Dynacom Accounting Startup Edition distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Dynacom Accounting Startup Edition

The Startup edition, valued at $89.95, is free and its use without time limit or transaction-quantity limit and without invasive publicity. Periodically, however, the client must download a new free update and reactive the product as follows obligatory registration, within 30 days following installation.

To use the software, the user must supply a valid email address when registering in order to obtain the product and activation codes. If this email address changes, he must record the change in the Members section of the Dynacom Internet site, to which he obtains access after registering his product, in order to receive future activation codes as will be occasionally necessary for updates.

An Internet connection is obligatory in order to obtain activation codes, perform the obligatory registration, and download revisions.

The software and Dynacom free support services are without charge. The annual update program required for payroll calculation is not included free, nor is telephone-based technical support.

Limited warranty: The software and the documentation that accompanies it (including usage guidelines) are provided “as is”, without any warranty. Dynacom Technologies provides no guarantee and makes no statement regarding the use of the software or the results of its use or of the documentation as far as their accuracy, reliability, currency, or other. The license holder assumes any risks pertaining to the results and performance of the software. In the case of faulty software or documentation, it is the license holder and not Dynacom Technolgoies Inc,. its dealers, distributors, agents, or employees that will bear any expenses required to repair or correct the problem. By installing the software, you automatically agree to all these terms.

Affiliated partners program
Subscription to a Dynacom Affiliated Partners program is free and effected through the Dynacom Web site. By subscribing to this program, the affiliated partner accepts to positively recommend to visitors of his Internet site and to those to whom he sends emails, the download of the Startup edition of Dynacom Accounting. To do so, he agrees to use the tools provided him in the appropriate section of our Internet site. The placing of these tools (tools, links, etc.) on the participant’s Web site or with emails is entirely at the participant’s own cost.

A Dynacom Affiliated Partner may also install the software through his link into computers that he sells, as well as distribute it for free by CD that he produces at his own cost and that contains only this software. All forms of software combination or sale of software must be pre-authorized in writing by Dynacom Technologies Inc.

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