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"Depends on what format you burn it as. If it is an avi file then once you get the avi file doodlwaned into your computer, you will need a software or program that will do the rest of the job for you. Depending on your computer, if you have a recent computer, it should work with a DVD-R (16X speed). If you have an older computer, 4X-8X speed is the safer disc to get. If you get a DVD-R that is too high of a speed, it might not work on the older computers. DVD+R is a better writer, but thats a topic of attitude. Both are excellent for writing DVD movies.As far as the program, I use WinAVI to convert an AVI to DVD format, and then I use another program called COPYTODVD to copy that converted file into a DVD. Though, there are programs that can do both for you with just one click. I use both in view of the fact that I bought these programs for free and they work for me. They also have an encrypted process where it will burn any encrypted movie into a DVD.Excellent luck."

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