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DownloadRoute good awardAltDesk Portable 1.8

Portable Virtual Desktops manager, skinnable

... you easily arrange multiple tasks by means of Virtual Desktops used for the storage of individual groups ... of windows. You can switch Desktops and even swap tasks between them by using ... Drag and Drop. You can create as many Virtual Desktops as you want and work on various ... tasks simultaneously. The portable version of AltDesk can be stored on any removable data medium ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 87 times | 0.75MB

Crawler Slideshow Screensaver

Download cool slideshow screensaver for FREE!

... Download free Slideshow Screensaver and enjoy the slideshow of your favorite images ... Download free Slideshow Screensaver and enjoy the slideshow of your favorite images ... Download free Slideshow Screensaver and enjoy the slideshow of your favorite images ...

Freeware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 93 times | 4.22MB

Crawler Notes

Easily organize your tasks and activities!

... forget important meetings, things to do, shopping lists, etc. With Notes you can create your ... forget important meetings, things to do, shopping lists, etc. With Crawler Notes you can create your ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 89 times | 3.35MB

Crawler 3D Fireplace Screensaver

3D Fireplace Screensaver absolutely FREE!

... Download this amazing 3D Fireplace screensaver and turn your screen into ...romantic fireplace with real sound of flames and burning wood ...types of fireplaces. You can use also ...

Freeware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 86 times | 5.16MB

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro 7.4

Virtual On-Screen Keyboard for TabletPC, UMPC

... unique virtual keyboard on the screen and enables you to use ... the mouse cursor or the touch screen to type text ... available language. The rich functionality and ergonomics of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard will be especially appreciated by the ... owners of ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), tablet PCs and e-kiosk creators, as it provides ...

Shareware | Nov 4, 2015 | downloaded 107 times | 5.11MB

Download Ouroboros 1.0
DownloadRoute cool awardOuroboros 1.0

Mac OS X MillenniuM/X-Files screen saver.

... 360 degree rotating ouroboros.Ouroboros Screen Saver is ...

Freeware | May 24, 2008 | downloaded 72 times | 1.37MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardStarFleet Medical Screen Saver 1.0

Mac OS X Star Trek screen saver.

... StarFleet Medical Facility Screen Saver is ... StarFleet Medical Facility. ...

Freeware | May 24, 2008 | downloaded 76 times | 1.46MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardKlingon Screen Saver 1.0

Mac OS X Star Trek screen saver.

... 360 degree rotating logo of the Klingon Empire from Star Trek.Klingon Screen Saver is ... 360 degree rotating logo of the Klingon Empire from Star Trek. ...

Freeware | May 24, 2008 | downloaded 84 times | 2.15MB

DownloadRoute good awardFederation Screen Saver 2.0

Mac OS X Star Trek screen saver.

... 360 degree rotating United Federation of Planets logo from Star Trek The Next ... Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. ...

Freeware | Jan 4, 2012 | downloaded 87 times | 3.91MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDESKonTOP 2.40.151

Solve window clutter for easy desktop access

... Solve window clutter, speed-launch desktop shortcuts and access icons on your computer desktop easily. ... small copy of your desktop with all shortcuts and icons. Another click will launch ...

Shareware | Jun 1, 2010 | downloaded 68 times | 1.21MB

Download KeyCue 8.3
DownloadRoute cool awardKeyCue 8.3

Explore and utilize keyboard shortcuts

... supposed to provide quick access to frequently used menu commands. But honestly, how many shortcuts do you ... applications more effectively. Just hold down the Command key for ... table of all currently available menu shortcuts. When you have found the desired shortcut ...

Shareware | Dec 6, 2016 | downloaded 152 times | 5.53MB

ID Window 1.11

Identifies executable behind window

... title bar of any window. When it detects this, it shows the full ... title bar of any window. When it detects this, it shows the full ...

Shareware | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 56 times | 0.62MB

DownloadRoute good awardActual Title Buttons 8.9

New buttons teach your windows new tricks!

... Actual Title Buttons is ... of the most essential and popular tools for desktop windows control and manipulation ... minimize them to tray, set up priority, apply transparency, make them stay always-on-top of other ... windows, align, resize, roll up and even "ghost" them ...

Shareware | Aug 15, 2016 | downloaded 121 times | 8MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardActive Tray 2.2.1

Imagine your Windows System Tray on Steroids.

Active Tray will supercharge your system tray, providing you with additional features and greater flexibility, making you much more productive. Imagine being able to add programs, documents, links and many other timesavers to your system tray!

Shareware | Apr 22, 2010 | downloaded 66 times | 1.25MB

DownloadRoute good awardGold Calendar 1.2

Put a calendar next to the clock.

Gold Calendar puts the day of the month next to the clock in the system tray (near the clock). It tells you todays date, and will update the number displayed when the date changes.

