Delphi SWF SDK distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Delphi SWF SDK License Agreement


This License Agreement is a legal Agreement between you, an individual or organization, and FeatherySoft, Inc.

The subject of the present Agreement is "Delphi SWF SDK" hereinafter mentioned as Software including the whole delivery package, namely the software itself and the covering documentation.

License types
Delphi SWF SDK "Base Edition", "ASC Edition" and "Expert Edition" are provided with source code.

"Base Edition" includes the functions for SWF file generating and modifying.
"ASC Edition" includes the "Base Edition" and the ActionScript Compiler.
"Expert Edition" includes the "Base Edition", the "ASC Edition" and the XML-related features.
Delphi SWF SDK "Base Edition without source" is provided without source code.

Accepting or rejecting the Agreement
Any usage of this product including installation of the Software or any of its parts on a computer, loading the product into operating memory (RAM) or permanent storage on a computer's disk or other storage medium, as well as any other type of usage means that you accept all the terms and conditions of the present Agreement. If you do not agree with any statement of this License, you should promptly terminate usage of the product and delete all the files referred to it, as its components, so as the results of its work, from your computer. You should also return all the existing mediums containing the Software to the place where you obtained it.

This Software is owned by FeatherySoft, Inc. and is protected by international copyright treaties. Any changes to the Software and its components, any additions to it, including the case of running and executing on your computer any software not built-in into your operating system and affecting the Software's operation or changing its results, as well as storage and distribution of such a changed or augmented Software, are strictly forbidden.

The Software is licensed by the present Agreement to be used for any commercial and other proper purposes.
Applications built using our components are royalty free, but if you need to create a development tool (such as DCU, DLL, OCX etc.) integrating this functionality you need to obtain a special license.
You acknowledge that the Software in source code form remains a confidential trade secret of FeatherySoft, Inc. or its suppliers and therefore you agree not to modify the Software or attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the Software. In order to obtain the source codes you should contact FeatherySoft, Inc. so as to purchase and register the Software version including source codes.
Group programming projects making use of this software must purchase a copy of the software for each member of the group or purchase a site or enterprise licenses.

Time restriction
License includes full download link for the current version and free minor upgrades and technical support for 12 months. When license expires, you can purchase yearly license renewal which includes free minor upgrades and technical support. When purchasing major upgrade, your license for minor upgrades and technical support is extended for another 12 months which are added to your current license validity term.

Upgrade policy
Minor and Major Upgrades

There are two kinds of upgrades: major upgrades and minor upgrades. The major upgrade is a new version of the product that contains significant improvements (new features, essentially optimizations, lots of small modifications, etc.) In this case we increase the version number (from 2.x to 3.0 for example). Major upgrades are always paid regardless of whether you have valid license or not. Major upgrade extends current license for 12 month.

The minor upgrades usually include slight modifications, bug fixes or support for a new version of Delphi. The minor upgrade increases only minor version number (from 3.0 to 3.1 for example).

Any customer who purchased previous version of our product within 30 days before the release date of a new major version can upgrade to the last version for free.

License Upgrades
Any customer can upgrade their license (from "Base Edition" to "Expert Edition", for example) at any time.

In cases when a version of the Delphi SWF SDK is no longer supported, like Delphi SWF SDK 1.x Standard Edition, Delphi SWF SDK 1.x Professional Edition or Delphi SWF SDK 2.x XML edition, it must be replaced with a compatible version before upgrading the license Delphi SWF SDK.
"Delphi SWF SDK Standard Edition" can be replaced with "Delphi SWF SDK Base Edition without source", "Delphi SWF SDK Professional Edition" - with "Delphi SWF SDK Base Edition" (requires purchasing a new license). "Delphi XML Edition" can be replaced with "Delphi Expert Edition" without purchasing new license.

Licensed copies number restriction
Standard or Professional licenses are assigned for installation and execution on one computer assembled as a solitary system units and by one user only.
If you have an upgrade to this Software, it constitutes a single product together with the product that you upgraded, and may not be used to increase the total number of licensed installations of the Software.
Group programming projects making use of this software must purchase a copy of the software for each member of the group or purchase Team 4 or Site licenses.
Site Developer License is assigned for installation and execution on unlimited numbers of computers by any user inside any buildings of organization located in one city. Any possible delivery of the product or its parts as well as registration codes or access codes you received with purchasing and/or registering this Software to any individual or organization is strictly prohibited.

Distribution restrictions
Except as provided in this License Agreement, you may not transfer, sell, rent, lease, lend, copy, modify, emulate, clone, decompile, translate, sublicense, time-share or electronically transmit or receive the Software or any of its parts or to distribute it in any other way.

Registration codes and access codes
Registration codes (e.g., serial number) or access codes (e.g. archive file password) you received with purchasing and/or registering this Software are not the subject to the present Agreement. You may store any number of copies of such codes in any form if only you are a registered user and if you obtained them in the registration process or purchasing the Software from FeatherySoft, Inc. or authorized persons, individuals or organizations. Any distribution or delivery of the registration and access codes to any third party as well as any form of publication is prohibited. The copyright of all registration and access codes remains the property of FeatherySoft, Inc. which reserves the right to withhold or withdraw authorization of use of all registration codes issued to any user if there is reasonable evidence to indicate that the user is involved in a breach of the terms of this License Agreement.

Modifications to the Software
FeatherySoft, Inc. reserves the right to change the executable code and to remove, add or change functions of the Software.

Warranty and guarantee
This documentation and the source library are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or suitability for a particular purpose. The user assumes the entire risk of any damage caused by this software.

Changing terms and conditions of this Agreement
Any variation to the terms of this Agreement shall only be valid if made and delivered by FeatherySoft, Inc.
If you do not agree to any clause of this Agreement you may ask for explanations from FeatherySoft, Inc. However, this does not authorize you to consider this Agreement nullified.


The trial version of Delphi SWF SDK can be freely distributed over the Internet for free. Full version is available from Featherysoft company and its authorized partners only. Application created using Delphi SWF SDK can be distributed royalty-free.

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