EazyCode - .Net Code Generator distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

1. EazyCode is an intelligent Software based on knowledge integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that designs, generates and maintains, automatically, database application. Its intellectual property rights belong to DataCraft, an India based software firm (hereinafter "DataCraft"), and this is recognized and accepted by the CLIENT. The present document refers to the license of use of EazyCode copies.
2. Title to Software and all associated intellectual property rights is retained by DataCraft and/or its licensors. This agreement does not imply directly or indirectly any transfer of those rights.

3. The CLIENT commits himself not to divulge or use for his own benefit any of the ideas and techniques that make EazyCode possible. In particular, he or she obliges himself not to use procedures of reverse engineering in order to interpret its code, or help others to do it.

4. In no case the CLIENT will be allowed to deactivate the EazyCode's mechanisms of protection against non-authorized use. DataCraft reserves the right of changing these mechanisms and/or add other new ones at any time.

5. Observing the former general conditions, DataCraft licenses the CLIENT EazyCode software. This license's conditions are the following:
a) The licenses are non exclusive and non transferable.
b) Each licensed copy will be able to work on a separated computer. The CLIENT commits himself not to use any of them simultaneously in more than one computer. In the case that the computers were directly or indirectly connected, regardless of the connection type, it will also be necessary to license a copy for each one of them where EazyCode is going to be simultaneously used.
c) The code generated by EazyCode, however, will be able to be used without limitations.
d) The CLIENT will use EazyCode programs for his exclusive use, and he commits not to deliver copies of any of them to third persons.

6. The CLIENT commits himself to use EazyCode following the instructions and specifications given in the material handed in with it (printed documentation and/or recorded in disk and/or CD ROM and/or divulged via Internet through EazyCode's web, etc.).

7. This license will only be valid if the CLIENT has paid DataCraft or his Authorized Distributor its price. The CLIENT commits himself to demonstrate that he has made that payment effective at any time it is required.

8. Limited Warranty. DataCraft declares that EazyCode works substantially according with the technical documentation that accompanies it and commits itself to make the best efforts in order to correct eventual detected errors. DataCraft warrants to the CLIENT that for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase, as evidenced by a copy of the receipt, the media on which Software is furnished (if any) will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. EazyCode is provided "AS IS". Your exclusive remedy and DataCraft's entire liability under this limited warranty will be at DataCraft's option to replace Software media. There is no other implicit or explicit Warranty: DataCraft's is not implicit or explicitly responsible for eventual damages that could result for users in direct or indirect relation with the use of EazyCode.

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