Butterflies3D distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Before using the software make sure you/youse read and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement. IF YOU/YOUSE DISAGREE WITH THE LICENSE AGREEMENT DO NOT USE THE PROGRAM. Whereas we/us guys thunk, jotted, wrote or borrowed from the public domain, or otherwise created/generated/birthed/hallucinated Butterflies3D as our/ours screensaver as a means of paying for beach frolicking, hooch guzzling and all the other fine things in life, and whereas you/youse guys are using Butterflies3D for whatever reason you alone or with others shall determine as being sufficient, and whereas since we live in a capitalistic state and since you know it`s a crime to duplicate this stuff, but/and even if you didn`t know it you do now, and whereas even though there may be more than one of you/youse, and whereas even though you have yet to pay good hard earned clams for Butterflies3D, each man/woman/thingy/person should know that if you like the product you can use your cards of plastic, and/or gold bars to purchase a full version of Butterflies3D for almost orgasmic enjoyment (for we/wheez anyway).

The original installation archive may be distributed freely, but unaltered in any way.

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