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ColorBetter is a tool for color correction and color improvement of digital images from any sources (Digital Camera, Scanner, Internet...). The designing goal of this tool is to giving the color what you just want.

It can give you a lot of magic powers on your favorite pictures as following:

1. Color Correction
1) Color Balance
Wrong color can come from many sources, such as: uncorrected light source, strong background color, uncorrected setting of Digital Camera(white balance) and so on. ColorBetter can correct any kinds of wrong color to your favorite color only by one "Click"!
2) Wratten Filter Simulation
If you are a photographer, you may familiar with wratten color-temperature correction filters. ColorBetter can give you the same result without a real filter, also what you need to do is just one "Click"!

2. Color Improvement
1) Automatic color enhancement
ColorBetter can analyse the data of your picture and automatically adjust the value of all color channels to a favorate scope, also what you need to do is just one "Click"!
2) Shadow/Highligh adjustment
ColorBetter can open Shawdow/Hightlight details for you, this time what you need to do is move some sliders.
3) Color Effects
ColorBetter embedded 10 kinds of color effects, such as WhiteBlack, Sepia, Crystal, Love. Also what you need to do is just one "Click"!

3. One useful bonus - RedEye remover!
"RedEye" is a common defect of many digital photos. ColorBetter can remove the annoyed "RedEye", also what you need to do is just one "Click"!

The technology of “Color Management” behind the “Click” ensures you get the right thing!

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