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IMMonitor Facebook Spy 1.2

Capture Facebook chat conversations on LAN

IMMonitor Facbook Spy allow you to monitor, block or record Facebook chat conversations remotely, and you can save all captured messages to HTML files for later processing. If your kids (or spouse!) are spending too much time chatting via Facbook, or you suspect they're engaged in dangerous conversations, IMMonitor Facbook Spy is a very simple way to find out and stop it.

IMMonitor Facebook Spy 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On August 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 78 times.

Chat Translator for Skype

Skype Translator for Windows, Windows 8/7/XP

DYC Software Chat Translator for Skype is an easy-to-use chat translation software that could convert your chat to more than 80 languages. It can instantly translates conversations in different languages, translates and sends messages in any foreign language and translates replies from one language into your own language.

Chat Translator for Skype 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On October 31, 2014 updated, downloaded 115 times.

Chatroulette Clone 6.0

ChatRoulette Clone Script + Source Code

Our daily improved, 100% uncompiled source code is based on a massive support from our programmers, paid contributors and voluntary supporters. Why Choose us When Setting Up Your Own Video-Chat Site? Our goal is to provide the best possible solution to web developers who are setting up video-chat sites by improving our code daily and by adding new functionality and hot features.

Chatroulette Clone MAC - Chatroulette Clone 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On May 27, 2012 updated, downloaded 107 times.

Camersoft MSN Video Recorder 3.3.06

Record MSN webcam video call as AVI.

Camersoft MSN Video Recorder 3.3.06 is a professional Windows Live Messenger recorder software which could help you to record MSN webcam during conversation and save as AVI files. This MSN Recorder use new technique to capture the original video data of MSN video call. And with the simple and friendly user interface, the MSN webcam recorder is very easy to use, only a few clicks are needed to complete your MSN recording.

Camersoft MSN Video Recorder 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On January 28, 2015 updated, downloaded 309 times.

SSuite IM Video Chat 2.8.1

Instant LAN IM chatting with video.

Instant LAN IM chatting with multiple video capabilities.This IM Video Chat application is an ideal replacement for internet messengers in companies, home networks, student campuses, that creates private and secure messaging, and improve communications. Key features of "SSuite Office - IM Video Chat": - Instant Setup and Run No IP Configuration - Server-Less - Instant Text Messaging and Video Chat - Nice Look and Feel

SSuite IM Video Chat 64bit

Messengers & Chat Freeware, On March 27, 2017 updated, downloaded 377 times.

ZoneVideo Chat Client 6.60

multiple video chat and instant messenger

Zonevideo chat sytem is an integration chat system with instant messenger and video chat which allows you to easily see, hear, and chat with people all over the world through internet. With it, you can build your own instant messenger and video chat server to be a virtual taproom with wonderful show on internet.

ZoneVideo Chat Client 64bit

Messengers & Chat Freeware, On May 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 73 times.

SharedMinds Desktop 1.1.0

The Ultimate Twitter Client for Windows

SharedMinds Desktop 1.1.0 is an easy to use Twitter Client with unique features like flexible views, sorting and filtering, twitter search, conversations, twitter lists, multiple accounts, multi-select, easy retweeting, URL shortening, image sharing, a single inbox, themes and it has a small memory footprint.

SharedMinds Desktop 64bit

Messengers & Chat Freeware, On November 1, 2013 updated, downloaded 72 times.

Free Online AV Audio Video Chat 1.0

free online video chat, audio chat, video

The online AV Chat is a free online audio, video chat service that allows people talk face-to-face with friends and loved ones using webcam or microphone within their web browsers. By using it, webmasters, bloggers or anyone creating a web site are able to embed the audio, video chat features into their web pages. AV Chat use Peer-to-Peer technology that allows two users to conduct audio/video chat via a direct P2P connection with each other

Messengers & Chat Freeware, On May 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 90 times.

Digitalwave telephone recording system PRO 9.3.2

record all telephone calls through sound card

Digitalwave records incoming and outgoing telephone calls through sound card,an adapter is used to connect each line to sound detects Caller ID and DTMF keys using the same sound can do Max. of 32 lines recording with multiple sound card and multiple channel supporting.the software also supports perfect hidding mode.

Digitalwave telephone recording system PRO 64bit

Other Comms Programs Shareware, On May 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 89 times.

Webcam Surveillance Standard 2.2

Simply build up your home security camera.

Webcam Surveillance Standard 2.2 is advanced video surveillance software. Users can effortlessly monitor home, office, cradle, parking area, storehouse, UFO or any other premises 24-hours a day. Timestamped image recording let users capture details of events precisely when they happen. Simply connect a USB or FireWire Camera to your computer, run this program, and then you will have an inexpensive and effective video surveillance system.

Webcam Surveillance Standard 64bit

Video Conferencing Shareware, On May 13, 2010 updated, downloaded 94 times.

