Dr.Web Anti Virus for Windows distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


The present License agreement is a legal agreement
between you, end user (either an individual or a
company, hereinafter referred to as “You”) licensing the
“Dr.Web antivirus program” software (hereinafter
referred to as “SOFTWARE”), and “Doctor Web, Ltd” –
the developer and the exclusive owner of this software
(hereinafter referred to as “Doctor Web”) for the
accompanying SOFTWARE identified below.

1. Doctor Web hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-
transferable right to use the SOFTWARE on the terms
specified hereunder. By receiving the license key file,
which explicitly defines the extent of the rights licensed
to you under the present Agreement, you hereby agree to
be bound by its terms and conditions. If you do not agree
to the terms of this Agreement, you must destroy the
received license key file(s). If you do not agree to the
terms of the Agreement, within 14 (fourteen) days of
purchase you may return the licensed SOFTWARE to
the place of purchase and ask for refund of the license
fee paid with a proof of payment for the license, and, if
necessary, other documents in accordance with the
legislation of the country the licensed SOFTWARE was

2. The functional features stated in documentation to the
SOFTWARE or in other written publications released by
Doctor Web, are provided by the license key file,
accompanying the licensed SOFTWARE, or which may
be downloaded upon registration from Doctor Web’s
web-site. If the license key file was not supplied at the
moment of purchase, to receive the key file you must
obtain a unique serial number, which must be delivered
to you at the place of purchase. The presence of the
license key file on your computer allows you to use the
SOFTWARE only during the term and in the operating
system indicated in the license key file, with
consideration of other restrictions specified in this file.
Utilization of the product on the platforms (workstations
or servers) explicitly not defined in the purchase
documents at licensing the SOFTWARE, is considered
illegal, except as explicitly defined in the correspondent
contract with Doctor Web. Using the licensed
SOFTWARE for earning profit is considered illegal too,
except as explicitly permitted in the correspondent
contact with Doctor Web. To use the full functionality of
the licensed SOFTWARE access to the Internet is

3. The title to the SOFTWARE, licensed under the
present Agreement, is retained by Doctor Web, or its
Licensors, to the extent determined by the correspondent
contracts between Doctor Web and the Licensors. You
are granted the right to make as many copies of the
license key file as you need to install the SOFTWARE
on the number of computers (workstations or servers)
defined in the license key file. Additionally, no more
than two backup copies of the license key file may be
made. You may not transfer those copies to any third
party or write them onto a media accessible for third
parties without your knowledge. Should Doctor Web
find a valid license key in a place where any one may
obtain it without restriction or your knowledge of it,
Doctor Web can immediately terminate this Agreement
without notice. If the legally purchased license key was
damaged or lost, Doctor Web may submit to you another
key, though Doctor Web reserves the right to consider
commercial efficiency of such actions.

4. Except for the cases when the provision is held to be
in violation of applicable law, void, or unenforceable in
the country the SOFTWARE is used, you may not alter,
decompile, reverse engineer, decrypt or perform other
actions with the object code of the SOFTWARE, with
the aim to obtain information on algorithms used in the
SOFTWARE without Doctor Web’s written consent to it.
You may not modify the internal protection procedure of
the licensed SOFTWARE, or change the license key file.
Copying the SOFTWARE with a removed or corrupted
internal protection mechanism and the verification of the
integrity of the license key file, as well as using such
SOFTWARE is considered illegal and is punishable by
applicable laws and regulations of the country the
SOFTWARE is copied or used.

5. During the term of the Agreement you may use the
SOFTWARE, receive the virus database updates when
they are issued by Doctor Web, as well as SOFTWARE
program modules releases, contact technical support
service of Doctor Web or its Licensor, which has a
correspondent contract with Doctor Web. Doctor Web
warrants that every user’s application will receive a
response, provided that it submits its registration data
through the electronic system of the technical support on
the web-site of Doctor Web or via e-mail. You hereby
agree that the data received from your during the
registration, as well as the information submitted to the
technical support service, may be used by Doctor Web at
its own discretion for internal purposes solely. Doctor
Web guarantees that it will treat such information as
confidential and it will not be accessed by third parties
or individuals not being a staff of Doctor Web.

6. Doctor Web warrants for a period of ninety (90) days
from the date of purchase, that the SOFTWARE
contains the features described in the accompanying
written materials. Except as provided above, the
SOFTWARE is supplied on an “AS IS” basis and in no
event will Doctor Web be liable for possible damage
incurred by you arising out of the use of, or inability to
use the SOFTWARE. Any entity or individual legally
using the SOFTWARE understands that the entire risk
for possible negative consequences caused by non-
compatibility of the SOFTWARE or its conflicts with
the software of third parties installed on your PC(s) or
servers is borne by himself (herself). The SOFTWARE
is not designed and licensed for use in the information
systems operating in hazardous environments or in life
support equipment, where its failure to operate may
threaten people’s lives or incur gross financial damages.
By accepting the terms of the Agreement you hereby
agree that Doctor Web’s entire liability for possible
consequences arising out of the use or inability to use the
licensing SOFTWARE in no event will exceed the
license fee paid for the SOFTWARE.

7. The Agreement is effective until terminated. You may
terminate this Agreement at any time and destroy the
license key file(s) and its backup copies. The validity
term of the Agreement is determined by the terms and
conditions and is clearly indicated in the License key file.
The Agreement comes into force when you receive the
license key file. Doctor Web may terminate the
Agreement immediately without notice if you fail to
comply with any provision of the Agreement.

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