DB Calc for Windows distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Shareware version terms and conditions

You may use the shareware version of DB Calc For Windows for a 30 day trial
period. If you would like to continue to use DB Calc For Windows after the
30 day trial period, you are required to purchase the licensed version of
DB Calc For Windows. If you decide not to register, you must remove
DB Calc For Windows from your hard disk and stop using it.

Licenced version terms and conditions

The shareware version of DB Calc For Windows becomes the licenced version
by entering the licence key you get with your registration. You may use
the licenced version for a unlimited time. You may use DB Calc For Windows
like a book. This means you may use DB Calc For Windows on different
computers at different places as long as you ensure that only ONE person
can work with the same licenced version at the same time.
You are not allowed to pass the licence key to anybody.

Limited warranty and disclaimer of warranty

It is not possible to write programs absolutely free of errors. Because of
this there is no warranty for this program being error free. There is also
no warranty for damage caused by using this program. At any case any
compensation is limited to the amount of money you paid for this software.

By using the software you acknowledge that you have read this limited
warranty, understand it and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

You may make as many copies of the shareware version as you like as long as
the original archive file is not altered in any way. It is especially
forbidden to remove any copyrights or this readme file. It is also forbidden
to distribute a licenced version of this software.

You may charge your customers for your cost of distributing as long as
the amount of mony you charge does not exceed $5 in case of a floppy disk
copy. In case of a CD copy the part of money corresponding to this software
must not exceed $1. In both cases your distribution must contain the clear
statement that your customer is charged for YOUR cost of distribution and
that unrestricted use of the software requires additional payment to the
author of the program.

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