DLM 666 distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Your attention please. Read carefully the following terms before using `DLM 666`
This software is made of a text library and of computing/interpreting modules.
All of these parts are protected by Copyright Laws.

This agreement allows you to:

- test the program.
The allowed executions permit to compute and print any Numerology chart.

If you buy it, you`ll benefit from a lot of services (free updates, information on our products...)

- Price: 30 usd.

This agreement forbids you to:
- rent this software to anybody.
- use this software or part of it inside another program.
- use this software inside a network server.
- sell the generated documents without our authorization.

Responsability limits:
- DELEMME Diffusion has checked that the support of this software is fault-free when used normally.
This support has been tested against every known virus.
- It is perfectly clear that Numerology remains a hobby and that the generated analyses give no life recommendations. These analyses
should thus not been taken seriously and DELEMME Diffusion will not be considered responsible for all conclusions drawn from them.
- YOU declare you assume every risk related to the execution of this software. All drawbacks, direct or indirect, money losses or any
other damage which can result from the use of `DLM 666` cannot be charged against DELEMME Diffusion.

You declare you have read, understood and accepted this agreement.

You also declare that this agreement is representative of our mutual position, that it cancels and replaces all previous proposals or
contracts, oral or written.

This package may be distributed as it is, without modifications.
In this case, please advise us at info@delemme.fr

Any distribution satisfying all the distribution requirements expressed in the attached PADGEN data record is hereby authorized...

With the compliments of DELEMME Diffusion...

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