123 Flash Chat phpBB Chat Module 7.6

Embed a real-time free chat room with phpBB!

With the chat module for phpBB, you will be assisted in embedding a real-time chat room with the phpBB database of your website integrated. The connection number, logon user number, chat room number, chatter name list will be displayed in phpBB. Users don`t have to re-enter their username or password again to access chat while logged in phpBB.123 Flash Chat for phpBB can run on different browsers in many different platforms.

123 Flash Chat phpBB Chat Module MAC - 123 Flash Chat phpBB Chat Module 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On March 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 135 times.

Fast and easy appointment reminder service

Maviq Reminders 1.0 is a fast and easy appointment reminder and patient recall service for healthcare providers. Maviq Reminders 1.0 reduces no-shows, captures lost revenues and saves staffing and phone costs of making confirmation calls. Maviq`s solution works over the web - there is no software installation and minimal training. Maviq also integrates with a wide variety of practice management and electronic health record systems.

Other Comms Programs Shareware, On January 10, 2010 updated, downloaded 92 times.

Chirp 2.88MB
Chirp 1.2

Chirp - Phone2phone calls via Betamax

Chirp 1.2 is a Windows Mobile application designed to make very cheap international calls via wide variety of Betamax providers. Application uses device Internet connection to send control commands to Betamax servers which connect any two landline or mobile phones all over the world. Supports 26 Betamax providers. Selects optimal available provider depending on source and destination tariffs. Free calls to popular destinations like USA, Canada, etc.

Other Comms Programs Shareware, On November 24, 2011 updated, downloaded 112 times.

JustChat 3.32MB
JustChat 2.3

JustChat lets you chat on MSN safely.

JustChat 2.3 is an MSN chatting software which can help you to chat safe and secure everywhere. The JustChat 2.3 window can pretend to be word, excel or any customize application layout. When you are using JustChat 2.3 to chat with friends, your boss will think you are typing report, and you do not need to worry about boss finding out you are not working.

JustChat 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On December 13, 2009 updated, downloaded 73 times.

Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0

Add 123 Web Messenger into Joomla website.

With the free Joomla IM module, you could add a free 123 Web Messenger into your Joomla website in minutes. Benefits of this module:`Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar` allows users to chat with each other from 123 Web Messenger’s interface in the web page;Seamless integration and auto-login;FREE integration support from 123 Web Messenger for both license buyer and hosting service buyer.

Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On December 8, 2009 updated, downloaded 92 times.

Netviewer Meet Free Version 6.1.2

Professional web and video conferencing tool

Netviewer Meet is a professional web and video conferencing solution trusted by 16.000+ companies in 68 countries - now freely available for personal use. Netviewers highlights are high quality desktop sharing, VoIP and audio conferencing, chat, live video and advanced collaboration tools like whiteboard, file transfer and polling functionality.

Netviewer Meet Free Version 64bit

Voice over Internet Protocol Freeware, On November 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 112 times.

Stranger Chat 1.0

Chat with a stranger. Like Omegle.

Anonymous Chat one-on-one with a complete stranger. Similar to Omegle. Talk to a Guy or a Girl. No login or account required. Stranger Chat 1.0 lets you chat anonymously with others on the Internet. Chat with guys, gals, men, women, boys and girls.

Messengers & Chat Freeware, On September 22, 2009 updated, downloaded 108 times.

MultiMi Social Networking Software

Free all-in-one social networking software

MultiMi collects all your social networks and email accounts in one easy to use program so that you can connect with friends and family, surf the web, and share pics, vids and files simply by dragging and dropping. Just install MultiMi for free, connect to your accounts and networks, and you're good to go. Leave multiple logins and switching between browser tabs behind. With MultiMi, you can manage your online life seamlessly.

MultiMi Social Networking Software 64bit

Other Comms Programs Freeware, On July 20, 2012 updated, downloaded 88 times.


Customizable AS3 Flash Chat with Source Code

A fully customizable and feature rich AS3 chat. Runs on any web server and installs simply by uploading to FTP, no MySQL needed.


Messengers & Chat Comercial, On July 26, 2009 updated, downloaded 95 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMy Fax Online 2013.2.43

Send and receive faxes using email or Web

Internet fax service from MyFax lets you send and receive faxes through your email or by Web. My Fax Online 2013.2.43 provides exceptional value, a great low monthly price and support. With no hidden fees, your customers will be impressed with this faxing solution! My Fax Online 2013.2.43 allows you to send and receive faxes using email, the web or a handheld device. There is NO setup fee, NO hardware, FREE toll-free number upon sign up!

My Fax Online MAC - My Fax Online 64bit

FaxMail Tools Shareware, On May 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 164 times.

