DiffnMerge distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Before starting the program, users should notice the following issues:
DiffnMerge is copyright 2002 by Drasbek Data/Tom Drasbek Kjaer.
Users are granted rights to use the program for its intended purpose without any kind of modification.
Users are allowed to try out the program for 30 days after which the program must be registered or uninstalled.
A program can only be considered registered if an original registration code has been purchased from an officially approved reseller (see www.drasbek.com for a list of approved resellers).
Users are not allowed to use special techniques from the program in another program without written permissions.
This program is provided as is.
In no way can Drasbek Data/Tom Drasbek Kjaer or any other be held responsible for any damage or lost of files caused by the use or misuse of this program.
Even when using the registered program, no claim can be made about missing functionality, since most program features can be evaluated in the unregistered version.
A single registration of the program allows a single user to use the program on any number of computers where said user is the only user.
A single registration of the program allows a group of related users to use the program on a single computer as long as the use does not occur concurrently.
It is specifically not allowed for multiple users to simultaneously use the program on multiple computers without having the corresponding multiple registrations.

Distribution permissions are granted through any media as long as the files are not modified and
as long as no patch, license code or license code generator is distributed along with the program.
Drasbek Data must be notified by email about the distribution.
Drasbek Data retains the right to change the above permissions in future releases.

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