CoSyDat FTP-Manager zur Domainverwaltung distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

The software is provided AS IS and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied and
without any promises about the usability and reliability. The use of the software is totally on the own risk
of the user and no warranty will be taken over from the supplier.

The software to be installed has full operativeness for common use and will be available as FREEWARE
for timely unrestricted evaluation. Use the program according to your needs. If the program yields benefits,
it should register for this benefit.After evaluation of the program a registration must be performed to gain
the full performance of the program.

Die originale Datei "ftplmanagerg.exe" kann an andere Personen oder Organisationen als Shareware weitergegeben werden oder über CD-Verlage vertrieben werden. Auf die im Internet bereitgestellten Informationen kann ohne Rücksprache zurückgegriffen werden.
Original File "ftplmanagerg.exe" can freely be distributed in its original state as Shareware to any other source.

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