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DownloadRoute cool awardRainlendar Lite 2.13.1

Rainlendar - A customizable desktop calendar

It is possible to use Rainlendar with other calendar applications too. Rainlendar uses the standard iCalendar format to store its events and tasks so you can easily transfer them between applications.

Freeware | Nov 26, 2015 | downloaded 537 times | 3.83MB

7stacks 1.5 beta 2

Mac-like Stacks for Windows 7

... 7stacks is an easy to use, free app that lets Windows ... icons combined into one icon!7stacks is an easy to use, free app that ...

Freeware | Jul 7, 2011 | downloaded 348 times | 2.74MB

ColorEyes Display Pro 1.5.2 r36

Brightness diectly on the fly

A new Apple Monitor plugin has been incorporated so the user can select a luminance target and let the software adjust the Cinema display brightness directly on the fly

Shareware | Dec 2, 2010 | downloaded 338 times | 36MB

Dexpot 1.6.14 Build 2439

Virtual desktop manager

... 1.5 turns your monitor into up to 20. Dexpot creates additional workspaces you can quickly switch between. ... Can be expanded wit...Dexpot turns your monitor into up to 20. Dexpot ... creates additional workspaces you can quickly switch between ...

Freeware | Oct 21, 2014 | downloaded 254 times | 3.86MB

Fences 2.0 BETA

Organize your desktop.

... resizable containers for your desktop icons. These groups can help bring organization and consistency ... program that helps you organize your desktop, and can hide your icons when ...

Freeware | Sep 29, 2012 | downloaded 248 times | 6.7MB

Automatic Desktop Background Change Software 7.0

Periodically change desktop background image.

... button to stop the program running automatically and another to run it during the interval.Periodically ... desktop background image in Windows. Changes can be set to occur every ...

Shareware | Apr 13, 2012 | downloaded 158 times | 0.75MB

Sinaps Comfort 2.1.24

Quick access to your desktop shortcuts.

... Sinaps Comfort provides ... access the shortcuts and files stored on your desktop. Once launched, Sinaps Comfort quietly waits for the ... moment when you need to see the desktop from under all the open window layers and ...

Shareware | Sep 29, 2008 | downloaded 204 times | 0.57MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardClock Tray Skins 4.3

Replacement of Windows tray clock with skins.

Advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock. See the time, day, date and system UpTime in different skins. Displays the time for any of the time zones. Over 100 skins are included in the distribution. It's also an atomic-time synchronizer.

Shareware | Oct 26, 2011 | downloaded 206 times | 1.24MB

TrayBarNotebook 01.01

Keep operatively the text on ten pages

... notebook after autostart is placed in TrayBar. The call of ... notebook after autostart is placed in TrayBar. The call of ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 182 times | 0.11MB

Emerge Desktop 6.1.3

Emerge is an alternate windows shell.

... called emergeTray. It will also provide access to the users ...

Open source | Oct 4, 2012 | downloaded 339 times | 2.9MB

Kingo Root APK 1.4.2

Kingo Root Apk Download 1.4.2

Android english kingoroot android rooting tutorial provides you a better understanding on kingoroot download and rooting android devices..

Freeware | Feb 9, 2016 | downloaded 89 times | 0.86MB

Desk 365 1.0.34

Desk 365 - Manage your desktop Icons

... Desk 365 is ... great tool to organize and manage your desktop icons. Customize the layout of your desktop once and ... editing mode. Slide the screen and organize your icons in the theme order. Select your skins to ... make your mini-Desktop look just like you want it ...

Freeware | Nov 28, 2012 | downloaded 154 times | 3.91MB

AquaSnap 1.4.0

Possibility to snap windows to the edges.

... laborious task. AquaSnap makes the window management much more ergonomic ... corner, i...AquaSnap is ...

Freeware | Oct 23, 2010 | downloaded 194 times | 2.3MB

Download Qlock 1.91
Qlock 1.91

Desktop clock available for Windows.

... around the world while you carry on working. Qlock fetches your most important news ... pair to help you keep on top of th...Qlock takes the world clock to ...

Freeware | May 22, 2012 | downloaded 196 times | 0.71MB

DownloadRoute cool awardDigital Clock-7 2.02

Screen saver for display the current time.

"Digital Clock-7" is screen saver that displays the current time, date and day of the week. As default the program uses the font "Digital-7 mono" like seven-segment clock faces.

Freeware | Oct 14, 2012 | downloaded 226 times | 0.34MB

Download Taskix 64 2.1
Taskix 64 2.1

Reorder taskbar tabs and more.

... at the same time. It allows you to reorder taskbar tabs with drag-and-drop, scroll through tabs with ... the mouse wheel, close tabs with middle-click, and more. It is small, straightforward ... uses very few system resources. Works in UltraMon taskbars in additional monitors. ...

