Update list for EasyBCD

EasyBCD 2.2 changelog from September 26, 2012

* New: EasyBCD Multi-Language Localization Support
* New: Windows 8 support
* New: Automatically create backup of BCD store the first time EasyBCD is run
* New: Add VHDX support to EasyBCD
* New: Volume licensing option for commercial edition
* Fixed: EasyBCD doesn't detect any entries if EFI bootmgr is installed
* Fixed: EasyBCD does not properly interpret pae=yes or pae=no
* Fixed: EasyBCD can't exit when closing after unsafe removal of loaded USB
* Fixed: EasyBCD hangs on Windows 8 w/ .NET 4
* Fixed: Setting locale for VHD entry causes entry corruption
* Fixed: Setting advanced settings for WinPE entry after creation corrupts entry
* Separate the update info URIs for the commercial and community editions
* EasyBCD picture in setup welcome screen
* Use new EasyBCD and NeoSmart Technologies logos.
* Date format in default EasyBCD backup filenames is YYYY-MM-DD regardless of locale for sort reasons
* Append (#) to default EasyBCD backup name if already exists
* Support High-Contrast Theme
* High DPI support w/ translation UI
* Faster enumeration of installed languages
* Commercial version support for auto-updating
* Support Gentoo Grub2
* Support Fedora 17, Gentoo, and ArchLinux GRUB2 changes
* EasyBCD can limit up to 99,999MiB of memory

EasyBCD 2.1.2 changelog from November 28, 2011

* New: Support for Fedora 16 and its GRUB2 usage
* Fixed: Reordering with many entries is broken
* Updated external BIOS Extender and NeoGrub to latest versions

EasyBCD 2.1.1 changelog from October 31, 2011

* Digitally signed setup and binaries
* Fixed: Don't show donation dialog if a reboot has been initiated
* Fixed: Create Bootable USB is not properly disabled on Windows XP
* Fixed: Edit Legacy Entries points to wrong boot.ini when modifying external BCD
* Fixed: Advanced settings are not available for PE images
* Fixed: EasyBCD cannot properly display internationalized BCD entries
* Support PC-BSD in both MBR and GPT configurations on same or different disk
* Always copy NTLDR to boot partition to avoid no resume from hibernate problem
* Add option to auto-load certain BCD path on startup
* An error dialog is displayed if .NET must be downloaded and no internet connection exists
* BCD box should scroll to top when switching between detailed and normal modes
* Fix incompatibility of external C++ utilities with Windows XP RTM - SP2 (EncodePointer and DecodePointer)
* Better handle internal state consistency when EasyBCD is loaded without a BCD store

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