Update list for Delphi SWF SDK

Delphi SWF SDK 3.0.1 changelog from April 30, 2011

Delphi SWF SDK 3.0 from January 28, 2011

- FlashViewer engine functionality included;
- compatibility with all the latest versions of Delphi including Delphi XE;
- support of all versions of SWF including ver. 10;
- new features that allow to create animation easier and faster (like Motion Tween).

Delphi SWF SDK 2.3 changelog from March 29, 2008

Supports Read/Write SWF9 tags;
Supports XML Read/Write for SWF9;
Rendering Metafile is improved;
Stream sound writing in MP3 is improved;
FindPlaceFromID and FindPlaceFromName is added for TSWFStreamReader.

Delphi SWF SDK 2.2 changelog from January 18, 2008

Fix32bitImage property is added for TFlashMovie to correct view when 32bit image is used without alpha data;
FindIDFromName method for TSWFStreamReader is added.

Older Delphi SWF SDK versions:

3.0.1 (Apr 30, 2011)3.0 (Jan 28, 2011) • 2.3 (Mar 29, 2008)2.2 (Jan 18, 2008)

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