updated, downloaded 141 times.

BTDClock 0.84MB
BTDClock 1.1

Big digital clock with alarm

Digital clock with alarm and big text display, easily viewable from a distance. You can set the display font type, style and size, set the text color and window color, play mp3 file, hourly and quarterly chimes with your own wav file or use defaults.

BTDClock 64bit

Time Tracking Shareware, On July 14, 2010 updated, downloaded 135 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSharePoint AD Information Sync 3.0.1220.0

Ensure data consistency and efficiency

Ensure data consistency and increase efficiency AD information Sync enables you to import user profiles from Active Directory to any SharePoint list, including User Information List. Supports Users, Contacts and Computers. Compared with the complex settings found in SharePoint Direct Active Directory Import, it is easy to import Active Directory information to SharePoint list with AD Information Sync.

SharePoint AD Information Sync 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On January 20, 2014 updated, downloaded 158 times.

ExcelSuite 3.54MB
ExcelSuite 5.0

A software to process Excel workbooks.

An application that can process data across numerous Excel workbooks. 1.Add up the same cell across worksheets 2.Collect worksheets from multiple workbooks 3.Collect rows from multiple workbooks 4.SUM based on categories 5.Merge 2 worksheets by matching values 6.Get common rows between two worksheets 7.Remove row if common value in another worksheet 8.Check worksheets of the same format

ExcelSuite 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On July 27, 2011 updated, downloaded 57 times.

MS Visio Find and Replace In Multiple Files Software 7.0

Replace text in one or many MS Visio files.

Replace text in one or many MS Visio files. There is an option to find and replace multiple sets of words. Visio 2000 or higher required.

MS Visio Find and Replace In Multiple Files Software 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On October 7, 2008 updated, downloaded 74 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardRationalPlan Multi Project for Mac 5.0.7699

RationalPlan Multi Project software

RationalPlan Multi Project By Stand By Soft is a great alternative to Microsoft Project with some extra-features like multiproject management. The application is covering project management area from WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to critical path management, overallocated resources detection, progress tracking, cost estimation, etc. Gantt chart support as well as various time line reports are also provided.

RationalPlan Multi Project for Mac MAC

Planners & PPT Presentation Shareware, On November 8, 2018 updated, downloaded 202 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

Unlock iPhone for ALL iphone ver.

Jailbreak iPhone 3G, Unlock iPhone software for ALL iphone versions including 3G, 2.0, 2.0.1,2.0.2. Welcome! You have found the internet's #1 iPhone Unlock software! Within minutes you will be able to unlock any iPhone. Whether you iPhone has version 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, or iPhone 3G - we have the software to unlock it all! unlock 3g iphone unlock 2.0 iphone, unlock 3g 2.0 2.0.1 2.0.2 2.0.3 Unlock iPhone

Unlock iPhone 3G 4.0 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Shareware, On April 28, 2010 updated, downloaded 159 times.

Forex Pivot Points 1.0

A free offline forex pivot points calculator.

Forex pivot point is a level in which the sentiment of traders and investors changes from bull to bear or vice versa. They work simply because many individual forex traders and investors use and trust them, as well as bank and institutional traders. Forex Pivot Points 1.0 calculator is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista. Net Framework v2 is required to run the program. Free to download, use and distribute, no registration is needed.

Forex Pivot Points 64bit

Stocks & Trading Freeware, On August 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 132 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPanoplia Preprocessor 3.50

Model building`s framework and export.

Panoplia Preprocessor 3.50 offers all the appropriate tools for the exact description of the building`s frame in a rapid and intuitive environment, produces simultaneous 2D and 3D views and integrates the means to visualize in detail the resulting building`s frame. The resulting space frame of the building may be easily exported to a number of formats, compatible with the most widely used static and dynamic analysis applications.

Math & Scientific Tools Shareware, On August 5, 2008 updated, downloaded 139 times.

All Aboard 8.88MB
All Aboard 1.80

All inclusive desktop PIM application

All inclusive PIM application - calendar, calculator, appointments, reminders, sticky notes, diaries. Link to pictures, documents web sites and applications. 8 drawers organize the calendar and contacts plus 6 user defined drawers. Unlimited sub categories for each drawer. Internal Email client (send only) Create unlimited log entries for any data record. Complete colors, fonts, and customization supported. Trial version limited to75 records.

