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Crazy Flood 2.4

Crazy Flood is a logical combination game. Rotate different pipes (bendings, junctions, crossings, ..) and let splash the spring. As soon as all pipes are flooded, your job is done.

Crazy Atoms 3.5

Logical combination game. Put together different atoms to molecules according to a construction plan. You will only be taken up to the inner circle of the alchemistics, if you have solved all 440 steps of the exercise.

Crazy Convert 1.3

Crazy Convert is a collection of puzzles, which have one in common: Convert the game elements from one state to another. Keep to the rules and bring the elements in the definite state. You can play the games against the time or just for fun.

Crazy Grab 1.2

Collection of games. Try to grab as many pieces as possible in the least of time to let your point score rise higher and higher. Several difficulty-levels make the games again and again to a challenge for all people between 8 and 88.

Crazy Office 1.3

Riddle-collection. As top manager you are bending the profit curve. As controller you are scraping together all unnecessary amounts. As accountant you are balancing the accounts. As computer-boss you are removing the effects of the last virus-attack.

Crazy Sumz 1.3

Collection of four games based on sums and numbers. Turn number-plates, look for number-chains, swap numbers or find the numerals behind symbols. Play the games against the time or just for fun. Many difficulty-levels make the games to a challenge.

Crazy Rotary 1.6

Collection of games. Rotate plates, rings, balls, disks or s.e. and put them in a definite order. You can play the games against the time or just for fun. Many difficulty-levels make the games to a challenge for everybody.

Crazy Matrix 2.3

Crazy Matrix is an logical combination game. Push the buttons and the effect will surprise you. Only if all lamps are on, you can cheer.

Crazy Objects 3.2

Logical puzzle. On the game field are different shaped objects like triangles, rectangles or circles. Eliminate this objects by clicking them with their different colored counterpart. But be carefully, neighbours may be dirty.

Crazy Change 2.1

Crazy Change is a logical puzzle. The aim of the game is to move the blue crosses, which are at the beginning situated on the red fields, to the three blue fields. In return, the three red crosses have to be moved to the red fields. 200 levels.

Crazy Hexagon 2.3

Crazy Hexagon is an logical puzzle. Rotate the hexagons by clicking on them and order the chaos. The puzzle is solved, if in all sectors of the hexagon are only triangles colored like the sector.

Crazy Area 2.4

Cover the area with different formed tiles. Do not leave spare areas. Mind the time! If time is over the program changes automatically to the next level. Now the new game area consists only of the fields covered in the level before.

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