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Mondrian Style Cubes Screen Saver 1.02A

A FREE screen saver loosely inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian. Your screen is painted with colorful cubes.

Magical Mouse-over Button Generator 4.00A

Automatically creates PNG, JPG and GIF image files for captioned buttons; along with sample HTML; and optional javascript code to pop up different images as your mouse passes over or clicks each button. All without ever using a paint program.

PokerSol - Poker Solitaire 8.00A

Win by building the best 10 poker hands in a 5 by 5 grid. PokerSol scoring is based on the relative ranking of hands in the game of Poker with points ranging from 2 for one pair to 100 for a Royal Flush. One hundred and fifty points is a win.

CribSol - Cribbage Solitaire 8.00A

Play by building four cribbage hands one row at a time until four hands of four cards have been built. Then the crib hand and the "cut" card are shown and the score is tallied. You win the CribSol by breaking 180 points over 5 rounds.

UUMerge Freeware Edition 1.02

uuMerge Freeware Edition is a command line utility that can be used either to combine multiple text files into a single text file with a separator line between the contents of each file; or alternatively extract those file later.

Easy Print Calendar 4.00A

The Easy Print Calendar does two things -- Print a variety of calendars and planners for those of us who like to work with paper; and provide simple month-at-a-glance calendar on your desktop. Features day-of-year, date spreads, and more.

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