All Aboard 64bit

Calendars & Personal Managers Shareware, On January 15, 2010 updated, downloaded 253 times.

Modern Calculator 2.0

Advanced calculator for Windows.

Modern Calculator 2.0 is a powerful instrument for making various types of calculations. The program can be used as a standard calculator for making a simple and scientific calculations. All calculations are automatically saved to a file and displayed in the log window. The program also has a completely customizable skin-supported interface and includes some useful instruments for making a specific types of calculations.

Calc & Conversion Shareware, On September 8, 2011 updated, downloaded 244 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAmphis Customer 3.0

Customer Database + Invoice/Quote + Email

Amphis - Customer is a customer database that makes it easy to generate quotes and invoices, keep track of who owes you money, send reminders, store correspondence and sales history. You can display sales per sales person. You can store supplier invoices and payments. Email templates allow you to send standard emails and standard replies Reminders help you to get organized eg customers we need to phone, invoices that are due or overdue

Amphis Customer 64bit

Taxes Shareware, On May 18, 2012 updated, downloaded 143 times.

RMRCar for Windows Mobile V3.4

RMRCar tracks usage of Company cars.

RMRCar is a program that allows you to keep track of your usage of a Company vehicle. Individual journeys, categorised as Business or Private, and any associated fuel purchases, are recorded and then at appropriate intervals reports can be printed or exported for claiming the expenses.

Money Management Shareware, On February 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 85 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardFormatNumbers 7.2.9

Formats phone and fax numbers in Outlook.

With just a few mouse clicks FormatNumbers 7.2.9 puts the phone numbers from your Microsoft Outlook contacts into a uniform format (e. g. "+1 (123) 456-7890"). With this tool synchronization problems with mobile devices are a thing of the past. Further product features: Enforce format by exfiltrating characters; Exclude fax numbers from the edition; Hide fax numbers from the address book; Divide phone numbers into blocks; etc.

FormatNumbers 64bit

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Comercial, On December 16, 2011 updated, downloaded 229 times.


ClubVictory internet cafe management software

clubvictory internet cafe management software

clubvictory 64bit

Business Databases Freeware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 72 times.

ASPPortal 0.59MB

Free ASP Portal application

Free ASP Portal application with support for MySQL and MSSQL

Other Marketing Progs Freeware, On February 7, 2007 updated, downloaded 79 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

Provides GPSS language.

This package provides GPSS (Generalized System Simulation) graphical language which can be used to construct event-driven systems. It provides following elements: Generate, Advance, Enter, Seize, Leave, Release, Goto, If, WaitIf, Priority, Transaction, Priority, Let, Print

Math & Scientific Tools Shareware, On January 12, 2008 updated, downloaded 115 times.

Advanced PC-Cash Register software

PC Cash Register that has some unique features including: - smart database design providing ingredient of relation - completely changeable POS printed bill layout - quick entry of most often used articles in a graphic multi layer grid - complete set of useful reports all of which are adapted for printing on POS printer (no need for another printer) - automatically calculates buying price for all articles (including combined articles)

Barcode Programs Shareware, On November 25, 2006 updated, downloaded 170 times.

Knowledge Management System Knowledge management software that integrates multiple knowledge management functions on a single platform. It is a core business application that complements other office applications. Two distinguishing factors set it apart from its competitors: (1) A level of integration and a set of features that replaces the need for multiple collaborative applications, and (2) A low total cost of ownership.

Office Docs & Spreadsheets Comercial, On December 1, 2006 updated, downloaded 104 times.