Tweet Twiddler

Schedule Tweets In Twitter

Schedule Tweets In Twitter With This Easy To Use Yet Powerful And Reliable Tweet Manager And Tweet Scheduler. Market Your Business Or Product Using Blog Posts And Website Feeds.

Tweet Twiddler 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On May 31, 2013 updated, downloaded 122 times.


Show videos as virtual webcam in video chat.

Video2Webcam enables you to show videos as virtual webcam during video chat whether you own a real webcam or not. You could either share your home-made video clips with your friends while chatting on line or make fun of them by pretending to be somebody else. With it, you can play a variety of videos on messengers and switch between real and virtual webcams freely. It works on all webcam programs and supports all kinds of media file formats.

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On November 8, 2017 updated, downloaded 614 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSoftick jApploader SE 1.0

Uploads applications to Samsung phones

Softick jApploader SE 1.0 allow you to upload Java applications and games (J2ME) to your Samsung phone using USB data cable. If you have great collection of Java applications on your personal computer you probably already have looked for a way to transfer them to the phone without using sometimes expensive WAP services. Softick jApploader SE 1.0 is a tool which automates this task making it easier as never before.

Other Comms Programs Shareware, On June 13, 2009 updated, downloaded 124 times.

Email To SMS Gateway v3

Send SMS from Email: 0044xxxxx@SMSSTUREN.COM

Set up your own Email To SMS Gateway v3, set up a catch-all email account, i.e. *, then insall this service on your windows server. It wil poll this pop3 account, and convert any emails to SMS messages, i.e. 0044[number]

Other Comms Programs Freeware, On June 9, 2009 updated, downloaded 108 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMSN Slide Max

Make slideshows as messenger display pictures

MSN Slide Max enables you to make fantastic slideshows as your display pictures of MSN Messenger. It supports all versions of MSN messengers including version 2009. You can search and download display pictures online and change personal messages with pictures automatically. It also automatically resizes and edits your display pictures and change pictures when your status changes. You can even make animation slideshows as display pictures with it.

MSN Slide Max 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On February 19, 2013 updated, downloaded 148 times.

123 Flash Chat Software (Linux) 10.0

The leading chat server software since 2003.

The leading chat server software for dating and social networks. It can be added to almost all websites: Joomla, phpBB, vBulletin, Skadate, etc. and enable single sign-on. Newly releases a HTML5 client to work across mobile and PC, with a new UI especially designed for mobile. It has literally every feature you will need in a chat, and it works well cross-platform. Meanwhile, the level of the administrative options makes it easy for admins.

123 Flash Chat Software (Linux) MAC

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On December 5, 2013 updated, downloaded 178 times.

123 Web Messenger Software 2.6

Build a unique IM network for your website.

123WebMessenger is a web-based instant messaging software for your website, with users single-on, an optimized facebook-like chat bar and a friend list for one to one chat, full-featured and customizable. It also has a powerful admin panel so that admin may change logo, change skin, control buttons, etc.. Text/banner ads may be embedded to IM. The new version loading speed is 50-75% faster than before!

123 Web Messenger Software 64bit

Messengers & Chat Shareware, On November 16, 2012 updated, downloaded 135 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardOfficeSIP Messenger 2.2.5

Free softphone, instant messenger for Windows

OfficeSIP Messenger 2.2.5 provides enterprises with advanced instant communications for free. Compatible with Office Communications Server and Office Communicator, OfficeSIP Messenger 2.2.5 delivers reliable performance combined with trouble-free deployment and management. Supporting text, voice and video chats, the free softphone implements ICE, STUN, and TURN protocols to easily traverse NAT, and supports TLS for ultimate communication security.

OfficeSIP Messenger 64bit

Other Comms Programs Freeware, On December 29, 2012 updated, downloaded 135 times.

DownloadRoute good awardSkype Messages Sender, SMS PRO 4.1

Skype Messages Sender

The most powerful message sender - Skype Messages Sender. We just build this highly marketing tool for webmasters, marketing companies and even you want to chat with the online Skype users worldwide. Webmasters can send your site's link and messages with a few clicks to millions online global Skype users. Let's improve site traffic flow now!

Skype Messages Sender, SMS PRO 64bit

Messengers & Chat Comercial, On March 13, 2010 updated, downloaded 115 times.

Mizu SIP SoftPhone Free 2.6.0

MizuPhone -free VoIP softphone for Windows

MizuPhone lets you make VoIP/SIP calls to users anywhere in the world using any VoIP service provider, SIP server or your own PBX. Features include superior voice quality using industry standard codec such as G.723.1 or G.729 and wideband/ultra-wideband codec, zero-touch configuration, IM, presence, a comprehensive personal address book, call forward, transfer, conference, multiple lines and many more.

Mizu SIP SoftPhone Free 64bit

Voice over Internet Protocol Freeware, On January 21, 2014 updated, downloaded 160 times.

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