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Crazy Stix 1.1

It will be possible to create 55 different figures with the 5 sticks connected together, turned or mirrored figures excluded. The aim of the game is, to re-lay these 55 figures in short time by moving sticks.

Crazy Strada 2.3

Do your job as highway engineer and put the road pieces together. Try to build a complete road network. 100 leves pure craziness.

Crazy Jumpin Jack 1.6

Help Jack, to jump from platform to platform to eliminate them. But take care that he won`t fall.

Crazy Tangram 2.9

Even the people in ancient China like it, so you will like it too. Always seven pieces give a Tangram.

Crazy Oktagram 2.6

8 total identical grey triangles are in opposite to 222 black shapes. Do you succeed to bring this under one hat.

Crazy Pegs 1.2

Let the pegs jump and empty the board having one motto: "There can only be one." But be on your guard! The offside and the yellow card may appear quickly.

Kyra Quest 1.3

Prospect for KYRA-ore on strange planets. Protect it against the inexorable defender robot.

Crazy Towers 1.2

Build a tower faster as your opponent. Take bricks but don`t take bombs.

Crazy Pentomino 1.3

You need the T-piece? Oh no, it`s already in use! 12 different pieces, countless solutions, a never ending challenge to your brain.

Crazy Gomoku 2.3

As a pupil you played this game with your friends. Old but still popular: 5 in a row. Human brain against pure silicon.

Crazy Fits 1.4

Does it fit or doesn`t it, that is the question. Only if you combine fast, you will reach the highest levels.

Crazy Pattern 2.4

In the beginning it looks a little bit boring. But it becomes a colored inferno fast. To find the patterns you need a sharp eye and quick reaction.

Crazy Boxes 1.8

Push all the yellow boxes on their designated places. But don’t block yourself your way. Put the red boxes beside or use them to dry the water holes. Don’t let disturb you by the turnstiles. 163 tricky exercises are waiting for you.

Crazy Emperor 1.5

If you like Solitaire, you will like Crazy Emperor too. Because the entire deck is dealed on the table, you can plan carefully beforehand.

Crazy 4 2.1

Card game for one person, mixture of patience and poker. The aim of the game is to fit together four cards, called the Crazy 4, from the rest of the cards, in the way that they can solve different exercises and satisfy criterions.

Crazy Sets 1.7

Logical combination game. You must find three cards in the laying, where shape, quantity, color and filling of the painted symbols are exactly equal or totally different.

Crazy Kleopatra 1.5

If you like Solitaire, you will like Crazy Kleapatra too. Because the entire deck is dealed on the table, you can plan carefully beforehand.

Crazy Nine 2.3

Even if you do your best, it won`t and won`t fit. The logs become darker and darker. Bombs are expectionally good.

Crazy King 1.5

Help the subjects out of their jam and bring the chessboard back to the crazy king.

Crazy Loops 2.3

Work as a plumber. Take the pipes and try to fit them together building a locked up system.

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