SmartChart 1.41MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardSmartChart 1.6

Plot MS and ASCII data to a chart

Managing your stock trading activity with “Smart Chart” is a cinch. The program can read practically any ASCII file or MetaStock file and plot the data. The package includes: Over 30 of the most popular technical indicators into the charting software so you have access to the likes of Bollinger Bands, Moving Average Envelopes, MACD, Moving Averages, R.S.I, A.T.R, Standard Deviation, Typical Price Volume, Money Flow Index

SmartChart 64bit

Money Management Shareware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 119 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSportsQ Booking Manager 2.2.3

SportsQ Booking Manager

With Booking Manager you could manage your center facility reservation efficiently. It`s equally suited to public situations such as Clubs, Sports Center, Universities, or Libraries where facilities needs to be reserved in advanced. Quick and easy to implement Saves receptionist or administrators time Multiple counters with synchronizations Remote staff, users, or members can easily make bookings Designed to integrate with your

Other Marketing Progs Demo, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 82 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardLohnabrechnung Lohn 2017 6.71

Salary,payroll,accounting with database

Salary,payroll ,accounting with database and export salary reports for Switzerland - Lohnabrechnung Lohn 2017 6.71 / E-Lohnausweis SSK

Lohnabrechnung Lohn 2017 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On June 17, 2017 updated, downloaded 84 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardFree .NET Barcode Forms Control DLL 6.03

Free .NET Barcode Forms Control DLL.

The Freeware .NET Forms Control and DLL is really free - not a demo. Creates bar codes in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Includes Visual Basic .NET example and a manual with code for VB and C# for printing or saving images to a file. Supports Code 39 and Extended Code 39.

Barcode Programs Freeware, On January 25, 2008 updated, downloaded 160 times.

Feedback and Rating Script 1.0

Accept Feedback and Rating from your users.

Now the visitors to your site can rate and submit their feedback to ANY content on your website and in the process increase interaction from your visitors, acquire genuine contents for your website, increase search engine reputation and give your visitors a means to express themselves. Features : Easy integration with any existing website/script, Completely customizable feedback and rating forms,Template based feedback display options and more.

Other Marketing Progs Comercial, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 124 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardFarrington7B Font Package 4.1

Farrington 7B Font

Barcodesoft Farrington 7B font is designed in compliance with ISO/IEC 7811 standard. It is widely used on id cards and credit cards. Farrington7B font consists of numeral characters 0 to 9.In order to make up for the inaccuracies of printing devices, there are 3 fonts included in the package. They vary slightly in aspect ratio.Barcodesoft Farrington 7B font Packages include a 30-day money back guarantee.

Farrington7B Font Package MAC - Farrington7B Font Package 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On April 30, 2013 updated, downloaded 165 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardFree TrueType Barcode Font 6.2

Code 39 TrueType Barcode Font that is free.

The easy to install and use Free Code 39 TrueType Barcode Font allows you to print bar codes with the Code 3 of 9 symbology. The installation includes examples for use in Microsoft Access, Excel and Word. This new version includes technology embedded in the font to print extremely accurate ANSI grade A barcodes.

Free TrueType Barcode Font MAC - Free TrueType Barcode Font OS2

Barcode Programs Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 181 times.

XPArchitect 3.0.0

XPArchitect is a CASE tool

XPArchitect 3.0.0 is a CASE tool for agile modeling and extreme programming. Help you generate UML diagrams quickly and easily. Can create usecase diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams, state charts, and component diagrams, deployment diagrams..

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 63 times.

Widdly 0.29MB
Widdly 2.0.5

Widdly - a tool for financial charting

Widdly 2.0.5 is a tool for technical analysis charting and financial analysis of stocks, indicies, macroeconomical data, currencies, funds and more. Widdly 2.0.5 makes downloading and importing data from any given data source an easier task than ever.Widdly 2.0.5 is the first free financial analysis tool with a focus on sharing and collaboration between users.

Widdly 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 88 times.

Visio Electronics 2.8

Visio Electronics Stencils Templates

Visio Electronics 2.8 Stencils and templates. These stencils contain just about all the shapes you might require for drawing electronic diagrams in Visio. 400 different shapes in 27 stencils. All the shapes have connection points at suitable locations. Use the standard Visio connector tool connector tool to join the shapes.

Visio Electronics 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Shareware, On August 6, 2008 updated, downloaded 179 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardTimeTrex Time and Attendance 5.3.3-1028

Time and Attendance

Web-based Time And Attendance suite which offers Employee Time and Attendance (timeclock, timesheet) and Payroll all in single tightly integrated package.

TimeTrex Time and Attendance MAC - TimeTrex Time and Attendance 64bit

Other Marketing Progs Freeware, On July 8, 2013 updated, downloaded 214 times.

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