Freeware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 81 times | 0.14MB

DownloadRoute cool awardBlood Curdling Halloween Wallpaper 2.0

Blood Curdling Halloween Wallpaper

... The cold night of terror. Blood curdling describes this wallpaper best. The devil is ... waiting to strike you. Install this free animated halloween wallpaper and watch halloween night unfold on your ...

Freeware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 57 times | 2.72MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardBatMonkey SendTo Module 1.06

Open a DOS prompt in the current folder

... Simple, free time saving utility. Runs from your send to menu. Open ... DOS prompt in the current folder. Send ... or directory to the command line. Set an environment variable to hold the file or folder name. ... Useful for those who use DOS from time to time. Recent update ...

Freeware | Sep 18, 2011 | downloaded 60 times | 0.31MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDesktop Collection 1.2

software for computer operation & control

... computer operation and control into one economical package. System tools give you enhanced control over your system ... startup, convenient system tray access to your favorite applications and folders and ... use most often in standard folder dialogs. Award-winning Desktop Collection applications have an easy to use Windows ...

Shareware | Feb 1, 2008 | downloaded 88 times | 2.34MB

Download 9Desks 1.8
DownloadRoute cool award9Desks 1.8

9Desks manages up to 9 virtual desktops

... that permits you to have up to nine virtual desktops for better applications management. You can work in ... clean environment dividing active applications in more desktops. 9Desks contains many advanced features like rules for starting ...

Freeware | Oct 18, 2013 | downloaded 67 times | 3.19MB

Download NLauncher 1.7
DownloadRoute excellent awardNLauncher 1.7

Lightning fast application launcher

... desktop organizing utility that enables users to free the desktop from ... can be placed on one side of the desktop or split into left and right panels and ... placed on both sides. The NLauncher menu is ...

Shareware | Jan 20, 2010 | downloaded 54 times | 1.95MB

Download WinPik 1.2.0
WinPik 1.2.0

Make your disk drive a personal organizer

... Mini-Desktop Organizer manages your disk drive with notebook peer-level directory tabs and pop-up chilld menu. Change ... calculator. Centralize your work area with user definable Notebook.Mini-Desktop Organizer manages your disk drive with notebook directory ... click. Recall commonly used directory paths. Line Prompt starts programs and doublles as ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 53 times | 3.29MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardiCT - InCar Terminal 1.2.3

iCT is a touchscreen-desktop for CarPC

... touchscreen-desktop for CarPCiCT is ...

Freeware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 87 times | 9.78MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 4.0.12

Use any spare PC as a multi monitor

... dual monitor for your primary computer. No extra multi monitor hardware is required. Simply extend program windows ... across multiple screens as if it were one big monitor. The ... software KVM also allows yoo to control up to four ...

Demo | Apr 21, 2010 | downloaded 81 times | 5.1MB

Download Joke411 1.0
DownloadRoute excellent awardJoke411 1.0

Joke of the day on Windows startup

... application. It loads during the system startup and displays ... shortcut to Windows Startup menu. ...

Freeware | Feb 1, 2008 | downloaded 60 times | 0.1MB

New 3D screensaver

... See most famous classic cars in 3D environment on your desktop.Visit homepage ... and download other stunning 3d screensavers.Talbot Lago t150 ... See most famous classic cars in 3D environment on your desktop.Visit homepage ...

Comercial | Jul 4, 2007 | downloaded 55 times | 4.68MB

DownloadRoute excellent award12Ghosts DeskTOP 9.70

Enhanced desktop application launcher

Did you ever have the problem of an active program blocking the way to the desktop? Or one that you were unable to minimize? 12-DeskTOP provides you with a window that looks like the desktop, displaying your icons in the layout you are used to.

Shareware | Aug 26, 2012 | downloaded 77 times | 0.7MB

Download CursorXP 1.31
CursorXP 1.31

Customize your Windows cursors.

... use and create incredibly cool looking Windows mouse cursors. Give your eyes ... shadows, trails, explosions and other animations to your cursors, or choose something ...

Freeware | Feb 22, 2008 | downloaded 73 times | 2.24MB

Download WinTil 1.0

Desktop enhancement utility.

... have combined the various utilities into one program. WinTil includes ... file splitter, program launcher, audio CD player, and other desktop enhancements. Menus may be displayed ... for items on your desktop or My Documents folder. Show or hide the ... shortcut key. Launch programs with ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 57 times | 0.32MB

Download XDESK 4.66
XDESK 4.66

Powerful & stable Virtual Desktop Manager

Powerful & stable Virtual Desktop Manager / Assistant - features QuickView, AppBar, powerful rules, Reminders & Alarms, CPU meter, Applications AutoRestart, Memory Cleaner, TaskList, HotKeys, HotMouse, Mouse-Scrolling, HotCorners and more !

Shareware | Apr 29, 2010 | downloaded 62 times | 1.84MB

An utility which adjusts popup menus.

... This program enchances you with great abilities to adjust Windows interface ... You can change default program for opening files or folders ... Change popup menus for diffrent file types ...

Shareware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 62 times | 0.89MB

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