EMF Viewer distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Standard Terms and conditions

All the software we sell and/or market is covered by this agreement, and is hereafter referred to as the SOFTWARE.
You must not proceed with use, downloading or ordering of the SOFTWARE if you can not agree with our standard terms and conditions, which include the entire contents of this page.
1) If any part of this agreement proves void at law, the other parts of this agreement still hold.
2) No guarantee is made or given as to the merchant-ability of the SOFTWARE.
3) The buyer/user accepts total responsibility financial and otherwise for any problems that may or may not appear to be caused by the SOFTWARE.
4) Should the buyer/user be in any way dissatisfied with the software, or believe that the software has caused a problem of any type AT ALL, the buyer/user aggress that MAXIMUM remedy is limited to the purchase cost of the software.
5) In the case of non-registered free downloads, the purchase cost is £0.00 ($0.00), and the MAXIMUM remedy is therefore £0.00($0.00) or equivalent to £0.00 in local currency.
6) This agreement is made under the laws of the United Kingdom (UK).
7) You are licensed to use only one copy of this software.
8) If any part of this agreement is allowed by us to be transgressed knowingly or not, that does not constitute a waiver of this agreement, either in part or in full.
9) By continuing to download, install or use this product, you giving your agreement to be bound by these conditions.

You can give this app to anyone, but do not give away your softkey/password

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