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DownloadRoute cool awardAtrise Legacy Software 0.0.0

We have removed our legacy programs

... We have removed our legacy programs from the salesWe have removed our legacy ...

Shareware | Jan 25, 2015 | downloaded 398 times | 0MB

DownloadRoute good awardAnimated Wallpaper: Soft Shines 3D 3.71

Add life to your desktop wallpaper!

... Add life to your desktop wallpaper! Soft Shines 3D is an live wallpaper which ... beautiful shine on your wallpaper. It ... screen saver which will relax you with soft shines on your screen. ...

Shareware | Nov 28, 2016 | downloaded 385 times | 1.22MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPanorama Scroller 1.0.01

Scroll panoramic images as desktop wallpaper.

Panorama Scroller is the simple program for scrolling panoramic images. After installation you can see these panoramic images as desktop wallpaper.

Freeware | Oct 1, 2008 | downloaded 370 times | 2.78MB

DownloadRoute cool award

10 high quality wallpaper (1024x768) images

Wallpaper Pack contains 10 high quality (1024x768) images. These images were created for your desktop background, however you may use them however you want. These images were created using Photoshop and Illustrator, and some are real actual photos.

Freeware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 349 times | 3.48MB

Real Desktop Light 1.29

Real Desktop - The New Desktop for Windows

... living three-dimensional world. Your icons behave now, thanks to the powerful physics-engine, like ... real desk.Real Desktop give your ordinary desktop new life and turns ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 338 times | 3.56MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAnimated Aquaworld 3.0

Download free underwater screensaver!

... screensaver which helps you to relax. This multiscene animated screensaver includes species of fish, uderwater creatures, natural rocks ... porthole for viewing charming underwater scenes. Download free underwater screensaver ...

Freeware | Apr 27, 2015 | downloaded 337 times | 4.07MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAnimated Wallpaper Maker 4.0.1

Beautiful animated background for desktop

... With Animated Wallpaper Maker you can turn any photo into ... beautiful animated background for your desktop. These animated backgrounds can replace your standard wallpaper and will ... breathe new life into your desktop. You can animate any picture you have. You ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2014 | downloaded 332 times | 18.3MB

DownloadRoute good awardZnow desktop decoration

Desktop decoration program

... Small program for dynamical decoration of desktop. It allows you to bring snow and rain ... Can be used as ScreenSaver. Can be used as Forcing Rest util. Znow ...

Freeware | May 21, 2009 | downloaded 327 times | 0.23MB

DownloadRoute good awardJungle Storm 3D Animated Wallpaper 4.0

Animated wallpaper with rain and lightning.

... Give your desktop some new life with Jungle Storm animated dekstop wallpaper. This will transform your ... desktop into an animated adventure complete with pouring rain and flashing lightning over ... tranquil jungle background. Features include the ability to stretch or ... center the wallpaper and show ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 321 times | 1.21MB

DownloadRoute good awardTexture Maker 3.1

Create brilliant seamless textures easily

... seamless texture generator and designer. The application contains everything needed to ... create seamless textures for use in 3D rendering packages, game development, web graphics, image and video ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 317 times | 13.18MB

DownloadRoute cool award3D Underwater World Animated Wallpaper 2.2

Animated wallpaper with swimming fish.

... animated 3D aquarium with this unique desktop wallpaper. Underwater World is not ... an animated wallpaper with tropical fish swimming around as you work ... You have the option to stretch the wallpaper or center it on your desktop, and it ... If you love fish, but not the hassle of ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 314 times | 1.47MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardWhite Reef [AD] 2.52

Amazing Animated Wallpaper

... is an Animated Wallpaper from the series of 3D products of EleFun ... the product line devoted to the Amazing 3D Aquarium theme. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful ... with sea anemones gathers around itself dozens of aquarium fish. ... ...

Shareware | Jul 20, 2008 | downloaded 305 times | 5.82MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSparkle SWF Desktop professional version 1.0

The easy yet powerful flash wallpaper builder

... Sparkle SWF Desktop, the easy to use yet great utility to ...

Shareware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 303 times | 1.46MB

Desktop Earth 2.1

Wallpaper generator for Windows

... Desktop Earth is ... your wallpaper with an accurate representation of the Earth as it would be seen from space at ...

Freeware | Dec 23, 2009 | downloaded 290 times | 6MB

DownloadRoute cool awardCrawler Desktop Wallpapers 4.5

Choose your favorite desktop wallpaper!

Choose all kinds of desktop wallpapers and bring your desktop to life. Find your favorite pictures of girls, car makes, air fighters, nature scenes and much more! There are thousands of cool works of art waiting for you.

Freeware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 278 times | 1.52MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDreamScene Video Wallpaper 4.25

DreamScene Video Wallpaper

... Add life to your desktop wallpaper! With Dreamscene Video Wallpaper you can greatly enhance ... your desktop by playing videos as background wallpaper. It ... similar to the DreamScene feature of Windows Vista Ultimate. But with Dreamscene Video Wallpaper, you ... can have the Dreamscene effect for any version of Windows XP, Windows ...