Shareware | Mar 12, 2010 | downloaded 137 times | 0.24MB

FD Active Desktop 1.140

The graphic additive to windows.

... FD Active Desktop is ... time when it is run. Active Desktop don ... of your computer will allow to make your desktop really active ...

Shareware | Dec 9, 2008 | downloaded 164 times | 2.73MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardVirtualBoard 1.11

Draw directly on your Windows desktop

... VirtualBoard allows to directly use Windows desktop as graphical support to simply draw or to ... make quick educational or commercial presentations with minimum mouse handling. At ... the beginning, VirtualBoard was only created for professional needs ...

Freeware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 250 times | 5.38MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardWinPersonalizer 5.32

All-In-One Desktop Enhancement Application

... customize your Windows look. This program can change animated wallpapers,icons,cursors,logon screens,IE skins,folders,visual styles,OEM information,transparency of taskbar and put ... customize your Windows look. This program can change animated wallpapers,icons,cursors,logon screens,IE skins,folders,visual styles,OEM information,transparency of taskbar and put ...

Shareware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 216 times | 1.8MB

3d, FIAT Mefistofele, 3d screensaver, OpenGL,

... FIAT Mefistofele on your desktop with this attractive 3D screensaver. More 3D screensavers ... FIAT Mefistofele on your desktop with this attractive 3D screensaver. More 3D screensavers ...

Demo | Jun 30, 2007 | downloaded 143 times | 4.66MB

DownloadRoute cool awardCDBF Shell 1.11

CDBFShell is a DBF Shell extension

... The CDBF Shell extension allows you to view content or structure of ... files in the Properties window without opening them. CDBF Shell allows you ... the table. hide or show deleted records. sort DBF file by clicking on ...

Freeware | May 3, 2008 | downloaded 153 times | 0.19MB

DownloadRoute cool awardScreen OCR 18.1

Convert anything on screen into editable text

... can read on the computer screen into editable text. Anyone who works with text that can be ... and appreciate its value and usefulness. Whether the text is on ... PDF file, Screen OCR recognizes the letters and copies them. You can also ... quickly strip formatting from the text you are copying from ...

Shareware | Jan 12, 2018 | downloaded 208 times | 8.34MB

Animated Weather Widget 2.3

The best Android weather widget available.

... Weather for Android smartphones is easily the best Android weather widget available. View the weather forecasts and current ... little application. Weather conditions are displayed in beautifully animated 3D complete with colorful background sceneries. Accurate and ... reliable forecasts can be provided virtually anywhere in the world ...

Freeware | Nov 30, 2010 | downloaded 140 times | 3.72MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGold Heart Clock ScreenSaver 2.4

Express your love in the most original way!

... Present this lovely handmade screensaver with love flowers growing from the heart of ... the magic Clock. Let the flames of love get stronger and ...

Freeware | May 18, 2012 | downloaded 243 times | 1.72MB

DownloadRoute cool awardFascinating Waterfalls Screensaver 4.0

Download new babbling screensaver!

... Fascinating Waterfalls will create ...

Freeware | Apr 24, 2015 | downloaded 205 times | 4.18MB

Root Genius APK 1.8.7

Android Root Genius apk

... 10,000 Android smartphones and tablets. Without an installation RootGenius apk download,You can root your android device with ...

Freeware | Feb 13, 2016 | downloaded 88 times | 4.57MB

DownloadRoute good awardFree Virtual Keyboard 4.1

Free Portable Virtual Keyboard (multilingual)

... Free Virtual Keyboard is software that simulates the hardware keyboard on ... features. You can change size and transparency of virtual keyboard with one click at any time. The ... relevant keys would auto-repeat when pressed continuously. Free Virtual Keyboard is ... totally portable application ...

Freeware | Feb 5, 2018 | downloaded 179 times | 0.26MB

DownloadRoute excellent award3D BioMolecula Pack 1.0

3D molecules in screensaver and as wallpaper.

... screensaver and desktop wallpaper generator. Wallpaper generator creates custom Desktop Wallpapers for your PC ... time when Windows starts. Real 3D models of biological molecules in random position are shown on wallpaper ... image. The screensaver shows the same 3D models of biological molecules ...

Shareware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 169 times | 0.6MB

TransDesktop 1.4

Transparentive desktop`s character

... TransDesktop can make the characters on the Desktop transparent and decrease the influence of the characters on ... Active Desktop".TransDesktop can make the characters on the Desktop transparent ...

Shareware | Jan 25, 2008 | downloaded 155 times | 0.05MB

Download King Root 4.1
King Root 4.1

King Root-Download king root version 4.1

... successful and complete android rooting. Download kingroot supports MedialTek processors powered android devices. Kingroot apk ...

Freeware | Jan 14, 2016 | downloaded 89 times | 15.66MB

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