EASEUS Data Security Wizard distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

EASEUS Data Security Wizard

Please read and understand all rights and limitations specified in the Final User License Agreement (Agreement) of this YIWO Tech software. When you install this software, you are required to read carefully and decide whether you will accept the provisions of this Agreement or not. Before you decide to accept the provisions of this Agreement, the software shall not be installed in your computer.

You might print the text of this Agreement right from this page to use it as a reference, or see the copy of this Agreement in the Help file of this software.

This Agreement serves as a legal agreement between YIWO Tech Ltd and you concerning the YIWO Tech Software presented along with this Agreement. This software includes the attached computer software, and may possibly include relevant documents and printed materials. The installation of the software in your computer expressly indicates that you have agreed on all the provisions of this Agreement. If you donꊰ agree on any provision in this Agreement, you are not allowed to install or use this software.

1) YIWO Tech Ltd grants you the non-exclusive usage right of this software. You are allowed to:

Install, utilize, display, run (Operate) one copy of this software in one computer, workstation, terminal, portable computer or other digital electronics equipment (Computer).

Produce copies for backup to avoid the damage of the first copy. These copies shall not be provided to other people by any means. You shall destroy all copies once you have lost the legal ownership of the copies.

2) You shall promise that:

You will not use, produce, modify, lease or transfer this software or any part of it beyond the provisions of this Agreement.

You will use this software in only one computer. One copy of software license shall not be used in more than computer.

You will not perform reverse engineering, reverse compiling and reverse assembly concerning this software.

You will not lease, rent or lend this software.

You will include all copyright marks in all copies of this software.

3) Supporting service:

YIWO Tech Ltd provides you with relevant supporting service concerning this software (supporting service).

The usage of supporting service shall be subject to all policies and plans stated in the user manual or other relevant materials provided by YIWO Tech Ltd.

Any additional software codes provided to you as part of the supporting service shall be seen as a part of this software, and shall be in accordance with all provisions in this Agreement.

YIWO Tech Ltd might use part of the information provided by you during supporting service for commercial purposes including product support and development. YIWO Tech Ltd will not refer to your personal information unless it is necessary for providing you with the supporting service.

4) Replacement, modification and upgrading of software:

EASEUS Corporation reserves the right to provide you with the substitutive versions or modified versions or upgraded versions of this software to replace, modify or upgrade this software, and the right to charge you for the replacement, modification or upgrading.

Any substitutive version or modified version or upgraded version of this software provided by YIWO Tech Ltd to you will be seen as part of this software and hence shall be subject to the provisions of the Agreement (unless this Agreement is replaced by another one presented along with the substitutive version or the modified version or the upgraded version).

If YIWO Tech Ltd provides any substitutive version or modified version or upgraded version of this software, the precondition for you to continue using this software is that you accept the substitutive version or modified version or upgraded version and any attached substitutive agreement. Once you have accepted the substitutive version or modified version or upgraded version, your usage right concerning the previous versions will be terminated.

5) Reservation of rights:

CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd shall reserve all other rights that have not been explicitly granted to you.

6) Copyright of the software:

The name of this software and all of its copies shall be identical with the one indicated in the CD or the software.

YIWO Tech Ltd shall own the property and copyright of this software (including but not limited to any picture, photo, animation, video, sound recording, music, text and additional program), attached printing material, and all copies of the software

This software and its documents bear relevant copyright, which is protected by Copyright Las and relevant international pacts and regulations.

You are not allowed to remove the copyright statement from the software. You shall copy the copyright statement for any copy (all or part) of this software. You agree to prevent any illegal copy of this software and its documents.

You are not allowed to copy the printed materials attached to this software

7) Limitation of Liability:

The above guarantee, directly or indirectly stated, shall constitute the complete guarantee, including the commercial and adaptable guarantee aiming at special application purposes. Within the maximum range allowed by applicable laws, YIWO Tech Ltd or its suppliers shall take no responsibility of indemnification for any indirect, occasional, direct, accidental, special, punitive damage or any other damage (including but not limited to damage indemnification caused by personal injury or property loss, the damage indemnification caused by profit loss, operation interruption, the damage indemnification caused loss of commercial information, the damage indemnification caused by secret disclosure due to the failure of fulfilling any responsibility including honest or proper caution, the damage indemnification caused by negligence, or the damage indemnification caused by any financial loss or any other loss), even if YIWO Tech Ltd or any of its suppliers has been aware of the possible occurrence of the damage. This damage indemnification clause shall still apply even if the remedy measures fail to achieve the expected result.

8) Termination of license:

If you fail to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, YIWO Tech Ltd has the right to terminate this Agreement without impairing other rights. After the termination of the Agreement, you must destroy all copies of the software or return them to YIWO Tech Ltd.

If YIWO Tech Ltd provides any substitutive version or modified version or upgraded version of this software, the precondition for you to continue using this software is that you accept the substitutive version or modified version or upgraded version and the attached substitutive agreement. If you fail to do so, YIWO Tech Ltd has the right to terminate this Agreement.

9) Applicable and governing law:

Copyright Law and international copyright conventions as well as other IP laws and regulations protect this software. The rights concerning this software can only be licensed and shall not be sold.

10) Version:

This version only is used to personal.

We are sure that so far you have read carefully and understood this Agreement, and agreed to abide by all terms and conditions strictly.

Note: The IP and legal responsibility of the attached software of this software shall be borne by the corresponding supplier.

Copyright (c) 2005-2009 CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd (YIWO Tech Ltd, for short).
All rights reserved.

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All other mentioned trademarks can be registered trademarks of their
respective owners.

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form in published form (book) is forbidden unless a special written
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