Shareware | Jan 15, 2019 | downloaded 278 times | 13.5MB

DownloadRoute good awardSkull Factory Halloween Wallpaper 2.0

Skull Factory Halloween Wallpaper

... Factory of skulls. Download this free wallpaper and watch them multiply again and again.Factory ... of skulls. Download this free wallpaper and watch them multiply again and again. ...

Freeware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 264 times | 1.87MB

Automatic Wallpaper Changer Plus 1.1

Change your desktop wallpaper automatically.

... A1 Automatic Wallpaper Changer is ... tool to automatically change your desktop wallpaper at specified intervals. You can select any number ...

Shareware | Oct 22, 2012 | downloaded 257 times | 1.15MB

DownloadRoute cool awardAutomatic Wallpaper Changer 4.11

Automatically changes the desktop wallpaper

... one stop shop for displaying images on your desktop wallpaper. Display you photos on your Desktop or ... create spectacular wallpapers by merging your images with the background of ...

Shareware | May 27, 2012 | downloaded 251 times | 12.55MB

Dzi Nature 3.0

Collection of 70 beautiful nature pictures.

... Collection of the best windows wallpapers. In this version there is 70 nature pictures ... such as pictures of mountain, lake, castle... All pictures are 1024x768. ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 241 times | 12.01MB

DownloadRoute good awardGraffiti Wallpaper 1024 1.11

12 great graffiti wallpaper 1024.

... 12 great graffiti wallpaper in 1024. Use the index page to visualize the 12 ... modification of your configuration.12 great graffiti wallpaper in 1024. Use the index page to visualize the 12 ...

Freeware | Jan 3, 2011 | downloaded 241 times | 3.19MB

DownloadRoute good awardAllWallpapers 2.2.174

Mobile and desktop wallpaper management

... and easy appearance. Helps in the creation of wallpapers for any mobile device. Saves money on ordering ... mobile wallpapers from online shops and image galleries. Simplifies cataloging ... in existing desktop wallpapers. Changes wallpapers on ...

Shareware | Feb 22, 2011 | downloaded 227 times | 3.13MB

DownloadRoute good award2D GForest Interactive Desktop 06 1.5

The fifth member of the GForest family

... The fifth member of the Ghost Forest family ... Based on Flash technology, these wallpapers offer the user ... completely new experience. Part of the Ghost Forest site, presenting the book with the same name. ...

Freeware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 220 times | 1.47MB

Watery Desktop 3D Live Wallpaper 4.04

Add life to your desktop wallpaper!

... Add life to your desktop wallpaper! Watery Desktop 3D will animate your wallpaper with ... water effects, such as waves and rain. It will also work as ... ll see how everything on your desktop will sink into water. ...

Freeware | May 2, 2017 | downloaded 216 times | 1.59MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardVideo Wallpaper Master 1.0.2

Video wallpaper for any version of Windows

... With Video Wallpaper Master you can greatly enhance your desktop by ... playing any video as background wallpaper. It ... similar to the Dreamscene feature of Windows Vista Ultimate. But with Video ... Wallpaper Master, you can have the Dreamscene effect for any version of Windows, including Vista ...

Shareware | Feb 14, 2010 | downloaded 213 times | 0.55MB

Interactive Clownfish Wallpaper 1.5.3

Interactive Clownfish Wallpaper

... Interactive Clownfish Wallpaper is freeware that display ... clownfish tank with swimming clownfish on your desktop. This free wallpaper animates your ... desktop wallpaper with many realistic-looking clownfish. Interactive Clownfish Wallpaper is interesting, attractive and easy to use. ...

Freeware | Jul 24, 2015 | downloaded 198 times | 2.6MB

DownloadRoute cool awardAdvanced Wallpaper Changer 2.1

Free utility for wallpaper management.

Advanced Wallpaper Changer: a high quality, free utility to manage your wallpapers. The program allows changing your desktop wallpaper at adjustable period of time or on every Windows start up. All popular file formats supported.

Freeware | Feb 1, 2008 | downloaded 197 times | 0.58MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardVombaShots Manager with 7000+ Wallpapers 1026

Manage and download new wallpapers.

... manager offering access to over 7,000 high quality photos to be used as wallpapers and to create ... personal screensavers slideshow. Once Vombashots Manager is installed, you can download an unlimited ... number of high quality photos. These photos are offered at ... resolution up to 1920x1200. Unlike competing product VombaShots has no daily limit of downloads, and offers ...

Freeware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 196 times | 0.36MB

Download Wally 2.4.4
Wally 2.4.4

Wallpaper changer using multiple sources

... Qt4 wallpaper changer using multiple sources like files, folders, FTP remote ... folders, Flickr, Yahoo!, Panoramio, Ipernity, Photobucket, Buzznet, Picasa, Smugmug, Google, Vladstudio ... and deviantART images. It is available in many languages. Supported ...

Freeware | Dec 29, 2011 | downloaded 192 times | 6.9MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardArt of Titian 1.0

Titian art on your desktop!

... Bring Titian art to your desktop! Titian is known as ... famous Renaissance painter. Titian`s paintings are dynamic and vibrant. His paintings, both ... Venetian counterpart to High Renaissance style ... dynamic, with color and atmospheric tone. Most of Titian`s art work is deep and emotionally charged. Get ...

Demo | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 190 times | 2.39MB

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